Saturday, March 25, 2006

what m i... ?

i really dun know what to blog about lately...

just feel like rattling some nonsense.. which i always does..

lately, been working at chan bros again.. well, i would say, the time working there is quite fulfilling.. as in, dun even have much time to slack abt... working all the while... why? coz, the calls never seem to end..

and, due to such pattern of calls, i get easily frustrated... well, tats the usual me.. getting the "heat" even by the slightest spark of fire ever can be found... oh man.. i really have a hot temper here... yes.. i realise this... and, ya... i realised it very long ago... just find it pretty hard to curb this temper of my... =
sighz... not only the temper... been pretty tired up by my work... maybe the reason to this tireness is probably the results of the previous slacking months... hahaha.. so, who is to blame.. ?

thats none other than Mr. Aaron Ting. :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the return...

hahaha.. just got back from my trip to Genting...

went there for a duration of 3days 4nights.. together with my sec. sch. friends, leonard, john and gary...

hmmm... yup... 4 guys went there together... to have a getaway from the lifestyle of typical singaporeans.. except for me.. hahaha.. who has been relaxing all the while! :D

feeling abit slpy now... shld continue blogging with the adventures of genting later during the day!

:) :) :)

Friday, March 10, 2006


been spending alot lately...

gonna curb my spending habits...

oh.. btw, i have finally decided, i shall start working again!

this time round, i will be like the previous yrs.. decided to work like no day no night.. why? coz, i just can't stand the sight of people working.. while, me, slacking... thought through and decided, it is being very unhealthy of me if i continue slacking so... =D

it might sound weird.. but, well, just decided to do what my heart desires to.. of course, i will try not to neglect anyone in the course of my job pursue desire.. :P

oh well, whats more important now is... SAVE money!!! can u imagine.. spending so much till i get pretty worried abt it now.. ? how irritating this feeling could get.. worried over my spendings... worried over the rest of the days.. whether i have enuff for the basic neccessities.. ah!!! SCARY!!! -_-'

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

song dedication...

宇恒 - 依然是朋友



A dedication to my friend, ah sui.. ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

traveller... ~

well, as i have said in the previous posting... been going out ever since i picked up my driving after my return from india...

hmmm... really drove loads... i think, from just one week, i am able to drive round Singapore, at its perimeter, for about 3-4 rounds.. hahaha.. simply just feel like driving abt.. whether to a destination or not... still, juz wanna drive abt.. =P

went to Boat Quay just now... to have a meal at this Italian restaurant... the purpose of the visit is not just for a meal.. but, to celebrate in advance, Wendy's bday...

Many turned up... so, it was quite a crowd.. hahaa.. at there, i signed the biggest amount of money with my card ever since i got it.. it costed about $258+.. nah.. gotta pay my dad for the sum i signed.. so, no free meal for me and the rest.. LOL..

after the meal, went to Coffee Bean to chill.. but, didn't took us long before we decide to move on.. this time round, to Pasir Ris, Fisherman's Village..

a chill out session was what we had there... sitting down.. talking abt nonsense.. whatever we can think of, we just simply spilled it out.. hahaha.. as i wasn't really at the peak of my mood, i just simply sat there and look at the stars.. the planes that took off at the nearby Changi Airport.. nice.. love such moments.. but, would have been a better time if i had my dear with me.. :)

alright.. thats all for now.. till then, take care, folks! ;)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


been some time since i last updated my blog...

anyway, been out lately till the wee hours... having fun ever since i started picking up my driving.. *grinZ*

went many places... including my ENC Chalet... chill out sessions... and many others!

one thing worth mentioning.. JewelBox at Mount. Faber is really nice!!! they have a fantastic ambience up there.. with many many customers from the different walks of life.. not forgetting, the pretty and interesting waitress who took our order.. hahaha..

it started out with a cocktail named, "Pussy Foot"... the waitress thought my friend was asking for "Seafood"... hahaha.. and she kept repeating, "No seafood here..." then, we were like, "diaO~"... hahaha.. finally she got the drink's name.. then, i wanted to order 2 bowls of french fries... so, i told her, "Can i have 2 bowls of fries?" she repeated the order as, "2 boils of rice"... she must be wondering.. why on earth is this bunch of pple ordering rice for?! and, we were wondering, why would we want rice for?! LOL... then, she apologized for her mistakes... ahahaha... funny waitress.. :P

oh well, other then tat, nothing much happened... tat explains for my life over the past week.. ;)