Sunday, January 15, 2006

its sunday!!!

oh man.. lookin' forward to Sunday!

why? i gonna have my private "National Day" celebration later!!! woohooo!!!

very eager to see what the effect is gonna be like... hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.. :P

well.. today is gonna be a busy day for me... going up and down Chennai City... gonna go to the airport... gonna go back to my old apartment... then, go on to travel about one hr or so to the place we plan to let off the fireworks... wooohooo!!!

and, something to update! i fell in "love" with this shirt i saw yesterday when i was at Spencer Plaza! damn nice lor... but, the price tag also damn nice... a whopping sum of 3995rupees!!! which is equivalent to Singapore dollars, SGD160... no choice.. its branded... "Guess" leh... hahaha...

oh well, really see that shirt nice lor... more for those formal function wear... power!~ but, i think i can just admire it bah... hahhaa.. ;)

ciaos! =D(adrupt ending!)

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