Friday, May 19, 2006

tied down!

alright.. lately, been tied down with my work...

schedule for the days are like... wake up... go work... work finish, go home.. then, meet my darling ger.. and, end of the day!

well... dread the first half of the day... coz of the work... but, simply love and cherish the second half of the day... coz of my dear! ;)

btw, went to watch Poseidon.. it was like... abit overblown from the movie trailers.. it is worth the $7 to watch, during the early weekdays.. but, not worth the $9 to watch, during the weekends.. yup..

another show, "Voice", is a movie which is quite far-fetched.. in the sense that you must be super attentive to the show before you can catch the gapse of the movie..

so, if you are planning to catch any of the above mentioned movie, please select with care! :P

alright.. shall get my a*s back to work now... heehee... ;)

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