Sunday, April 02, 2006


was sick the past few days... what kinda illness... ? flu + sore throat...

hahaha.. first time in my life, okok.. from what i can remember lah..., my sore throat is so bad till it affected my speech.. i practically had no voice during the early days of the sore throat.. the voice was so bad that my dear even branded me as a "mute" and doesn't want me... hahaha... :
anyway, nothing much to update.. just that, TP D&D has already came to an end.. well, the D&D was pretty nice.. at Pan Pacific Hotel.. but, the service there sucks.. waiter talk like he manager.. acts like ah gua.. and, best of all, we had to be served by him.. with the servings needless to say, going thru his hands.. and, him, touching the food on numerous occasions.. LOL.. yucks.. *goosebumps*

gotta go think of where to go later le.. will be back to update whenever i have the time to.. =P

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