Sunday, April 20, 2008

point taken...

remember coming through an article which states travelling/holidaying is one of the most memorable way to spend your money...

and, i totally agree with it...

why do i say so?

coz, my recent bangkok trip really makes me think tat it is gonna be one of the most memorable, probably due to the fatigue it brought to me, travelling trip i ever had...

nonetheless, it may be tiring... it may be saddening, but, it comes to a point whereby it lets me know the importance of her...

she let me know where she stood in me during the trip... allowing me to curb my temper numerous times... letting me know my newest fear, her temper, in me.. so many so many more!

hahaha... am really glad tat we met and become what we are today.. :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

单纯 ?

simplicity.. the talk topic of the day..

spent some time thinking about this term.. on how it applies to "爱情"...

is it in all relationships, it must be "爱到死去活来", "永远要新鲜" or even "一切要完美" ?

would all these feelings equate to "永恒" ?

i always thought, in a relationship, as long as both parties are "真心向爱" they are both able to brave through all problems be it either simple or complicated..

"真爱" to a ger or a guy, does it means, "不赌,不喝,不嫖" is sufficient.. ?

to me, it is just tat simple.. and this is truly and really what i thought..

it all need not be "轰轰烈烈的爱情" or "刻骨铭心".. all i require is just one "真诚的爱" and thats more than enough.. and, to achieve it, you just gotta show your sincerity..

is it really that difficult to.. ?

cant problems be solved and troubles be braved together as a couple?

does being tripped over the hurdle(problem/trouble) means there is no way they can stand up together and move ahead.. ?

wouldn't all be wonderful and perfect if both could stand up and look forward together?

on a personal note...,

i am very sure that i will be more than just willing to perform all these if given a chance to...

but, will you.. ?

let me assure u that what i have said and done, like i have always emphasized, is no lip service..

what i have done in the past, is really outta what i wanna do.. no fake act or anything whatsoever..

maybe it was the lack of slp.. or, maybe it is just me.. but, i do hate feeling nausea and lethargic.. As dizziness sips in quietly.. still, i gotta do what is require of me..

dearest.. i love u...