Sunday, September 17, 2006

the return of...

hmm.. gotta report in tml le..

dun know how to describe this feeling..

just feel that i dun wanna lose this freedom tat i m enjoying now.. need not report for duties.. need not report for anything..

but, on the other hand, i just want to finish serving this term and get back the sort of freedom i used to have as a .sg citizen.. hahaha..

oh well, everything seems so weird now..

the times i had spending with you.. just simply u.. all rushing back into my mind as if there isn't any tomorrow..

memories definately brought in the aching.. the aching which i feel is making me grow more white hair.. hahaha.. who cares abt the white hair anyway.. :D

hmmm... been going out recently.. just like my memories.. i have been spending like no tomorrow too! hahaha... not that there are alot of things to spend on.. just that, i think i need to adore myself more.. show more love to myself.. (not being zi lian ah!)

i just remember this term.. if no one cares abt u, u shld start caring for urself.. hahaha..

ps: ahh... still not prepared to report in.. i wanna return back to june 10th.. to prevent all these from happening.. although i know i need to re-bmt.. but, still, it will be all worthwhile..

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