Sunday, December 31, 2006

last posting of the yr!

before i start, heres my wishes to all!

happy new year! "新的一年,新的开始" ... ;)

may all bygones be left as bygones.. may all happiness remain as happiness!! *wEeE~

been kinda tied down with my life recently.. wat sorta life? the army-army type lor.. hahaha..

once again, injured myself in the process of it.. hahaha.. hope there wont be any scars after the injury heals.. got confidence it wouldnt leave any.. :P

actually, dun really know what i wanna update abt myself.. if i really do wanna update, it might seem tat my life is like being the same as the past.. so, there isnt any much changes..

still the same old me!

watched "阿王新传" earlier on..

realised tat "简单就是幸福,而幸福就是快乐" didn't took me long to realise tat.. just tat, these simple words are just so meaningful even from the day i first know abt it.. till now, nothing changes..

"痴情和愚蠢只是一线之差", to others, devotion may be something u long for.. but, to the rest, being devoted may be an act of stupidity.. isnt it?

hahaha.. dun know whats got upon me.. just suddenly have all this "感触"..

unlike the times at India.. whereby i did a whole posting with chinese terms.. nowadays, i just dun wanna waste those time to do such weird weird things.. coz, i realised, i dun have much time le.. every sec. of my book out time counts! lol.. ;)

so, before i end this last posting of '06, heres a sentence to all!


Monday, December 25, 2006


first of all, Merry Christmas to all!

may u be my friend, enemy or some stranger, may all the jingle bring you to ur wishes~

troubles being brought away from u too!

anyway, wa liew.. didn't have a good rest for this long weekend.. in fact, i "survived" thru this festive seasons in a manner worse than when i m in camp.. hahaha.. slping super late in the night.. oh man.. didn't know i still can do this.. :D

nonetheless, did enjoy myself though.. :D

had a wedding dinner during last sat.. another cousin of my just tied the knot..

while looking at them in their walk-around during the ceremony, many many thoughts came on to me.. hahaha.. thoughts tat one would never believe coming to me.. i didnt believe i will have such thoughts too.. hahaha..

curious what those thoughts are?

nothing much, seriously.. just that, at that glimpse of moment, suddenly, i thought that being married to the person you truly love is what one person can look forward to.. just imagine.. everyone taking precious time off their schedule just to send u their blessings.. (ok la.. some of them are just interested in the food.. but still, take it positively lor.. hahaa..) standing up and welcoming the newly wedded into the dining hall.. walking on the dried-iced-filled path towards the stage.. sound and look nice, rite? hahaha..

whateva i said, doesn't mean i m tempted to settle down soon hor.. just pretty envious over such moments.. dun even know if my will ever come.. haha.. :D

Saturday, December 16, 2006

regi-mental duties?


kanna guard duty last weekend.. was like.. everything also rushing..

rush here and there.. rush till i lost my 11B..

ho ho ho.. good for me.. my this loss will cost me 50SGD.. weehee~~~

anyway, did loads of physical training ever since i entered my new unit..

wonder why so chiong.. hahaha..

at the end of the day, i will be a skinner person ba.. tats the only motivation i can think of.. lol..

till now, i am still thinking why do i have this affiliation with weekend guard duties.. people claim tat it is regimental duties.. but, i think it sounds more like punishment to me.......... ~

realise i didnt do much updates lately...

ok.. i just realise something.. think that the second half of this yr is really isnt a good one for me..

firstly, fallen outta what i deemed, my best relationship ever.. next, had a rather serious stomach flu.. vomitting so much that it really shocked me.. after which, start to loss many things, ie. my 11B, my jockey cap.. lastly, got lousy posting orders...

maybe, to some people out there, these might not be the worse thing ever happened.. but, to me, it meant loads.. especially the very first one..

oh man.. when will things turn to the better for me...???

hopefully santa would be kind enuff to give me what i want..

Sunday, December 03, 2006


hmmm... was thinking of this the night before.. not while i m ready to slp.. but, at the time when i was at the beach.. hahaha..

what is love relationship to you.. ?

is it,

when you are feeling down, ur partner knows u r?

when you need someone to care for you, he/she must be there?

he/she must know what you are thinking of every minute, every second?

or, by isolating himself/herself from the rest of the world just for ur sake..?

frankly, i am very confused.. very very confused over what actually a relationship means to people...

in a relationship, how do you show ur partner that you care.. ?

i really dun know.. coz, i doubt my answer is correct.. so, till now, i have no answer myself...

as the sayings...

at times, i just simply cant stand myself.. having the urge of doing things which i know i shouldnt... ultimately, still i did it...


anyway, guess tats me ba...

slowly, loosening my grip onto the hopes.. but, surely, am going to hold on for a very long period of time...

anyway, was told tat the "break, patch" type of relationship is very common recently.. but, why isnt the common thing happening to me..? why ah...?

Saturday, December 02, 2006


hmmm.. seems like this year, i m pretty cursed...

sprained ankle.. strained thumb.. numerous falls.. broken relationship.. and, now, gastric flu! woohooo.. many many first times... as in, first time getting into that situation one la..

vomitted pretty badly on tuesday.. started from the wee hours.. thought it was just a simple case of food poisoning.. but, after a few thoughts, things seem to be fine for the others who dined with me.. so, the problem lies on me only..

the way i vomitted.. first time in my life sia.. vomit till like tat... damn jialat sia.. buey tahan..

so, went to see the doc during the afternoon time.. was also running a temperature.. then, doc prescribed a few medication for my consumption.. which i thought will be better...

things went for the adverse yesterday.. started to have breathing difficulties.. thinking that things have turned bad, immediately, went to see the doc again.. no! i didnt doc hop.. i went back to the same clinic.. go into the same consultation room.. only to find out that the doc changed... hahaha.. so, not my fault.. back to the main subject.. the doc examined me.. took my temperature, which was 38.3 during my first visit, took my blood pressure, which is fine~, listened to my breathing and, make a few "pats" on my adominal area..

lucky for me, things wasnt as bad as i thought.. he just told me that the cause of the breathing difficulty was due to my gastric flu recovery.. gave me some medicines again.. and got me back home..

after taking the new medication, felt much better.. happy!

anyway, got a story to share..

i have a friend.. a very close friend.. he seems to be one would either sae psychotic.. or, others, would call him sentimental..

he just fell outta a relationship.. everytime one relationship fails.. he would just simply dwell into it unwittedly.. he would do silly things like kept thinking of the past.. remembering things tat will only hurt him.. going to places he had been to with his ex-soulmate(okay.. at least he thought she was his soulmate..).. etc..

why would one person go tat deep into the relationship.. ?

is he just being silly or stupid to keep remembering the past?

what good does it do for going back to the places where they had been to?

does it helps at all?

what do u people think.. ?

please help me by telling me what u think.. at least i know how to advise him when he comes back to me again...

xie xie... :)

Monday, November 27, 2006


initally, it was a sprained ankle..

now, a sprained thumb!

hahaha.. shall take a few pics later to post it up..

stay tuned..

(damn.. another "pig leg"... -_-")

Saturday, November 25, 2006


hmmm... just finished my 28km road march last week... tiring it was... leg sore there was... but, happiness there is! coz, i have finally completed my course..

anyway, posted to some ulu ulu place.. dun know why cmpb gave me such a posting.. but, whatever the case, it is an order.. an order that i dun like.. but, dun seem like i have a choice of whether to take it or not.. isnt it.. ?

first, it was bmtc.. now, sispec.. whats more..

can i still take it? well, just wait and see then..

"Taking a step is always easy.. but, whenever you think of back tracking, it wouldnt be that simple"

one more thing.. i guess i just simply love polka dot dresses.. she really look cute and nice in it.. haha.. ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006


wooo.. attended a wedding dinner at rasa sentosa the night before..

nice place.. with loads of little "hills".. hahaha.. better known as slopes ba..

kinda nice to be there.. service was pretty so-so.. but, i am very sure that is gonna cost a big fat bomb to my cousin.. hahaha.. whateva the case.. the bill shld be consider as affordable to him ba..

got to meet up with many of my cousins during the event.. not forgetting, this one cousin who my parents always mention... saying that she was born just 2 days before me.. and, we had a swap of birth dates... coz, my aunt was suppose to give birth on my birthdate while i was suppose to be born on her birthdate.. aiya.. complication la.. hahaha.. you shld listen to the way my mum put it.. sure make u super paiseh sia.. hahaha..

oh ya.. after the wedding, went to many many places.. hahaha.. places including lim chu kang.. neo tiew rd(never heard before, rite!?).. gul rd(lots of interesting factories to be seen there!) and, second link! hahaha.. mostly the west side of singapore..

hmm.. not forgeting places like marina bay and this place known as 99 turns! first time being there.. nothing impressive at all.. seriously.. just some curves and bends around the road.. nevertheless, still, the place was somewhere outta the norm.. :P

Saturday, November 18, 2006


finally.. i am back!

hahaha.. no la.. have always been booking out every weekend.. just that, for this weekend, i am much free-er.. got nothing to do.. hahaha..

anyway, this week was really one hella' week for me..

nope! not coz of the trainings... it is all coz of the slack time i am getting lately.. hahaha...

life is such a "cheap" thing.. whenever you are too busy, you always complain about not having enough time.. and now, they are giving us so much free time, that we are starting to complain again!


one thing i realise while walking in the thick vegetation of the sunny island, pulau tekong.. that is... i always trip myself while walking in the jungle!!!

hahaha... like some little kiddo.. always tripping over.. till today, i only fallen once in the vegetation.. tat was at lower mandai.. wa lao.. tell you ahz.. that feeling was really really bad.. i simply fell flat on the ground.. and, for that moment, i couldn't bring myself up.. lucky for me.. after a breather, i got better and was able to pick myself up from that sorry plight of my.. terrible feeling it was!

damn.. one more week.. and, i will have some stupid rank.. i just wanna be a normal little soldier now.. coz, i am so afraid of having hopes and in the end, having it dashed.. tsk! who ask me to adore myself this much.. hahha.. sounds so "jian".. oh well, thats me.. just me, myself and i... =P

Sunday, November 05, 2006

past week...

hmmm.. the past week can be said to be pretty bad for me..

though most of the things did not happen on me, but still, i deemed it as being bad to me..

firstly, i am pretty upset over the fact that my sgt is gonna get charged.. charges on him although is based on facts.. i still dun think he deserves it.. all i can say is, my heart goes out to him.. i feel that he is being unfairly treated.. tats all i could say..

next, i dun know whats happening again.. hahaha.. thoughts just flood back into my mind.. thoughts of what i have done during this yr.. basically, i guess i have not achieved much.. but, during this kinda time, many would deem that this yr have been a wasteful one.. in fact, i feel it the other way rd.. although i have not achieved much, i do NOT have any regrets at all.. coz, my yr was spent with this meaningful person, whom has created a great impact in me.. this person have came to me in such an impactive way.. make me understand lots of things in life.. even till now that she is gone, she have never stopped me from learning new stuffs.. and discover more of myself..

for all i could say, i just want to thank her.. thank her for being there for me when i needed her the most.. thank her for teaching me the way of life(i guess she didn't know that she have done this much..) and, thank her for making her presense being felt this greatly on me..

thanks, lihong.. :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

book in again... :\


book in again...

suffered so much during field camp.. and, now, booking in again.......

booked out on sat 2215hrs..

booking in at sun 2200hrs..

less than 24hrs as civilian!!!




Tuesday, October 24, 2006

long weekend!! just ended... :<

had a splendid weekend!

many many outings.. got quite a few catch up with my friends whom i have not met for a pretty long period.. fun!

first, met up with joy.. hahaha.. still as chirpy as she always have been.. good to bully.. fun to be with..! hahaha.. but, too bad, she have already found her the other half le.. buwahaha.. dun stare at me.. =P

anyway, met up with my sec. sch. friends too.. went to catch a movie titled "Dead or Alive".. my comments? not worth the money man... i went into the cinema with my group of friends.. and... and... FELL ASLP!!! lol... one word for the movie, "LAME"..

oh ya.. this weekend was also packed with K-ing sessions... first was with joy and leonard.. the other, amanda, sui, daniel, leonard, hongrui and i.. tsk~ dun know why so hooked on singing... probably, just wanna say things out in the form of singing ba!

another thing abt this weekend.. i also dun know why.. i kept thinking of my past.. not my past relationship la.. generally, all of it.. hmmm.. the past is always beautiful.. and, when u look back at it.. u just simply keep asking yourself.. "why why why why why???" hahaha.. so many whys.. like, why u fell into the relationship.. why u did this.. why u did that.. why it didn't work out... hahaha...

besides the why.. there was another question which i posted to myself.. "what if..?"

what if things went the right way.. ? wouldn't things be even more beautiful than what it is now? hmmm... what if my first relationship lasted like from then till now.. ? wouldn't it be fabulous.. ? need not go thru so many hurt.. need not feel this bad now.. hai~ thinking weekend...=P

lastly, went through this blogsite,, and found a few interesting things.. one of them is as below..

interesting stick art from this blogsite, compliments from stickgal.. :)

like the words go.. "What turns around, comes around.." or, you can see it is, "Nothing is fair in this world.. but, there is something known as Retribution".. now, i know why i ended myself into this misery...

ps; field training at tekong this coming week.. so sian.. !

Sunday, October 22, 2006


life is such a struggle..

i dun want to be a polite/well-mannered person..

but, i just cant help it.. hahaha.. not saying tat it is my nature to be la..

somehow, just feel that i need to be one.. on the other hand, dun want to be one..

oh!!! dilemma... *zZzzZZz*

*ps, sometimes, things u wanna mention, u cant say it.. in the end, it will turn out to be regrets of your life... rite, sui? tsk.. *frustrated*

string of injuries...

hmmm.. recently, i dun know whats happening.. so many injuries on me!!!

first, it was those blisters..

then, the scratch marks on my hands..

followed on with being pricked by thorns during navigation..

after tat, i sprained my ankle during SOC..

lastly, i over-strained my calf!!!

wa lao.. dun know what is happening sia.. damn sway!!! !@#Y()@*!@&

the only happy thing tat happened this week is tat i passed my SOC.. ! need not take it anymore! or, shld i say, need not take it for the next 4 weeks! weeheee.. =P

hmmm.. had a fun day yesterday.. went out from afternoon till this morning.. hahaha..

first, it was a partyworld session.. followed up with eating at sembawang zichar stall.. then, a chat session at yishun dam.. next, a movie session at cineleisure! hahaha.. shiok.. but, i fell aslp during the movie session.. the movie we watched was "Death or Alive".. forget it.. lousy movie.. only kungfu actions... nothing much.. wasted the money going there.. hahaha.. but! *thank you leonard, lao bang!* for treating us the movie! wahahha... ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006



pre book-in syndrome..

yup.. always have this kinda feeling..

in last than 2hrs, this feeling will get stronger.. grrr!

anyway, having this bad bad feeling tat this coming week is gonna be a hell for me..

dun know why either.. maybe, its coz this will be my first time out of camp, jurong area, for training.. will be having this navigation training at lower mandai.. yup.. the place i used to go with her.. hahaha.. but now, i am going with alot of himS! yeah.. my whole coy of fellow trainees.. + alot of instructors.. hahaha..

will be having my IPPT this week too... still stuck at silver.. although with an improved timing for 2.4.. but, still, not satisfied.. wanna do much better than the current timing.. or, shld i say, i deserve something better than this! hmmpf...!

nothing more to update... hope i will pass this coming week well..

shall end with a quote which i have been thinking of...

There are many ways to say and prove that you love someone... but, i have chosen to do it this way.. during the process, if i get hurt, i have only got myself to blame..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

a week of injuries!

little injuries i had during the course of the week~

a blister on my left hand.. was bloody looking on tuesday.. hahaha..

another blister... but, on my right hand... likewise, was also bloody looking on tuesday.. wonder if i left any blood trace back at the swing trainer.. =X

oh.. this one.. a scratch mark i had during my navigation course in the vegetation during the night.. small cut.. but, wonder why.. was really painful when u touch it..

errr... yup.. i fell down during my solo walk in the thick vegetation.. haha.. stupid me.. but, was really fun..

come to think about it, injuries seem to be something which will be common to me in the coming years.. injury-prone liao.. maybe, i shld try to be careful ba.. but.. hahaha.. dun know..

i shld still honour my promise to those i promised that i wont hurt myself.. rite? *gRinZ*

oh.. btw, i came across this statement, which i find it very meaningful, while reading the newspaper..

"The lower your expectations are, the lesser impact of sadness you will get"

Although it isn't the actual statement.. but, the meaning of it is still the same..

everyone shld learn how to take things in simplicity.. in tat case, no one will get hurt in the course of it.. the lower your expectations are.. the less posisbility of you getting hurt at the end result of it..

wouldn't tat be wonderful.. ?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Budget... Budget... BUDGET!

Went to the budget terminal early this morning.. to see my friends off to HK..

Wa lao.. the first sight of the terminal... OMG... CANNOT MAKE IT!!!

Worse than Chennai's International Airport lor.. I think Chennai's airport still bigger than the budget terminal lor.. cannot tahan sia..

Transportation to the terminal is also one big headache.. so, if you are planning to take a public transport like SBS there, alight only at Terminal 2.. the shuttle bus service only starts there.. remember.. the service DOES NOT go to Terminal 1!!!

Wasted a bus trip fare from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.. coz there is this SATS staff who told me i could hop onto the shuttle service at the bus bay of Terminal 1.. but, only to find out that the service is available at Terminal 2 when i reached the bus bay.. basket.. early in the morning bluff me.. hahaha..

Anyway, found this survey from Desmond's blogsite.. think it is quite true.. hahaha.. so, read on.. (Words on italic is comments make by me!)

Things girls don't know about guys:

1. Guys hate sluts.

This goes w/o saying.. even though guys could ratter abt this ger for many hours.. tat doesn't mean he like the ger..

2. "Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone.

OMG... this is the catch phrases i always use when i m stucked in a conversation.. not knowing how to continue it.. oops.. :X

3. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

Yup.. usually, people only thing tat guys only thing of gers they flirt with.. but, ultimately, at the end of the day, they always think and care of the only special one to them..

4. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes.

Shit man.. this stupid thing is really accurate.. :X

5. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.

Hmmm... yup.. thats one big factor whereby guys will judge whether they are in love or not.. :P

6. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him.

Errr... case on case basis ba.. if the guy thinks tat he is those kinda cannot make it de.. then, he will resort to such method ba.. just like me! *gRinZ*

7. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method.

I am open to this.. as long as she thinks it is okay for me to know, i wouldn't mind listening to her..

8. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.

Yup.. This is just like a ger only wants to be the guy's only female friend in the world.. isn't it.. ?

9. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved.

Yeah! Don't think only gers feel insecure.. sometimes, guys can also feel the insecurity one lor..

10. Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend.

Refer to Q7...

11. Guys get jealous easily.


12. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think.

Yes la.. accuracy, 100%!

13. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.

Yeap... so, gers.. don't be cruel!

14. Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to a girl they really like.

No comments..

15. Guys hate asking parents for money to buy girls presents. So they come up with ideas like saving their lunch money for a week. But it never works because guys are always hungry so they end up asking the parents for money anyway.

Hahaha.. not applicable for all guys.. some guys still can save that kinda money de.. =P

16. Girls are guys' weaknesses.

YEA!!! They are also the ones who make a guy misses out in his goals.. isn't it.. ? Ultimately, even by losing his goal, the guy will still find it worthwhile.. haha..

17. Guys are very open about themselves.

Yes.. tats the spirit of guys..

18. It's good to test a guy first before you trust him. But don't let him wait too long.

Hell yeah.. its a torturous route in waiting, kae.. so, yup.. make it a snappy one..

19. Your best friend, whom your boyfriend seeks help from about his problems with you may end up being admired by your boyfriend.

No comments...

20. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice.


21. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.


22. Guys love you more than you love them if they are serious in your relationships.

Yeah.. this is something which others will not know.. even other guys around won't be able to see thru..

23. Guys will brag about anything.

Eh eh eh... is this suppose to be an anti-guy statement? :D

24. Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. They rarely use beautiful. If a guy uses that, he likes you.

Hmmm... thinking thru.. this is really true..

25. Guys think WAY too much. One small thing a girl does, even if she doesn't notice it can make the guy think about it for hours, trying to figure out what it meant.

Yeah.. simple little things can keep a guy occupied thru-out the day.. just tat you gers out there don't notice it at all..

26. Guys seek for advice from girls not other guys. Because most guys think alike, so if one guy's confused, then we're all confused.

We are confused together! :X

27. Any guy could write out a rulebook or advice book for flirting, but no guy can write out a book about relationships.

No comments~

28. Try to be as straightforward as possible.

Not till the extent of hurting the guy tat much la.. :P

29. A guy has to experience rejection, because if he's too-good-never-been-busted, never been in love and hurt, he won't be mature and grown up.

Once is enough.. coz, if he faces too much rejections, he will probably stop believing in himself.. the so-called self esteem of a guy.. :P

30. If the guy does something stupid in front of the girl, he will think about it for the next couple days or until the next time he spends time with the girl.

Yeah.. a worrying time for the guy.. thinking whether the ger will be affected by tat stupid moment..

31. No matter how much guys talk about asses and boobs, personality is key.

yeap... talking doesn't mean much.. outlook doesn't stands much.. wat is most important is the kinda person she is.. :)

32. Guys learn from experience not from the romance books that girls read and take as their basis of experience.

YEAH!!! i have too many broken experiences.. till, i do not know what is a complete romance..

33. Guys worry about the thin line between being compassionate and being whipped.

Another worrying factor tat affects a guy alot..

34. If a guy looks unusually calm and laid back, he's probably faking it and is spazzing inside.

Isn't that the look everyone perceive of a composed guy?? Guys just simply can't show their true emotions infront of the public.. or else, people will just say the guy is WEAK..

35. When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl, he really is. Guys rarely say that.

Err.. agreeable.. but gers usually think that we are joking.. dun understand why..

36. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just actually saying, "Please come and listen to me."

Hahaha.. yup.. no guys out there like to be left alone..

37. Guys don't really have final decisions.

Ya lah.. always say let us have the final say.. in the end, the final say is always make to the interest of the other party.. tsk! But, knowing this, a guy will still be happy with the final say.. even though they dun stand to gain much from it.. hahaha.. :X

38. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you know something's up.

Yup... guys usually think alot before he starts talking serious.. so, let yourself know tat what he have said is something very important...

39. If your best guy friend seems to avoid you or is never around when you're with your boyfriend, he's probably jealous and likes you.

Hmmm... should be ba..

40. When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he's definitely thinking something.

Ooops... the dark secret of a guy.. =P

41. Guys like femininity not feebleness.

Yeah.. tat is usually what guys look for..

42. Guys don't like girls who punch harder than they do.

So far, i have yet to meet one.. or maybe, i shld say, i have yet to see a ger punch.. =D

43. A guy has more problems than you can see with your naked eyes.

Yeap... this is such a truthful statement..

44. Don't be a snob. Guys can be intimidated and give up easily.

Ya lah.. please do not think that all guys are that strong in their will.. Although they know what they want.. but, during times, they will give up very easily.. just because they feel that hope isn't around anymore.. so, if you want them to go on with what they are doing, give them some glimmer of hope!! that is the least you could do...

45. Everything in moderation. Put on makeup, wear perfume. Just not too much.

Yup.. too thick also not good for the skin la.. :D

46. Guys talk about girls more than girls talk about guys.


47. Guys hate rejection, but they hate being led on even more.

Ultimate torment to the guy... R-E-J-E-C-T-I-O-N!!!

48. Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them.

Hahaha.. nan ren fan jian! :X

49. A guy would give his left nut to be able to read a girl's mind for a day.

Hmmm.. not a bad trade.. But, can i have more than one day?? Take it like, 10 years? :P

50. No guy can handle all his problems by his own. He's just too stubborn to admit it

Stubborness.. tat is what i possess.. :P

51. Not all guys are assholes. Just because ONE is a jackass doesnt mean he represents ALL of you.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

H - A - Z - E

i think the haze has gotten into me..

making me really really short fused...

therefore, if i offended anyone at anytime, do try to understand..



Sunday, September 24, 2006

back to normal...

yup.. i think everybody is getting abit upset over the lack of contents in this bloggy..

alright.. i shall stop mentioning the things i have been mentioning... hahaha.. finally hor.. yup..

anyway, thanks for the company, my friends.. you know who you are.. really appreciative over the time you all gave me during this difficult moment of my.. i think, i m getting well le.. getting on with it.. and, letting things flow by itself.. no point rushing and pushing for results i want.. doesn't mean there is any point waiting for things to happen..

just decided to let nature take its flow..

hmmm.. been pretty busy with my ns life lately.. yup.. typical NSF, isn't it.. ? unless my vocation is being a man la.. which isn't the case.. =P

oh.. ya.. forgot to mention.. been pretty stuck with clubbing lifestyle lately.. wonder if it is lucky or what tat no one is able to club with me.. else, i would be spending loads of $$$ in the clubs.. hahaha.. just suddenly felt that i missed out on alot since my teenager time.. maybe i should start getting back those lost times..

lastly, although i m declaring that i am already in a better state, i just wanna emphasize on a sentence,

"Once a seed is being planted, groomed and slowly, grow into a tree, it would be very difficult to uproot it"

good nite...

Monday, September 18, 2006

dun ask...

don't ask me why... but, i just miss her...

some people just simply knows that some things should never be done.. but yet.. they did it..

this explains the reason for my first sentence...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

shld i.. ?

wonder if i shld be disappointed or happy over my posting..

i really wonder..

the return of...

hmm.. gotta report in tml le..

dun know how to describe this feeling..

just feel that i dun wanna lose this freedom tat i m enjoying now.. need not report for duties.. need not report for anything..

but, on the other hand, i just want to finish serving this term and get back the sort of freedom i used to have as a .sg citizen.. hahaha..

oh well, everything seems so weird now..

the times i had spending with you.. just simply u.. all rushing back into my mind as if there isn't any tomorrow..

memories definately brought in the aching.. the aching which i feel is making me grow more white hair.. hahaha.. who cares abt the white hair anyway.. :D

hmmm... been going out recently.. just like my memories.. i have been spending like no tomorrow too! hahaha... not that there are alot of things to spend on.. just that, i think i need to adore myself more.. show more love to myself.. (not being zi lian ah!)

i just remember this term.. if no one cares abt u, u shld start caring for urself.. hahaha..

ps: ahh... still not prepared to report in.. i wanna return back to june 10th.. to prevent all these from happening.. although i know i need to re-bmt.. but, still, it will be all worthwhile..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


i feel the pain..

the pain is back..

the pain is killing me..

the pain is intolerant to me..

the pain is unbearable..

the pain is EVERYTHING bad u can think of!

argh!!! help!!!

i will just get my busy like an ant...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

short term memory...

hmm.. been wanting to put this up.. but, always when i logged into blogger, i forgot what i wanted to blog.. hahaha...

anyway, here it comes...

Life to me is like a puzzle.. if you loss a few pieces, you will never be able to complete it.. At times, if the pieces are from the sides of it, you might still be able to complete it.. only that it wouldn't be as nice as a complete picture.. BUT, if you happen to loss one which is suppose to be in the middle of the puzzle, you are INCOMPLETE!!!

that is what which is happening to me now.. tat explains why i am in a flustered mood recently.. added on by the fact that there are negative comments passed around by someone.. which i think i shouldn't be bothered with..

hmmm.. there is another part which i wish to add on..

If you have lost the piece of puzzle which is suppose to be in the middle, never never take a piece from another puzzle to fill it in.. it will either be too big or too small.. thus, making the puzzle piece look outta place.. or, even hurting that puzzle piece..

only the wise will understand.. *sighz*

Sunday, September 10, 2006


sometimes, i do wonder if theres anything in the world that is infinite...

but, i know that hopes is NOT one of them..

when you have given out alot of hopes on one particular thing, when it comes to another item, u might find it difficult to give out just a little bit of hope...

that is what i am facing now.. so, stop pushing me.. i might not know what i will do...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

craziness... !

still feeling tipsy and high over yesterday night's drinking session...

hahaha.. went to double O with my platoon mates.. woohoo.. total, 6 of us..

i think we really drank our heart out.. LOL!

feel so shiok.. !

why were we drinking? hmmm... of course.. to mark our POP! hahaha...

it was a hell of a day for us... in the morning, rushing around the whole BMTC School.. doing all the last minute work before we pass out from the place as Privates... hahaha...

actually, i have lots of things to blog about.. but, now, i just dun know what to say.. hmmm... maybe coz of the drinking bah.. i really dun know..

probably need more rest.. let me recover from the hangover first.. before i continue blogging.. till then, adious!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

once again...

why must all these befall on me again... ???

am i not worth it at all... ???

or, am i just a loser.. ???

seems like i m not worth it...

still remember my promises... but, it is all useless from now on...

Sunday, August 27, 2006


seriously, i have changed.. i am no longer the person you all used to know..

wat changed me.. ? no idea.. i just felt that i need the change in me..

this time, i really fell in too deeply.. so deeply, that i lost all sense of myself..

you might think that i will be able to pick myself up along the way.. but, this isn't the picture in my mind now..

want to know what i have in my mind.. ? well, i wish to know too..

but, all i can reveal is only blank.. blank... and blank..

filled with only white and black.. can you please give me back the colours.. ?

remember the termed i used? "you brought colours into my life.. ?" you really did.. but, things seen to have changed.. i dun know how to further elaborate.. but, well.. enough said.. :(

Sunday, August 20, 2006


i wont do anymore stupid things... i wont...

but, come to think about it.. only stupid people will do stupid thing...

therefore, conclusion, i am stupid... haha..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Saturday, July 15, 2006


well.. going back to camp in like.. less than 6hrs time...

for what? i kanna guard duty on a weekend.. sian..

outta like 35 pple.. i m one of the 6 who got this treatment..

although its gonna be boring.. and sad.. but, i still gotta learn how to take it..

in anyway, everything has its first time.. may it be good or bad, they just keep happening..

hmmm.. dun know how to describe my current feeling now.. maybe coz i just woke up..

everything seems to weird.. everything.. :(

Friday, June 30, 2006

another book out!

after about 5 days in camp... now, i m out again!

this is just the second book out for my entire BMT/PTP phase... but, it marks the third week of military life for me...

btw, went for a pilot test during monday... was pretty fun... although, the tensed-up mood was there.. really feel tat i have hand and leg coordination problem... =D

forget abt camp stuffs.. dun wanna bring it out.. :P

well... what do i wanna do when i stepped onto the sunny island, Singapore? hmmm... i just wanna do one simple thing... tats all... tat is to find the special person i have been pinning for during my in-camp days...

tats all............................................................................................................................................................................

Sunday, June 25, 2006

after confinement...

nope!!! i m not pregnant!

the confinement i meant was from civilian life...

was confined for the last two weeks at pulau tekong... woohoo... spent a solid 14days in camp with my new friends, platoon mates and company mates...

yup... pretty fast... hope the 14 days which just pasted could also be the same as my 2yrs of military lifestyle! =X

anyway, alot of things seems to have changed ever since i left for tekong..

what are the things... ? well, they are just things and matters.. dun wanna elaborate on it...

maybe, that is the feeling each and every recruit has after a confinement period..

just gotta learn how to cope with changes... hope this is only temporary..

hmmm... in about 6 more hours time, i m leaving singapore again.. back to tekong...

will be looking forward to the next booking out day.. which is, friday!!! =P

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

time flew!

well.. time has been very "kind"... passing so quickly that i don't even realise it... hahaha.. soon, it will be my enlistment le! tats the benchmark i used to determine the fast-flying-time... :D

anyway, not that i am afraid of enlistment.. i m just more afraid of the freedom in time i enjoy now.. times like being able to slack.. relax.. and do nothing.. most importantly, the times i can spend with my dear.. :P

oh.. btw, we went to Singapore Zoo! hahaha.. it was really really fun! serious! you guys shld spend some time there.. people keep mentioning... "no place to date ah! go till zoo..." but, seriously.. the zoo is a nice place to spend quality time with your partner.. i totally recommend the place! do note that the price to enter the zoo is pretty pricey too... SGD20/pax.. consider going to the zoo at an earlier hour.. coz, we spent 4 hrs there only manage to cover less than 3/4 of it..

on the other hand, u could consider spending the whole day there.. there is this back-to-back bundle promotion for the visitors to visit both the Zoo and Night Safari.. it only cost SGD28/pax... much more worth it than visiting both places at SGD20 each... :P

another thing.. i have already stopped working part-time.. now, relaxing at home.. hahaha... gonna do some training first before entering to be a real "man"... =D

alright.. i shall end with a few snippet of the photos we took at the zoo! :D

i really like this picture of my dear with the background of a goat.. niceee~ :P

staring incident with the pengiun!

dear had a shot with the pengiun too! btw, this is my current wallpaper.. :P

how i wish i could be a "white horse" in the army too... :D

btw, this white horse is very interesting.. she actually went all the way to the pathway to "entertain" us.. even took photos with us without moving! the interesting part is, when we left, she seems pretty upset.. thereafter, a family came over.. and, she(the horse) walked away from the family! hahaha.. must be see some yandao and chiobu thats why she walked over.. :D *oOps*

i love this photo! so sweet! ;)

(p.s: for more photos for ur viewing pleasure, please proceed to our haven, Click here)

Friday, May 19, 2006

tied down!

alright.. lately, been tied down with my work...

schedule for the days are like... wake up... go work... work finish, go home.. then, meet my darling ger.. and, end of the day!

well... dread the first half of the day... coz of the work... but, simply love and cherish the second half of the day... coz of my dear! ;)

btw, went to watch Poseidon.. it was like... abit overblown from the movie trailers.. it is worth the $7 to watch, during the early weekdays.. but, not worth the $9 to watch, during the weekends.. yup..

another show, "Voice", is a movie which is quite far-fetched.. in the sense that you must be super attentive to the show before you can catch the gapse of the movie..

so, if you are planning to catch any of the above mentioned movie, please select with care! :P

alright.. shall get my a*s back to work now... heehee... ;)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


finally... finally back here to do some updating...

hahaha... been like more than a month since my last blog entry... i think, the site here is already gathering loads of spider web... so, yup... take care while navigating around.. :P

well, been busy lately... (*jeers*) okok... been busy cum LAZY... hahhaa.. didn't really got the chance to sit down and blog.. (*JEERS*).. :P

important events that went by during these time of adsence~

my bday! (28th April 2006)... yup... i got older by a year le... hmmm... spent the day with my dear.. doing what? nothing but slping.. HAHAHA... the actual event of happenings came only during the late afternoon.. when we went to Cathay Cineplex to catch a movie(The Sentinel).. HAHAHA... tracking back the time there, there was this very funny incident..

well, i only brought abt $24++ in my wallet in cash.. while my dear had $0... hahaha.. then, most of the $24 was spent on purchasing the tickets.. therefore, was left with very little cash.. thinking that there should be an ATM around the building, i happily went on to ask one of the cashier where i could locate an ATM... got startled when he replied that the nearest ATM is way back at Plaza Singapura... then i was like "HUH!?" btw, my show was scheduled to start in abt 15mins time... tat explains for the reply i gave.. hahaha.. blardy hell... one whole big building, not even an ATM around.. so pathetic! but, judging tat the building is new, i think i shall forgive them.. hahaha.. so, both of us were so patheticly searching for coins in our skinny little wallets.. but still, couldn't gather enough.. hahaha.. damn jialat lei... cannot tahan sia.. finally, i took out a $10 from my wallet.. which i think should represent some meaningful meaning(which i forgot) from it.. and used to purchase our food and beverages.. hahaha..

after the show, guowei called me... saying that he wanna meet me and greet me for my bday.. so, i was like.. okay... and he suggested going out for dinner together.. then, he asked me where i wanted to have the dinner.. i jokingly suggested Swissotel Hotel's level 70 restaurant.. to my surprise.. that bugger really went to book a table there.. but, lucky enuff, the restaurant was fully booked.. hahaha.. my bday lei.. everyone snatching table from me.. hahaha.. :X

we ended up settling at one of the restaurant located at Suntec City... ate some Cheese Fordue... Chocolate Fordue... woohooo... can u imagine... all the melted cheese and chocolate... tasty! but, fattening too.. :X

tat kinda sums up my bday celebration...

as for what i have been doing lately... been working(data entry) at a company since 3weeks ago.. planning to stop the work by the end of this month... and yup... that kinda sums up everything!!! :X

will update whenever i find time to do so... =P

till then, you people take care, k? :) :) :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

wait is over!

hahaha.. the wait is over!

finally... i got my enlistment letter from mindef!!!

here goes nothing: ...

"You are hereby required under Section 10 of the Enlistment Act (Cap 93), to report for enlistment on 10 JUN 2006 (SAT) AT 2.30PM to BASIC MILITARY TRAINING CENTRE SCHOOL 1 (BMTC SCH 1)"


as of 10 JUN 2006, my official residence will be changed to

"Basic Military Training Centre School, Pulau Tekong Besar, Singapore 508450"

hahaha... ;)

Friday, April 07, 2006


"Do not determine the inside when you don't even know the outcome"

this is a quote which i came across while out with my ah ma the other time... hmmm... well, its not the actual quote.. but, still, the actual meaning of it is the same..

i totally agree with the statement.. you won't be able to determine the inside when you haven't even tried knowing it... even when you tried it, you won't be able to achieve and know fully the "inside"...

this inside could stand for someone... could also stand for an item.. whatever the case which suits the situation right...

hmmm... just find it meaningful and wanna share it with you guys...

anyway, till now, i have yet to receive my enlistment letter!!! where did it went, Mr. Postman!? :<

come come... Government!!! take me into enlistment act! looking forward to it... :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


been thinking alot this few days...

but, mainly, two things have occured much within my mind...

firstly, is my application to the university... i notice that quite a number of my friends have already got some idea tat they have been somehow "accepted" into further education in the local universities... as for me, till now, i have got simply no idea whats happening to my application... but, in any sense, i think i shouldn't think too much... have abit ironed out on my thoughts... if i cant get into a local education, guess, i have to move out of singapore to receive it... the conclusion is, i definitely want to get a degree to work on my further work life... !

secondly... is the enlistment letter... everyone is receiving it already... only me.. left wondering whether will i get my letter soon... not that i am afraid of NS... but, i just dun want to miss out what everyone is getting... on top of that, my ah ma(Willyn) told me that her friend had waited for a year after graduation for the letter... but, it didn't come at all... it was only found out when he called them that his enlistment application has somehow been "forgotten"... not long after his phone call, then, his letter came...

well, it might be in ur mind now that i should be giving the authorities a call now... but, i have also heard from my other friends that making such call, the ministry will just slot you into one of the units... and, there goes whatever dreams you have... be a storeman...

argh! what a struggle... :<

one last thing to mention... finished reading a book... hmmm... come to think about it... its the first book i finished reading ever since my secondary literature textbooks... woohooo! :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006


was sick the past few days... what kinda illness... ? flu + sore throat...

hahaha.. first time in my life, okok.. from what i can remember lah..., my sore throat is so bad till it affected my speech.. i practically had no voice during the early days of the sore throat.. the voice was so bad that my dear even branded me as a "mute" and doesn't want me... hahaha... :
anyway, nothing much to update.. just that, TP D&D has already came to an end.. well, the D&D was pretty nice.. at Pan Pacific Hotel.. but, the service there sucks.. waiter talk like he manager.. acts like ah gua.. and, best of all, we had to be served by him.. with the servings needless to say, going thru his hands.. and, him, touching the food on numerous occasions.. LOL.. yucks.. *goosebumps*

gotta go think of where to go later le.. will be back to update whenever i have the time to.. =P

Saturday, March 25, 2006

what m i... ?

i really dun know what to blog about lately...

just feel like rattling some nonsense.. which i always does..

lately, been working at chan bros again.. well, i would say, the time working there is quite fulfilling.. as in, dun even have much time to slack abt... working all the while... why? coz, the calls never seem to end..

and, due to such pattern of calls, i get easily frustrated... well, tats the usual me.. getting the "heat" even by the slightest spark of fire ever can be found... oh man.. i really have a hot temper here... yes.. i realise this... and, ya... i realised it very long ago... just find it pretty hard to curb this temper of my... =
sighz... not only the temper... been pretty tired up by my work... maybe the reason to this tireness is probably the results of the previous slacking months... hahaha.. so, who is to blame.. ?

thats none other than Mr. Aaron Ting. :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the return...

hahaha.. just got back from my trip to Genting...

went there for a duration of 3days 4nights.. together with my sec. sch. friends, leonard, john and gary...

hmmm... yup... 4 guys went there together... to have a getaway from the lifestyle of typical singaporeans.. except for me.. hahaha.. who has been relaxing all the while! :D

feeling abit slpy now... shld continue blogging with the adventures of genting later during the day!

:) :) :)

Friday, March 10, 2006


been spending alot lately...

gonna curb my spending habits...

oh.. btw, i have finally decided, i shall start working again!

this time round, i will be like the previous yrs.. decided to work like no day no night.. why? coz, i just can't stand the sight of people working.. while, me, slacking... thought through and decided, it is being very unhealthy of me if i continue slacking so... =D

it might sound weird.. but, well, just decided to do what my heart desires to.. of course, i will try not to neglect anyone in the course of my job pursue desire.. :P

oh well, whats more important now is... SAVE money!!! can u imagine.. spending so much till i get pretty worried abt it now.. ? how irritating this feeling could get.. worried over my spendings... worried over the rest of the days.. whether i have enuff for the basic neccessities.. ah!!! SCARY!!! -_-'

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

song dedication...

宇恒 - 依然是朋友



A dedication to my friend, ah sui.. ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

traveller... ~

well, as i have said in the previous posting... been going out ever since i picked up my driving after my return from india...

hmmm... really drove loads... i think, from just one week, i am able to drive round Singapore, at its perimeter, for about 3-4 rounds.. hahaha.. simply just feel like driving abt.. whether to a destination or not... still, juz wanna drive abt.. =P

went to Boat Quay just now... to have a meal at this Italian restaurant... the purpose of the visit is not just for a meal.. but, to celebrate in advance, Wendy's bday...

Many turned up... so, it was quite a crowd.. hahaa.. at there, i signed the biggest amount of money with my card ever since i got it.. it costed about $258+.. nah.. gotta pay my dad for the sum i signed.. so, no free meal for me and the rest.. LOL..

after the meal, went to Coffee Bean to chill.. but, didn't took us long before we decide to move on.. this time round, to Pasir Ris, Fisherman's Village..

a chill out session was what we had there... sitting down.. talking abt nonsense.. whatever we can think of, we just simply spilled it out.. hahaha.. as i wasn't really at the peak of my mood, i just simply sat there and look at the stars.. the planes that took off at the nearby Changi Airport.. nice.. love such moments.. but, would have been a better time if i had my dear with me.. :)

alright.. thats all for now.. till then, take care, folks! ;)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


been some time since i last updated my blog...

anyway, been out lately till the wee hours... having fun ever since i started picking up my driving.. *grinZ*

went many places... including my ENC Chalet... chill out sessions... and many others!

one thing worth mentioning.. JewelBox at Mount. Faber is really nice!!! they have a fantastic ambience up there.. with many many customers from the different walks of life.. not forgetting, the pretty and interesting waitress who took our order.. hahaha..

it started out with a cocktail named, "Pussy Foot"... the waitress thought my friend was asking for "Seafood"... hahaha.. and she kept repeating, "No seafood here..." then, we were like, "diaO~"... hahaha.. finally she got the drink's name.. then, i wanted to order 2 bowls of french fries... so, i told her, "Can i have 2 bowls of fries?" she repeated the order as, "2 boils of rice"... she must be wondering.. why on earth is this bunch of pple ordering rice for?! and, we were wondering, why would we want rice for?! LOL... then, she apologized for her mistakes... ahahaha... funny waitress.. :P

oh well, other then tat, nothing much happened... tat explains for my life over the past week.. ;)

Friday, February 24, 2006

JuS dRoPPiNg bY ~!!~

dear, i dun have any fancy words to write.....
jus 3 simple words : " I Love You "

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

been sometime...

oh well... it has been quite sometime since i last updated...

nothing really big happen recently... just that, things are getting better and better... what thing? slowly go guess bah... ;)

hmmm... went out with sui and my group of friends last friday... to grapevine... chatted alot there... especially when we disturbed leonard... were having so much fun! well... w/o fail... disturbing leonard is always tat fun.. wahaha... :P

after the chat session... while walking back to my place.. we witness a motor ski-ed accident... well.. just nice.. leonard is currently a NSF-Policeman... but, he need not show his face there as the accident did not involve any casualties... lucky enough.. we continued heading back to my place to get the car.. so that we can fetch ah sui home...

just as u think the day has ended... nope.. it didn't... john, leonard and i after fetching sui home, headed to bedok 85 to have supper... well... the two of them ate while i accompanied them with my cup of milo.. hahaha.. talked quite alot, as usual... well... while exchanging each other's thoughts, john mentioned about being a relief teacher.. very tempting to me to try it out... coz, first thing first, i can go back to my secondary school to relief some lessons... on the other hand, i can get some income.. =P but first, what determines my job till enlistment will depend on whether my dad can get me a job at his company... =P

oh well... during sat... went out with the guys again... this time round, was actually planning to have a sec-sch gathering at Marina South.. but, due to many of the guys have already eaten dinner, we decided to make do our meal somewhere at lavender.. but, as per usual, the one leading the group, daniel, did not actually have a good idea of where he is suppose to bring us to... so, we turned around the traffic for quite sometime.. yet, still can't get to the place he plans to bring us to... lol.. so, we decided to change the dining venue to geylang, G7... well.. just as we(daniel and i) were heading to geylang... that bugger(daniel) found the place he wanted to bring us to.. but, it was too late.. the other two bikes(bernard, leonard, gw and john) were already gone... so, no choice lor.. stick to the plan at geylang..

after the meal, met up with Shaun.. and we headed to parklane to have a game of billard.. but, the plan changed again.. we were stuck at the video arcade for about 30-45mins before heading to one of the LAN shop to play some games.. hahaha.. played two rounds of DOTA before we decided to end the day~ =P

as for sunday, nothing concrete really happened.. so, ya.. dun think i need to mention it bah.. ;)

oh.. btw, been listening to quite a number of songs lately.. and, here is one of the song which i find very meaningful.. just to share with you people.. :) enjoy!

路 - 梁静茹

回头看来时的路 总有些复杂感触
我们走的那么辛苦 好不容易才到这地步
不被了解的痛楚 到不了爱的净土
是你让我越过冲突 陪我走过风雨险阻这一段路

如果开始就能看见幸福 不在别人眼光耳语中迷路
或许我不能把爱看清楚 想把你的手牢牢握住
如果这是通往爱的旅途 也许过程注定要荆棘密布
但我不后悔选择这条路 你的爱让我深深体会活着的感触

有时我不愿回头看 一路太多眼泪混乱

我从不后悔选择这条路 因为你的爱让我看见

Thursday, February 16, 2006

have your say!

Have your say on aArOn! Click here!

tonight's mood...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wat a day... (v day)

how i spent my valentine's day?

oh well... its amazing on how i spent it... seriously... it is!

i started out the day by being cheated... went to school early in the morning to help out in the Joint Admission Exercise '06... nothing big deal.. helped the school out the day before... so, 14/02/2006 was my second day of helping...

everything looks calm when i arrived in school.. was there at about 0840hrs... as the we were instructed to come only at 0830hrs... being the typical TP students, we are usually late for our appointments... only if the appointment will affect our grades, then, u will see us early... hahaha.. oh come on... Welcome to the real world! :)

as time goes by... i realise... everyone "PANG SEH" me!!! i was the only student helper there up to 1100hrs!!! can u believe it??? i am the only "ah gong" there!!! hahaha... really feel quite pek chek when being bluffed early in the morning... :X

so, not long later.. genie msged me.. telling me that she just woke up... fine.. i gave her a call and told her abt the situation.. then, she decided.. not to come.. and "instigated" me to leave too... hahaha.. as like what she said, "LEAVE"!!! hahaha.. yup.. thats what i did.. slipped off! but, so damn stupid... woke up early to go to school.. then, not long later.. slipped home.. ah! what a way to start my valentine day... i stood out on my valentine "date"... which is.. my school.. LOL...

want to know more about what happened in the course of the day?

simple.. just one word to describe it... "NOTHING"... lol... serious! i just stayed home the whole day... was either sleeping.. or hooked onto MSN... hahaha... very "interesting" way to spend my v day.. ;)

oh.. not forgetting.. went on to call my actual valentine during the night.. heehee.. the feeling is good.. ! even though i see so many couples while on the call.. but still.. i get what i wanted! tats just so simple and sweet.. ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

another posting!

hmmm... been long since i last updated... wonder why didn't someone remind me to post... hahaha...

anyway, before i start blogging, heres to everyone out there! whatever your status is... be it single or attached, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY!!! :)

alright... this year... slightly different from the past years... i have a valentine! but, will be staying out for the whole day... not that i dun want to have a date out... but, oh well... you people just won't understand de... :)

in anyway, its just my problem... so, let me handle it... k? though i won't have those romantic night out like what everyone wishes for... but, i am glad... in fact, very glad that i have a valentine... even though our kind of "outing" is very much different from the rest... ;)

hmmm... enough of all these V. day kinda talks... heres abit of update from me..

during the last weekend, went out with the guys! initially, it was an outing between Daniel and I... went to Chan Bros to do some checking out of prices... on the other hand, collected my 3mths ago salary... hahaha... then, we left the place for Marina Square... the place is so much different as compared to 3mths ago when i was there... totally different! almost got lost somehow... but, still... manage to get to the places we wanna go to... oh... not forgetting... our dinner at this place known as "一点心"... its a dim sum restaurant... whereby we waited damn long for our food... in the end, i didn't even get a taste of the noodle i ordered as they didn't prepare it for me... thats just so wonderful... isn't it? !@#$%^&*(

after the dinner outing, we went shopping awhile before heading on to meet the rest of the guys at Hougang Plaza... they meeting there to play a game of number balls... errr... yup.. thats what they call it.. well... being the one i have always been... i decided not to play with them... dun really like to play either billard or that number ball game... coz, i simply cannot make it in those games... :X as they were playing.. i was busy SMS-ing... and, staring at the television screen.. trying to stay awake.. boredom really kills... :X so.. there i went... waiting and waiting and waiting... waited for them to finish their game for abt 3hrs... close to lah... *patience*

after the ball game... we went for supper... hahaha... ate some beehoon.. before we moved on to mac.. why two places for supper? coz, the beehoon went out... not enuff to serve all of us... so, the bulk of us actually had beehoon first before going to mac and have somewhat like a "finger food" to us.. :P

so, sunday wasn't much of an event... except staying home and playing games with daniel throughout... till late evening... went to town... had dinner there... talked quite alot... got some updates on the things happening @ SG when i was away at India... nice to hear that someone is in a relationship le... especially... its the first time~ hope it will really last... coz, thats the best thing i can get to know for this coming year... :)

as for monday... went back to school to help out my school to "pull" in new students at the joint admission excerise '06... it was fun... had my fair share of getting sun burnt too... feeling so itchy for both my arms now... the burn is really making me feel the itch!~ :X

alright... shall not talk much now... gonna go get someone to listen to my words... and make sure she apply some medicine!!! good night, everyone! :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


recently... have not much happenings...

just the basic few...

there is one big happening though... and... thats abt me and someone else... thats all abt it...

but, there are somethings which i was thinking through earlier... that is... learn how to treasure the things/feelings you have at the very moment of time... coz, in the face of time... everything could just simply change in a split second... this moment, this thing/person is just beside you... the next moment, the thing/person could just disappear from your foresight...

don't ask me why i am mentioning this... but, i just feel like mentioning... thats all... no particular reason at all!

oh ya... just now went to Bedok 85 market and have the plate of noodles... finally got to eat it... but, feel that the standard of it has dropped alot! besides the eating, talked alot of things with Ailin... from work-related stuffs... to... school related ones... then, to the recent happenings in school... till relationships!

hahaha... shared a few bit with her... but, yup... all the above are just personal views bah... ;)

P.S.: Going to 85 Market to eat was a last minute decision... so, dun blame me for not jio-ing U! :P

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


hmmm... a calculation of time since i m back from India, Chennai... 16 days! more than half a month!!!

and... a calculation of things i have done... errr... cannot be... but, i have done nothing! LOL...

alright... shall do something constructive and conducive!

anyway, been pretty busy during my last weekend... sat, went out with my caregroup pple... then, moved on to my aunt's house to bai nian! yeah... i have quite a moderate number of relatives.. *grinZ* but, that doesn't mean my ang bao collections are huge in number... i still gotta go to my friends' place to do some collection...

and, the count of ang bao packets stands at 21(with inclusive of 1 i took at a temple)... :P

as for the money inside, i shall not disclose it... as they are for me to know... and, for u to find out.. LOL...

as for Sunday, went out with Daniel... he was shopping for his formal clothings while i was looking for something special... :P what is that something special? you will never get to know... wahahhaa... then, why did i mention tat? well... and still, its for me to know and for u to find out! LOL...

Just being irritating... better get going with my things... will update more if there are any happenings.. ;)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

love? and others?

heres the multi-million dollars question..

what actually is love?

- A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
- A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.

a) Sexual passion.
b) Sexual intercourse.
c) A love affair.

- An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.
- A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.
- An expression of one's affection: Send him my love.
a) A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.
b) The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.
- Love Mythology. Eros or Cupid.
- often Love Christianity. Charity.
- Sports. A zero score in tennis.

*extract from

Anyway, personally, i think love is more to an affection between two genders.. well, we can't deny that this two genders could be of the same.. but still, it can be considered as love too.. isn't it?

This affection which i feel is important can be concocted with a huge amount of understanding, trust, affection, caring and last but not least, faith! And, to achieve 100% love, none of the above "ingredient" can be absent from it..

Oh well.. don't ask me why i suddenly mention about love... i just feel like doing so.. and, woohoo.. there i went..

Now, things seem to be quite well for me.. in terms of my life and such.. i think, ever since i returned from Chennai, it has changed pretty much.. as compared to the pre-trip me.. really.. a pretty drastic change.. been doing the dishes.. mopping the floor.. curbing my temper.. and, trying to understand things before making a conclusion over it... oh.. not forgetting.. during the process of learning how to curb my temper, i actually learnt to have a deeper tolerance towards things... this is definitely one hella good news to me...

BUT... a very BIG BUT... it doesn't mean that my anger has been curbed = higher tolerance.. even a well-tempered person, not saying i am, will blow his/her top when things turn to its adverse side... so, people who are out there.. if you are trying your "best" to provoke others, be sure and prepared to get the nonsense you are actually trying to "plant"... as the saying goes, "You reap what you sow"...

So, if you are planting the seeds of hatred + anger, be prepared to receive back what you have planted.. bottomline of this statement, understand how things are before making your own conclusion.. if you think you are right, be it that way.. all i can say is, you are being obstinate.. either you start to change or, face the prospect of being obsolete..

Lastly, weight the consequences of your actions before you act on it... coz, 10yrs down the road, you might regret on what you have done.. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

今天 ?

大年初四 isn't really a good day for me...

i started out the day feeling really lazy... just wanna laze around... was already awake at about 0900hrs... but, decided to laze on the bed till 1130hrs!!! regretted doing so... really make me feel bad as i thought i have had too much of slp...

immediately after i woke up, went to brush my teeth.. almost like a normal routine day then, proceeded on to go online... chatted with her for not long before going on with my lunch...

had a pretty long lunch as i chatted with my mum... came back online at close to 1500hrs... was away after away to play FF8... woohooo.. finally really started on it.. but, came back online after not long...

chatted for awhile after her return.. and, we ended up in an arguement... argue over? well... coz someone, doesn't seems to like me calling her... and this someone is a third party in the sense that... she has nothing got to do with me and her! grrr... becoz of this person, we got into a tussle...

after much thinking, this definitely isn't worth.. getting into this problem.. bleahz... till now, i m still feeling pretty sad... but, gotta pull myself together.. argghhh...! i can do it de! :)

好啦... 没有真正的向大家拜年。。祝大家 身体健康,万事如一!

Monday, January 30, 2006

first blog posting of the chinese new yr!


finally have the patience to sit down and start writing a normal posting...

the previous ones i had was like... more of the feeling side.. :P

hmmm... this yr's new year celebration seems abit... errr... outta tradition? in the past, i usually do my relatives visiting during the first day of the yr... but, this yr, will only be doing it on the second day of the yr! and... yup.. thats this coming day! :P

was told that my relative planned this "relatives' gathering" at his place... which is themed as those kinda BBQ outing... quite style and trendy this yr ah... dun know why too...

as what you could gather from my previous postings... recently, my life has been going the ups and downs... most of the time at the down turns... but, eventually, everything turn out well! why? its for me to know.. and, for you to find out!!!

really like tonight... especially that moment on MSN... it was... fabulous!!! it really brought me to the highest point of happiness... *grinZ*

hmmm... and, yup... during the eve night, went out with my group of friends... to catch a movie... starring Jim Carey... "Fun with Dick & Jane"... well... you must be pretty fast in order to catch the jokes... another thing is... as usual... this show is filled with the big actions from Jim... those kinda exaggerating facial expressions... so typical of him... it is definitely not worth 9.50SGD... so, if you planning to catch this movie... do it during the weekdays... :)

dun really think there is much to mention here... so, shall end the posting and continue with my FF8... ;)

ps: Happy Chinese New Year to ALL!!! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

today's mood!

HAPPY!!! not coz of ang bao... its, another reason!!!

one word, HAPPINESS!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

ups and downs...

i have been in a roller coaster ride with my emotions recently...

so, don't let me have it(emotions) up and down, please?

additionally, no one like their roller coaster to be down.. up would be my preference naturally...

Friday, January 27, 2006


i really dun want to show my weakness to anyone..

not as if i can hide forever... but, not at this critical moment of time...


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

first posting in Singapore!

woohooo! finally get sometime to do my first posting in Singapore~~~

well... starting from Sunday.. the moment i stepped into my house... i was like... wooohooo!!! this place has changed loads!!! the tree at my void deck has been removed.. for some reason, my mum told me it was removed before i left Singapore.. but, i remember, it was there leh... whateva the case.. i just notice a difference in the environment!

next was my room... well.. it has become cosier.. with the addition of a new computer desk.. which my parents bought for me from ikea.. hmmm.. with the addition, it has also make the room more squeezy.. leaving very little space for me to move up and down.. but still, i kinda like it.. at least, its ultimately, my room! :P

after making a visit to my room, i started to unpack all my stuffs... oh.. btw, my luggage was weighting about 29KG!!! its so damn heavy lor.. luckily i curb my shopping spree during the last minute.. else, it will be way over 30kg, i think~ :P

as for the rest of the weekdays, monday to wednesday, i was busy!!! very busy, in fact! Presentations(3 in a row) and Final OSIP Report was definitely a killer... been being chased by the school staffs for us to complete the things.. alot of stuffs to be done ever since we touched down in Singapore.. its like, most of us didn't have a good rest at all... excluding fu ge lah.. as usual, he is living in his own world... always expecting people to update him... just like a big boss... but, the fact is, he is nothing but just a peanut to me... :P

oh well.. i think i shall stop this posting liao... coz, someone asking me to go take my bath! well.. who? make a guess lor... ;)


Sunday, January 22, 2006

return of!!!

hmmm... current location, Kuala Lumpur International Airport!

woohooo... on my way back to Singapore... flight to Singapore will be in... errr... less than 2hrs time! ;)

well, having kinda mixed feelings though... on one hand, pretty glad that i am finally going back to Singapore... but, on the other side, i am quite sad to leave Chennai..

why?? i think the main reason attributing to this feeling would be the happenings on the last week of stay there... else, i couldn't find any reason why i wanna stay on in Chennai... (well.. not many pple know why... but, i think there is this person, who plays an integral part in my mismay for departure... u shld know who u r... ;))

hmmm... even though i have very very weird feelings during the last week, it is all these weird feelings that have made me thought thru pretty much.. i won't say that i have completely "ironed" out my feelings... but, it is kinda better after those thoughts..

it helped me realise that, why would i wanna be isolating myself? now, to me, whats most important would be a spontaneous self... one who is dare to act.. and bare up all the consequences! instead of running away from the matter... face it upfront! (*be a man.. do the right thing!!!* :P)

errr... another thing to mention here... well... this is one thing which i have been emphasizing recently... EQUALITY!!! why do pple treat each other with such inequality during times??? especially between a male and female! from what i see, female usually have the benefit of better treatment... whereas for the male, it will be of a total different picture!!! ##!RU(!#UR_@) *unfair treatment!!!* bleah!

alright... shall make my first blog entry in Singapore!!! that is after i settle down...

Friday, January 20, 2006


today, lets talk about fate...

well, to me, it have always been this way, i believe that fate is something which can be decided with your own intention of idea... if you believe fate is the way you believe it is, you have just got to make it happen.. not by saying fate will take its way... fate will happen that way... and no one can change fate!

i think, all these saying are basically B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T..

in a normal environment, if EVERYONE just wait for things to happen... wait for fate to do its job... then, you can continue to wait till you get near your deathbed.. wahahah...

seriously, don't ask me why i am talking about "fate" today... the reason is real simple.. like i have always been... talking about things in spontaneity! ;)

hmmmm... i guess this could be my last posting in India.. gonna leave this place, which i have spent my last 3mths of life, the day after.. well, there are definitely reasons to cheer about.. being able to see what i miss.. know everything is well.. etc.. but, on the other hand, there are things which is gonna make me feel sad after my departure from this place..

i must say, the people in Scandent(my host company), have been really helpful in trying to get us settled down in India..

not forgetting, the fantastic and hospitality Shannon and his wife have shown us..

lastly, the batch of students from NYP who came to take-over our place here..

well... really hope the best will happen onto these people... and, hopefully, i can lay my foot back in India whenever possible.. coz, this place, in fact, is pretty nice... (hmmm... in anyways, i think i will definitely come back... coz, i have decided to spend a honeymoon period, if i ever get married, at Maldives... *LOL*)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

tipsy.. turning.. twisting.. tossing..

no.. i didn't drink while at work..

just that, quite a number of things have been in my mind recently.. very pre-occupied with all these decisions to make.. as i have always been.. thinking of consequences.. thinking of how my decisions will affect the people around me.. deciding which is the best route out.. and, because of my indecisive-ness, many things get affected.. and usually, everything turns crazy!

why do always people have to make decisions which can very easily affect others?

why can't decision making be a happy thing to occur?

why does everyone have such high expectations of things/people around them?

why does all these have to happen?

why can't everything be simple like how i wish it is?

why meetings must have a deadline?

why happy times can't have an ever-lasting deadline?

why is there a deadline?

why "emotions" is a feeling?

why must i keep my promise?

why am i doubting myself?

why am i asking so many whys?

conclusion, i m no longer the decisive person i use to be..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

mozzie attacks!

well, recently, everywhere in Chennai City, we are being attacked by mosquitoes!!!

the worst ever since scenario goes to one of the girls from NYP...

well, how bad could it get, right? it was so bad that when i saw her, i went, "so fast kanna outbreak(pimples) liao ahz?" it was only their second day in Chennai then.. but, her reply was, "no.. it was the mosquitoes!" hahaha... had a great laugh at her sia.. till now, i can't imagine.. how bad the mosquitoes were.. they were probably having a "blood feast" on her... buwahahah.. the mosquitoes at Quanta Zen must be as fat as the fatest man in the world! :D


anyway, been thinking.. why do pple go around looking for relationships when they have been through several hurting ones?? till now, couldn't come out with a definite answer... but, there were some which i came about to conclude.. here it goes..

1) It could be these people are just in look for some attention.. which in terms come with the term, "attention-seeker"! hahaha.. this could be ignited by the surrounding environment.. whereby friends of these people portrayed infatuation of a relationship in their presense...

2) Maybe they are just too used to having someone around them.. taking care of them.. listening to them.. sparing moments of happiness with them.. etc... so, its more to the emotional attachment area.. being to emotionally attached to being in a relationship...

3) outta true affection!

4) Plain DESPERATE...

what do you all think... ??? maybe you could post up some ideas of yours.. so, that i can have a conclusion in this topic? :P

Monday, January 16, 2006

fabulous sunday!

yesterday was really one fun day~~ though, there were several "cock-ups" throughout the day.. nonetheless, the day passed pretty well~

firstly, i gotta wake up early.. to prepare my stuffs(ironing, bathing) before i make a move to the airport.. nope.. not that i am leaving India.. but, i was on my way to the airport to welcome the incoming students from Singapore to this place, India, Chennai...

Well, its fine for waking up early.. just wanna make myself sound noble.. LOL~ (crap...)

now... the next batch of students attached to Scandent India(Chennai) are five ladies from Nanyang Polytechnic... their stay here will only be 2mths.. unlike us... 3mths..

hmmm... as compared to us, they are pretty more prepared! they have brought like tons of food here! its like, they are going to have a mini Chinese New Year celebration here... all the biscuits and such.. i think, it will probably last them about half a month before they finish it.. :D

after they have finished packing up their luggages... brought them around Quanta Zen(yes.. they took over our previous apartment while we shifted to a new location).. first, we took them to "Pelita" to have their meal... well.. as i have mentioned before.. Pelita is actually a Malaysian Fast Food Restaurant... right after that, we went to the supermarket for the ladies to buy their groceries...

the next few events are the highlights of the day!!!

the first highlight was our dinner somewhere which is of 30minutes drive from our area.. we went to a restaurant known as "Bella Ciao"... an italian styled restaurant located beside a beach, which is facing the Bay of Bengal... a very nice place with pretty good food.. we ate food like Calamari, Pizzas, Sardines.. and, tomato-garlic bread? don't know what they call that lah.. but, it was a pretty nice dinner we had there..

next event was the main highlight of the day.. FIREWORKS!!! woohooo!!! fantastic time we had there at the beach.. firing the fireworks which we bought last week.. wow!!! its worth every cent we spent on it.. seriously.. especially the 200shots ones.. very nice lor.. its very difficult for me to explain in words.. but, all i could conclude from it is, "FANTASTIC"!!!!! hahaha.. when i return back to Singapore.. i try to see if i could host the video clips we took.. you people would sure love it.. ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

its sunday!!!

oh man.. lookin' forward to Sunday!

why? i gonna have my private "National Day" celebration later!!! woohooo!!!

very eager to see what the effect is gonna be like... hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.. :P

well.. today is gonna be a busy day for me... going up and down Chennai City... gonna go to the airport... gonna go back to my old apartment... then, go on to travel about one hr or so to the place we plan to let off the fireworks... wooohooo!!!

and, something to update! i fell in "love" with this shirt i saw yesterday when i was at Spencer Plaza! damn nice lor... but, the price tag also damn nice... a whopping sum of 3995rupees!!! which is equivalent to Singapore dollars, SGD160... no choice.. its branded... "Guess" leh... hahaha...

oh well, really see that shirt nice lor... more for those formal function wear... power!~ but, i think i can just admire it bah... hahhaa.. ;)

ciaos! =D(adrupt ending!)

Saturday, January 14, 2006


yeah.. finally.. i "tasted" a holiday here in India, Chennai!

I have like missed out 3 holidays! (Christmas, New Year and Hari Raya Haji!)


hahaha... anyway, i have moved house le... my new address is still at T. Nagar though... so, if you are sending me a letter or anything, please don't send it anymore... coz, it might just fall into the hands of the incoming students.. :X

hmmmm... very long i didn't post up song lyrics le... so, here is one...




(M) Ming nian zhe ge shi jian Ye zai zhe ge di dian
(F) Ji de tai zhe mei gui Ta sang lin tai shu shang se nian
(M) Dong jing shi ke zui mei Zhen xin de gei bu lei
(F) Tai duo de ai pa zhui Mei ren teng ai zai mei de ren Ye hui jiao chui

(M) Wo hui song ni hong se mei gui Ni bei na yi shen yan lei xiang dui
(F) Ni zhi dao wo zai liu lei
(M) Wei lai de re ji you ni zai mei Mong zai hui zhen yi dian
(F) Wei lai de re ji shi fou zai mei Mong zai hui zhen yi dian

(F) Wo sui zhe zai ni ai li chen jiu Ni sou hu kan wo chuang kuo hei ye
(M) Wo bu ce dui
(B) Wo yan yi zhe diao qing lu xiang shou xiang shui Ni zui zhen gui

Don't know why... keep singing this song... but, of course.. alone sing lah.. :D

hmmm... oh yeah!!! i gonna put some fireworks tomorrow! gonna have my own personal "National Day" alike celebration before i leave this place~~~ so eagerly looking forward for the celebration!!! :P

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 09:35 AM

That is the date and time which is displayed on my workstation...

Hahaha.. ironically, it is a state holiday for Tamil Nadu, which is the state i am in now... and, guess what.. i still need to be present for work today!


Anyway, was having a mood swing yesterday night.. feeling pretty stressed up.. not cause i am packed with work.. but coz, it seems that i have no motivation to move on at all.. well, this is abit of personal problem i am facing here.. there is totally got no links with the environment or people i am working with.. its all my own mentality thats the real culprit.. *pUiz*

Hmmm... lucky enough.. i am feeling much better today.. after abt.. 10hrs rest? :X Was lying on my bed pretty early the night before.. that is about Chennai's timing 2230hrs+... till this morning, 0815hrs... hahaha.. There is actually a reason why i slept so early the night before.. outta coincidence, the stupid washing machine at my apartment broke down.. well, i think the washing machine have been showing signs of breaking down for the past few days... just that, no one bothered about it.. now.. its going on "strike" against us.. a pay back time.. hahaha.. my clothes was 1/4 done only.. when the machine went onto strike.. so unfair.. ! why is it me... hai... later during the evening time, when i m back home, i need to hand wash my clothes.. (can u imagine... those days whereby pple go to the riverside.. washing it.. and using a stick, hitting the clothes... in a way, to dry them.. ya.. thats going to be the case for me in the late evening time!)...

Time passes pretty fast these dayz... maybe coz i am going back to Singapore soon.. to be exact, in 10 days time... i realise that i am pretty broke now.. in fact, very broke.. hahaha.. but still, i have set aside some $$$ to spend on buying fireworks.. (1k rupees).. hahaha.. so eagerly looking forward to the day whereby i get to put those fireworks... gonna have my own "National Day" celebration here at Chennai.. envy us? better not.. think of how we are going to "burn" our money.. then, u will be glad that u are not in the same situation as we are.. :D

Alright.. that shld be all for today... ;)

(Gonna start with my work already.. ciaos!)

Monday, January 09, 2006


nope... there ain't many cats around in Chennai.. don't ask me why.. i don't know either.. :X

Anyway, was on a spending spree again last weekend.. well, spent tons of $$$ on buying gifts... and now, i realise that i have left not much for myself to survive this two coming weeks.. how? don't ask me again.. well, maybe i could just get some grass and have it as my meals.. :X

Moving house this coming friday... and be staying at that place for only one week before moving back to Singapore.. errr.. the coming apartment is bigger than the one we are in now.. but, the place isn't much lively than the current one.. there are pros and cons between this two apartments... but, nonetheless, its just for a week.. ;)

hmmm... really don't know what to update u pple on.. was having lots to update earlier on.. but, when i actually start typing, everything is gone!!!

oh, btw, didn't really had a good slp the night before.. due to the stupid mosquitoes!!! they have been pestering yh and i throughout the whole night.. and, guess what.. they could fly as near as to ur ears.. making those buzzing sounds!!! how irritating can those thingie be!!!

looking at the "marks" they have left me with.. hmmm... my arms have already more than 10 bite marks.. and, their bites are no joke one lor... making it so itchy!!! feel like scratching.. but, better not to... still, i scratch n scratch.. aiyah.. contradict lah.. in a nutshell, i am scratching myself like how the monkeys are!!! *gRrrRr*

alright.. gonna learn how to "Hibernate" now.. (ps: Hibernate is a java framework here...) :D

ciaOs.. ;)

Friday, January 06, 2006


me at mahabalipuram! :P

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

flying w/o wings!


lets take a look at the calender... today is 04/01/2006!

its been like more than 2months since i stepped foothold on Chennai, India! soon, i will be returning back to my home country, Singapore! wEeEEe! take another look at the calender... hmmm... 17 more days! *gRinZ*

anyway, for the past few days, i have been physically attacked... attacked by.. ? mosquitoes at my apartment!!! wah laoz... can you imagine... i have been killing more mosquitoes than the number of days which i have passed in the year 2006! in fact, i think i doubled my kill with comparisons to the days passed! gRrRr... its making me go on the killing spree~~ hahaha...

well, will be moving house next friday as the coming students will take over my current apartment... good luck for them with the mosquitoes! haaha... where will i be moving? errr... somewhere further from the airport... hahaha... but, our return to Singapore will definitely still be earlier than the coming students... wahhaha...

oh well, like what i have mentioned above... been attacked by mosquitoes... currently, i have so many mosquito bites on my body! let me do a "bite-count".. well, 3 on my right arm.. 2 on my left arm.. 4 on my right leg.. 3 on my left leg.. a total of 12 bites!!! damn... forgot to count my body bites.. i have two behind my back! so, that sums up to 14 bites!!!

i wonder.. when will those mosquitoes stop biting me and start targeting others... WAHAHAH... but, on second thoughts, maybe my blood is just simply too sweet to give it a miss! :X


Monday, January 02, 2006

first entry of the year!

Happy New Year to U!!!

weeeheee! this would be the first entry of my in the year 2006!

had a fantastic day on 01/01/2006.. all thanks to Shannon and his partner!

to kick-start the day, we(all 5 of us) went to Shannon's place.. where he actually whipped up a local delight for us, Nasi Lemak... it was fabulous~ we had a sumptuous lunch there~ can you imagine... first time taking ikan bilis.. the nice nice chilli sauce.. and a few other dishes.. it was really good!

besides that, i also had a good view of his "sea-view" from his balcony... his apartment was like, directly facing the Bay of Bengal! woohoo... ~ and you imagine.. the sea breeze brushing through your hair.. and, you, taking a plate of Nasi Lemak.. enjoying both the breeze and food.. how nice life can be.. ~~~ dun think i can get this kinda enjoyment back in Singapore... therefore, really cherish the moment.. was also thinking... it would be fantastic if i could actually spent that moment with someone special.. enjoying such moment.. it would be like a dream come thru! ;)

had a good moment there before the electricity went out... not coz Shannon didn't pay for the bills... its just that, electricity cut is a common affair in Chennai.. even if its rain or shine, you will definitely experience at least once or twice in the month for such moment.. but, the went-out didn't really affect us as we chatted on.. there were so many things to talk about.. ~

but, it didn't take us long before we left for coffee.. went to this coffee house located somewhere within the city.. its like, the audience catered there is more to the upper mid-class level of the population in India.. so, you will see many of the "rich" youths there.. ok.. rich coz their parents pay for their expenses... ~ they actually "smoke" this pipped thingie there.. which i tried with two puffs.. not bad lah.. only agreed to try it as the tobacco level of it is very low.. so, won't be that addictive and hurting to my body.. (everything also must try mah.. you don't get this kinda thing in Singapore.. at least, not that commonly found lah..) the cake there was nice.. but, the coffee suc*.. it taste more like the plain water we get in Singapore.. just that, there was abit of coffee content in it.. thats all..

after the coffee dosage.. we went on to the "Marina".. it is the second longest beach in the world.. loads of people there.. initially, we didn't even plan to go down of the vehicle to walk.. but, in the end, we decided we should just take a walk to see more things.. so, we joined the crowd.. it was a moderate crowd back then.. so, it wasn't like those crowds you see at any countdown bash.. it is slightly lesser than that.. we walked quite a distance by the roadside, before we headed to the shore.. from the roadside to the shore, it was like, 1/2 a KM apart? hahaha.. that explains why it is the second longest beach in the world.. when we were at the shore.. we were able to see the Bay of Bengal's waves.. its like.. very strong.. much more stronger than those we see in ECP or Pasir Ris.. in fact, those we see back in singapore can't even be qualified to be categorized as waves... hahaha.. didn't get to take any pictures back there as i didn't bring my cam... only Nassa took his cam there.. but, it was way to dark to capture the moment.. so, could only "save" all these memories in my mind.. ;)

it didn't take us long to realise, "Hey! its time for dinner!".. so, we were struggling where to have our dinner.. last friday, we had korean food.. Japanese food is quite expensive here.. so, we give it a miss.. then, we came out with a decision to go to "The Park", a high class hotel, to have our meal..

but, before we head for our meal place, we stopped by at a Church known as "St John's Church".. it is a very nice olden days kinda church.. housing one of Jesus's disciple's body, St. John.. had my first prayer there too.. :)

upon arrival at the hotel, we went straight to the dining area.. the hotel is so high class lor.. its very like Singapore's Swissotel those kinda standard... anyway, the place was so packed.. with caucasians making the bulk of the crowd... we waited for awhile.. but, as the waiting area have this special glass-paneled VIP room, we decided to ask for that.. hahaha.. we were allowed in as Shannon and his partner enjoy quite a status with the hotel management.. so, its like, waa... VIP treatment leh! we were having our own room leh.. hahaha.. ordered quite alot.. and while waiting for the food, we had a hearty chat sessions.. topics ranging from pets to our each individual decisions to come to India.. almost everything! it was nice as we got to know each other to a new level..

time literally "flew" when we were having our chat session... it was around 2300hrs before we left the hotel.. the roads were cleared from the traffic.. you could see the contrast.. from a usually use-to-be busy roads.. filled with loads of vehicles.. tlil there is totally no vehicles around.. waa.. just like a "ghost" town.. hahaha..

the day i spent is definitely going to be "saved" into my memories for a very long time..

okay... now, my personal posting... actually, there are some thoughts which i left out in my final reflection posting.. that is something which is related to relationships...

in my context, i feel that, one should be truthful to himself/herself when it comes to this kinda affairs... even if there is a slightest change in thinking, everything should be done in a clear-cut manner... people might think this is a flirtatious kind of mentality.. but, mind that, i am not a good looking person.. so, its like not applicable for me? LOL... seriously... i think that is the kind of person i am.. if i really fall for it, i will fall to the deepest.. *hmmm... yup*~

next, i do have this special person in mind now.. but, i don't think i will make things look so obvious now.. after what had happened in my previous attempt.. i am definitely going to avoid such thing from happening once again! *once bitten twice shy...*