Tuesday, October 24, 2006

long weekend!! just ended... :<

had a splendid weekend!

many many outings.. got quite a few catch up with my friends whom i have not met for a pretty long period.. fun!

first, met up with joy.. hahaha.. still as chirpy as she always have been.. good to bully.. fun to be with..! hahaha.. but, too bad, she have already found her the other half le.. buwahaha.. dun stare at me.. =P

anyway, met up with my sec. sch. friends too.. went to catch a movie titled "Dead or Alive".. my comments? not worth the money man... i went into the cinema with my group of friends.. and... and... FELL ASLP!!! lol... one word for the movie, "LAME"..

oh ya.. this weekend was also packed with K-ing sessions... first was with joy and leonard.. the other, amanda, sui, daniel, leonard, hongrui and i.. tsk~ dun know why so hooked on singing... probably, just wanna say things out in the form of singing ba!

another thing abt this weekend.. i also dun know why.. i kept thinking of my past.. not my past relationship la.. generally, all of it.. hmmm.. the past is always beautiful.. and, when u look back at it.. u just simply keep asking yourself.. "why why why why why???" hahaha.. so many whys.. like, why u fell into the relationship.. why u did this.. why u did that.. why it didn't work out... hahaha...

besides the why.. there was another question which i posted to myself.. "what if..?"

what if things went the right way.. ? wouldn't things be even more beautiful than what it is now? hmmm... what if my first relationship lasted like from then till now.. ? wouldn't it be fabulous.. ? need not go thru so many hurt.. need not feel this bad now.. hai~ thinking weekend...=P

lastly, went through this blogsite, stickgal.blogspot.com, and found a few interesting things.. one of them is as below..

interesting stick art from this blogsite, compliments from stickgal.. :)

like the words go.. "What turns around, comes around.." or, you can see it is, "Nothing is fair in this world.. but, there is something known as Retribution".. now, i know why i ended myself into this misery...

ps; field training at tekong this coming week.. so sian.. !

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