Sunday, October 15, 2006

pre book-in syndrome..

yup.. always have this kinda feeling..

in last than 2hrs, this feeling will get stronger.. grrr!

anyway, having this bad bad feeling tat this coming week is gonna be a hell for me..

dun know why either.. maybe, its coz this will be my first time out of camp, jurong area, for training.. will be having this navigation training at lower mandai.. yup.. the place i used to go with her.. hahaha.. but now, i am going with alot of himS! yeah.. my whole coy of fellow trainees.. + alot of instructors.. hahaha..

will be having my IPPT this week too... still stuck at silver.. although with an improved timing for 2.4.. but, still, not satisfied.. wanna do much better than the current timing.. or, shld i say, i deserve something better than this! hmmpf...!

nothing more to update... hope i will pass this coming week well..

shall end with a quote which i have been thinking of...

There are many ways to say and prove that you love someone... but, i have chosen to do it this way.. during the process, if i get hurt, i have only got myself to blame..

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