Monday, January 30, 2006

first blog posting of the chinese new yr!


finally have the patience to sit down and start writing a normal posting...

the previous ones i had was like... more of the feeling side.. :P

hmmm... this yr's new year celebration seems abit... errr... outta tradition? in the past, i usually do my relatives visiting during the first day of the yr... but, this yr, will only be doing it on the second day of the yr! and... yup.. thats this coming day! :P

was told that my relative planned this "relatives' gathering" at his place... which is themed as those kinda BBQ outing... quite style and trendy this yr ah... dun know why too...

as what you could gather from my previous postings... recently, my life has been going the ups and downs... most of the time at the down turns... but, eventually, everything turn out well! why? its for me to know.. and, for you to find out!!!

really like tonight... especially that moment on MSN... it was... fabulous!!! it really brought me to the highest point of happiness... *grinZ*

hmmm... and, yup... during the eve night, went out with my group of friends... to catch a movie... starring Jim Carey... "Fun with Dick & Jane"... well... you must be pretty fast in order to catch the jokes... another thing is... as usual... this show is filled with the big actions from Jim... those kinda exaggerating facial expressions... so typical of him... it is definitely not worth 9.50SGD... so, if you planning to catch this movie... do it during the weekdays... :)

dun really think there is much to mention here... so, shall end the posting and continue with my FF8... ;)

ps: Happy Chinese New Year to ALL!!! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

today's mood!

HAPPY!!! not coz of ang bao... its, another reason!!!

one word, HAPPINESS!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

ups and downs...

i have been in a roller coaster ride with my emotions recently...

so, don't let me have it(emotions) up and down, please?

additionally, no one like their roller coaster to be down.. up would be my preference naturally...

Friday, January 27, 2006


i really dun want to show my weakness to anyone..

not as if i can hide forever... but, not at this critical moment of time...


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

first posting in Singapore!

woohooo! finally get sometime to do my first posting in Singapore~~~

well... starting from Sunday.. the moment i stepped into my house... i was like... wooohooo!!! this place has changed loads!!! the tree at my void deck has been removed.. for some reason, my mum told me it was removed before i left Singapore.. but, i remember, it was there leh... whateva the case.. i just notice a difference in the environment!

next was my room... well.. it has become cosier.. with the addition of a new computer desk.. which my parents bought for me from ikea.. hmmm.. with the addition, it has also make the room more squeezy.. leaving very little space for me to move up and down.. but still, i kinda like it.. at least, its ultimately, my room! :P

after making a visit to my room, i started to unpack all my stuffs... oh.. btw, my luggage was weighting about 29KG!!! its so damn heavy lor.. luckily i curb my shopping spree during the last minute.. else, it will be way over 30kg, i think~ :P

as for the rest of the weekdays, monday to wednesday, i was busy!!! very busy, in fact! Presentations(3 in a row) and Final OSIP Report was definitely a killer... been being chased by the school staffs for us to complete the things.. alot of stuffs to be done ever since we touched down in Singapore.. its like, most of us didn't have a good rest at all... excluding fu ge lah.. as usual, he is living in his own world... always expecting people to update him... just like a big boss... but, the fact is, he is nothing but just a peanut to me... :P

oh well.. i think i shall stop this posting liao... coz, someone asking me to go take my bath! well.. who? make a guess lor... ;)


Sunday, January 22, 2006

return of!!!

hmmm... current location, Kuala Lumpur International Airport!

woohooo... on my way back to Singapore... flight to Singapore will be in... errr... less than 2hrs time! ;)

well, having kinda mixed feelings though... on one hand, pretty glad that i am finally going back to Singapore... but, on the other side, i am quite sad to leave Chennai..

why?? i think the main reason attributing to this feeling would be the happenings on the last week of stay there... else, i couldn't find any reason why i wanna stay on in Chennai... (well.. not many pple know why... but, i think there is this person, who plays an integral part in my mismay for departure... u shld know who u r... ;))

hmmm... even though i have very very weird feelings during the last week, it is all these weird feelings that have made me thought thru pretty much.. i won't say that i have completely "ironed" out my feelings... but, it is kinda better after those thoughts..

it helped me realise that, why would i wanna be isolating myself? now, to me, whats most important would be a spontaneous self... one who is dare to act.. and bare up all the consequences! instead of running away from the matter... face it upfront! (*be a man.. do the right thing!!!* :P)

errr... another thing to mention here... well... this is one thing which i have been emphasizing recently... EQUALITY!!! why do pple treat each other with such inequality during times??? especially between a male and female! from what i see, female usually have the benefit of better treatment... whereas for the male, it will be of a total different picture!!! ##!RU(!#UR_@) *unfair treatment!!!* bleah!

alright... shall make my first blog entry in Singapore!!! that is after i settle down...

Friday, January 20, 2006


today, lets talk about fate...

well, to me, it have always been this way, i believe that fate is something which can be decided with your own intention of idea... if you believe fate is the way you believe it is, you have just got to make it happen.. not by saying fate will take its way... fate will happen that way... and no one can change fate!

i think, all these saying are basically B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T..

in a normal environment, if EVERYONE just wait for things to happen... wait for fate to do its job... then, you can continue to wait till you get near your deathbed.. wahahah...

seriously, don't ask me why i am talking about "fate" today... the reason is real simple.. like i have always been... talking about things in spontaneity! ;)

hmmmm... i guess this could be my last posting in India.. gonna leave this place, which i have spent my last 3mths of life, the day after.. well, there are definitely reasons to cheer about.. being able to see what i miss.. know everything is well.. etc.. but, on the other hand, there are things which is gonna make me feel sad after my departure from this place..

i must say, the people in Scandent(my host company), have been really helpful in trying to get us settled down in India..

not forgetting, the fantastic and hospitality Shannon and his wife have shown us..

lastly, the batch of students from NYP who came to take-over our place here..

well... really hope the best will happen onto these people... and, hopefully, i can lay my foot back in India whenever possible.. coz, this place, in fact, is pretty nice... (hmmm... in anyways, i think i will definitely come back... coz, i have decided to spend a honeymoon period, if i ever get married, at Maldives... *LOL*)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

tipsy.. turning.. twisting.. tossing..

no.. i didn't drink while at work..

just that, quite a number of things have been in my mind recently.. very pre-occupied with all these decisions to make.. as i have always been.. thinking of consequences.. thinking of how my decisions will affect the people around me.. deciding which is the best route out.. and, because of my indecisive-ness, many things get affected.. and usually, everything turns crazy!

why do always people have to make decisions which can very easily affect others?

why can't decision making be a happy thing to occur?

why does everyone have such high expectations of things/people around them?

why does all these have to happen?

why can't everything be simple like how i wish it is?

why meetings must have a deadline?

why happy times can't have an ever-lasting deadline?

why is there a deadline?

why "emotions" is a feeling?

why must i keep my promise?

why am i doubting myself?

why am i asking so many whys?

conclusion, i m no longer the decisive person i use to be..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

mozzie attacks!

well, recently, everywhere in Chennai City, we are being attacked by mosquitoes!!!

the worst ever since scenario goes to one of the girls from NYP...

well, how bad could it get, right? it was so bad that when i saw her, i went, "so fast kanna outbreak(pimples) liao ahz?" it was only their second day in Chennai then.. but, her reply was, "no.. it was the mosquitoes!" hahaha... had a great laugh at her sia.. till now, i can't imagine.. how bad the mosquitoes were.. they were probably having a "blood feast" on her... buwahahah.. the mosquitoes at Quanta Zen must be as fat as the fatest man in the world! :D


anyway, been thinking.. why do pple go around looking for relationships when they have been through several hurting ones?? till now, couldn't come out with a definite answer... but, there were some which i came about to conclude.. here it goes..

1) It could be these people are just in look for some attention.. which in terms come with the term, "attention-seeker"! hahaha.. this could be ignited by the surrounding environment.. whereby friends of these people portrayed infatuation of a relationship in their presense...

2) Maybe they are just too used to having someone around them.. taking care of them.. listening to them.. sparing moments of happiness with them.. etc... so, its more to the emotional attachment area.. being to emotionally attached to being in a relationship...

3) outta true affection!

4) Plain DESPERATE...

what do you all think... ??? maybe you could post up some ideas of yours.. so, that i can have a conclusion in this topic? :P

Monday, January 16, 2006

fabulous sunday!

yesterday was really one fun day~~ though, there were several "cock-ups" throughout the day.. nonetheless, the day passed pretty well~

firstly, i gotta wake up early.. to prepare my stuffs(ironing, bathing) before i make a move to the airport.. nope.. not that i am leaving India.. but, i was on my way to the airport to welcome the incoming students from Singapore to this place, India, Chennai...

Well, its fine for waking up early.. just wanna make myself sound noble.. LOL~ (crap...)

now... the next batch of students attached to Scandent India(Chennai) are five ladies from Nanyang Polytechnic... their stay here will only be 2mths.. unlike us... 3mths..

hmmm... as compared to us, they are pretty more prepared! they have brought like tons of food here! its like, they are going to have a mini Chinese New Year celebration here... all the biscuits and such.. i think, it will probably last them about half a month before they finish it.. :D

after they have finished packing up their luggages... brought them around Quanta Zen(yes.. they took over our previous apartment while we shifted to a new location).. first, we took them to "Pelita" to have their meal... well.. as i have mentioned before.. Pelita is actually a Malaysian Fast Food Restaurant... right after that, we went to the supermarket for the ladies to buy their groceries...

the next few events are the highlights of the day!!!

the first highlight was our dinner somewhere which is of 30minutes drive from our area.. we went to a restaurant known as "Bella Ciao"... an italian styled restaurant located beside a beach, which is facing the Bay of Bengal... a very nice place with pretty good food.. we ate food like Calamari, Pizzas, Sardines.. and, tomato-garlic bread? don't know what they call that lah.. but, it was a pretty nice dinner we had there..

next event was the main highlight of the day.. FIREWORKS!!! woohooo!!! fantastic time we had there at the beach.. firing the fireworks which we bought last week.. wow!!! its worth every cent we spent on it.. seriously.. especially the 200shots ones.. very nice lor.. its very difficult for me to explain in words.. but, all i could conclude from it is, "FANTASTIC"!!!!! hahaha.. when i return back to Singapore.. i try to see if i could host the video clips we took.. you people would sure love it.. ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

its sunday!!!

oh man.. lookin' forward to Sunday!

why? i gonna have my private "National Day" celebration later!!! woohooo!!!

very eager to see what the effect is gonna be like... hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.. :P

well.. today is gonna be a busy day for me... going up and down Chennai City... gonna go to the airport... gonna go back to my old apartment... then, go on to travel about one hr or so to the place we plan to let off the fireworks... wooohooo!!!

and, something to update! i fell in "love" with this shirt i saw yesterday when i was at Spencer Plaza! damn nice lor... but, the price tag also damn nice... a whopping sum of 3995rupees!!! which is equivalent to Singapore dollars, SGD160... no choice.. its branded... "Guess" leh... hahaha...

oh well, really see that shirt nice lor... more for those formal function wear... power!~ but, i think i can just admire it bah... hahhaa.. ;)

ciaos! =D(adrupt ending!)

Saturday, January 14, 2006


yeah.. finally.. i "tasted" a holiday here in India, Chennai!

I have like missed out 3 holidays! (Christmas, New Year and Hari Raya Haji!)


hahaha... anyway, i have moved house le... my new address is still at T. Nagar though... so, if you are sending me a letter or anything, please don't send it anymore... coz, it might just fall into the hands of the incoming students.. :X

hmmmm... very long i didn't post up song lyrics le... so, here is one...




(M) Ming nian zhe ge shi jian Ye zai zhe ge di dian
(F) Ji de tai zhe mei gui Ta sang lin tai shu shang se nian
(M) Dong jing shi ke zui mei Zhen xin de gei bu lei
(F) Tai duo de ai pa zhui Mei ren teng ai zai mei de ren Ye hui jiao chui

(M) Wo hui song ni hong se mei gui Ni bei na yi shen yan lei xiang dui
(F) Ni zhi dao wo zai liu lei
(M) Wei lai de re ji you ni zai mei Mong zai hui zhen yi dian
(F) Wei lai de re ji shi fou zai mei Mong zai hui zhen yi dian

(F) Wo sui zhe zai ni ai li chen jiu Ni sou hu kan wo chuang kuo hei ye
(M) Wo bu ce dui
(B) Wo yan yi zhe diao qing lu xiang shou xiang shui Ni zui zhen gui

Don't know why... keep singing this song... but, of course.. alone sing lah.. :D

hmmm... oh yeah!!! i gonna put some fireworks tomorrow! gonna have my own personal "National Day" alike celebration before i leave this place~~~ so eagerly looking forward for the celebration!!! :P

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 09:35 AM

That is the date and time which is displayed on my workstation...

Hahaha.. ironically, it is a state holiday for Tamil Nadu, which is the state i am in now... and, guess what.. i still need to be present for work today!


Anyway, was having a mood swing yesterday night.. feeling pretty stressed up.. not cause i am packed with work.. but coz, it seems that i have no motivation to move on at all.. well, this is abit of personal problem i am facing here.. there is totally got no links with the environment or people i am working with.. its all my own mentality thats the real culprit.. *pUiz*

Hmmm... lucky enough.. i am feeling much better today.. after abt.. 10hrs rest? :X Was lying on my bed pretty early the night before.. that is about Chennai's timing 2230hrs+... till this morning, 0815hrs... hahaha.. There is actually a reason why i slept so early the night before.. outta coincidence, the stupid washing machine at my apartment broke down.. well, i think the washing machine have been showing signs of breaking down for the past few days... just that, no one bothered about it.. now.. its going on "strike" against us.. a pay back time.. hahaha.. my clothes was 1/4 done only.. when the machine went onto strike.. so unfair.. ! why is it me... hai... later during the evening time, when i m back home, i need to hand wash my clothes.. (can u imagine... those days whereby pple go to the riverside.. washing it.. and using a stick, hitting the clothes... in a way, to dry them.. ya.. thats going to be the case for me in the late evening time!)...

Time passes pretty fast these dayz... maybe coz i am going back to Singapore soon.. to be exact, in 10 days time... i realise that i am pretty broke now.. in fact, very broke.. hahaha.. but still, i have set aside some $$$ to spend on buying fireworks.. (1k rupees).. hahaha.. so eagerly looking forward to the day whereby i get to put those fireworks... gonna have my own "National Day" celebration here at Chennai.. envy us? better not.. think of how we are going to "burn" our money.. then, u will be glad that u are not in the same situation as we are.. :D

Alright.. that shld be all for today... ;)

(Gonna start with my work already.. ciaos!)

Monday, January 09, 2006


nope... there ain't many cats around in Chennai.. don't ask me why.. i don't know either.. :X

Anyway, was on a spending spree again last weekend.. well, spent tons of $$$ on buying gifts... and now, i realise that i have left not much for myself to survive this two coming weeks.. how? don't ask me again.. well, maybe i could just get some grass and have it as my meals.. :X

Moving house this coming friday... and be staying at that place for only one week before moving back to Singapore.. errr.. the coming apartment is bigger than the one we are in now.. but, the place isn't much lively than the current one.. there are pros and cons between this two apartments... but, nonetheless, its just for a week.. ;)

hmmm... really don't know what to update u pple on.. was having lots to update earlier on.. but, when i actually start typing, everything is gone!!!

oh, btw, didn't really had a good slp the night before.. due to the stupid mosquitoes!!! they have been pestering yh and i throughout the whole night.. and, guess what.. they could fly as near as to ur ears.. making those buzzing sounds!!! how irritating can those thingie be!!!

looking at the "marks" they have left me with.. hmmm... my arms have already more than 10 bite marks.. and, their bites are no joke one lor... making it so itchy!!! feel like scratching.. but, better not to... still, i scratch n scratch.. aiyah.. contradict lah.. in a nutshell, i am scratching myself like how the monkeys are!!! *gRrrRr*

alright.. gonna learn how to "Hibernate" now.. (ps: Hibernate is a java framework here...) :D

ciaOs.. ;)

Friday, January 06, 2006


me at mahabalipuram! :P

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

flying w/o wings!


lets take a look at the calender... today is 04/01/2006!

its been like more than 2months since i stepped foothold on Chennai, India! soon, i will be returning back to my home country, Singapore! wEeEEe! take another look at the calender... hmmm... 17 more days! *gRinZ*

anyway, for the past few days, i have been physically attacked... attacked by.. ? mosquitoes at my apartment!!! wah laoz... can you imagine... i have been killing more mosquitoes than the number of days which i have passed in the year 2006! in fact, i think i doubled my kill with comparisons to the days passed! gRrRr... its making me go on the killing spree~~ hahaha...

well, will be moving house next friday as the coming students will take over my current apartment... good luck for them with the mosquitoes! haaha... where will i be moving? errr... somewhere further from the airport... hahaha... but, our return to Singapore will definitely still be earlier than the coming students... wahhaha...

oh well, like what i have mentioned above... been attacked by mosquitoes... currently, i have so many mosquito bites on my body! let me do a "bite-count".. well, 3 on my right arm.. 2 on my left arm.. 4 on my right leg.. 3 on my left leg.. a total of 12 bites!!! damn... forgot to count my body bites.. i have two behind my back! so, that sums up to 14 bites!!!

i wonder.. when will those mosquitoes stop biting me and start targeting others... WAHAHAH... but, on second thoughts, maybe my blood is just simply too sweet to give it a miss! :X


Monday, January 02, 2006

first entry of the year!

Happy New Year to U!!!

weeeheee! this would be the first entry of my in the year 2006!

had a fantastic day on 01/01/2006.. all thanks to Shannon and his partner!

to kick-start the day, we(all 5 of us) went to Shannon's place.. where he actually whipped up a local delight for us, Nasi Lemak... it was fabulous~ we had a sumptuous lunch there~ can you imagine... first time taking ikan bilis.. the nice nice chilli sauce.. and a few other dishes.. it was really good!

besides that, i also had a good view of his "sea-view" from his balcony... his apartment was like, directly facing the Bay of Bengal! woohoo... ~ and you imagine.. the sea breeze brushing through your hair.. and, you, taking a plate of Nasi Lemak.. enjoying both the breeze and food.. how nice life can be.. ~~~ dun think i can get this kinda enjoyment back in Singapore... therefore, really cherish the moment.. was also thinking... it would be fantastic if i could actually spent that moment with someone special.. enjoying such moment.. it would be like a dream come thru! ;)

had a good moment there before the electricity went out... not coz Shannon didn't pay for the bills... its just that, electricity cut is a common affair in Chennai.. even if its rain or shine, you will definitely experience at least once or twice in the month for such moment.. but, the went-out didn't really affect us as we chatted on.. there were so many things to talk about.. ~

but, it didn't take us long before we left for coffee.. went to this coffee house located somewhere within the city.. its like, the audience catered there is more to the upper mid-class level of the population in India.. so, you will see many of the "rich" youths there.. ok.. rich coz their parents pay for their expenses... ~ they actually "smoke" this pipped thingie there.. which i tried with two puffs.. not bad lah.. only agreed to try it as the tobacco level of it is very low.. so, won't be that addictive and hurting to my body.. (everything also must try mah.. you don't get this kinda thing in Singapore.. at least, not that commonly found lah..) the cake there was nice.. but, the coffee suc*.. it taste more like the plain water we get in Singapore.. just that, there was abit of coffee content in it.. thats all..

after the coffee dosage.. we went on to the "Marina".. it is the second longest beach in the world.. loads of people there.. initially, we didn't even plan to go down of the vehicle to walk.. but, in the end, we decided we should just take a walk to see more things.. so, we joined the crowd.. it was a moderate crowd back then.. so, it wasn't like those crowds you see at any countdown bash.. it is slightly lesser than that.. we walked quite a distance by the roadside, before we headed to the shore.. from the roadside to the shore, it was like, 1/2 a KM apart? hahaha.. that explains why it is the second longest beach in the world.. when we were at the shore.. we were able to see the Bay of Bengal's waves.. its like.. very strong.. much more stronger than those we see in ECP or Pasir Ris.. in fact, those we see back in singapore can't even be qualified to be categorized as waves... hahaha.. didn't get to take any pictures back there as i didn't bring my cam... only Nassa took his cam there.. but, it was way to dark to capture the moment.. so, could only "save" all these memories in my mind.. ;)

it didn't take us long to realise, "Hey! its time for dinner!".. so, we were struggling where to have our dinner.. last friday, we had korean food.. Japanese food is quite expensive here.. so, we give it a miss.. then, we came out with a decision to go to "The Park", a high class hotel, to have our meal..

but, before we head for our meal place, we stopped by at a Church known as "St John's Church".. it is a very nice olden days kinda church.. housing one of Jesus's disciple's body, St. John.. had my first prayer there too.. :)

upon arrival at the hotel, we went straight to the dining area.. the hotel is so high class lor.. its very like Singapore's Swissotel those kinda standard... anyway, the place was so packed.. with caucasians making the bulk of the crowd... we waited for awhile.. but, as the waiting area have this special glass-paneled VIP room, we decided to ask for that.. hahaha.. we were allowed in as Shannon and his partner enjoy quite a status with the hotel management.. so, its like, waa... VIP treatment leh! we were having our own room leh.. hahaha.. ordered quite alot.. and while waiting for the food, we had a hearty chat sessions.. topics ranging from pets to our each individual decisions to come to India.. almost everything! it was nice as we got to know each other to a new level..

time literally "flew" when we were having our chat session... it was around 2300hrs before we left the hotel.. the roads were cleared from the traffic.. you could see the contrast.. from a usually use-to-be busy roads.. filled with loads of vehicles.. tlil there is totally no vehicles around.. waa.. just like a "ghost" town.. hahaha..

the day i spent is definitely going to be "saved" into my memories for a very long time..

okay... now, my personal posting... actually, there are some thoughts which i left out in my final reflection posting.. that is something which is related to relationships...

in my context, i feel that, one should be truthful to himself/herself when it comes to this kinda affairs... even if there is a slightest change in thinking, everything should be done in a clear-cut manner... people might think this is a flirtatious kind of mentality.. but, mind that, i am not a good looking person.. so, its like not applicable for me? LOL... seriously... i think that is the kind of person i am.. if i really fall for it, i will fall to the deepest.. *hmmm... yup*~

next, i do have this special person in mind now.. but, i don't think i will make things look so obvious now.. after what had happened in my previous attempt.. i am definitely going to avoid such thing from happening once again! *once bitten twice shy...*