Sunday, April 29, 2007

i have got...

total of...

4 pillows..

2 bolsters..

1 silk blanket..

1 queen sized bed..

i remember once someone told me.. the amount of pillows on your bed depicts the amount of love you yearn for..

seems like, yes, just like what joy said, i want to have love.. but, yet, i am always rejecting and reluntant to accept it as it comes along..

courtship can be just a big hassle to go thru.. relationship can just be simply difficult to maintain..

can you bear the hardship of trying to letting the relationship last and always romantic.. ?

can you think of the smallest problem can always be blown up to the biggest one in the whole world?

can you commit yourself to the amount of commitment needed for one?

can you be sure of not hurting ur partner while the process of relationship goes on.. ?

can you not commit the mistakes u did in ur past relationships?

can you stand up to be the one he/she wants u to be.. ?

all one wants is a full and happy relationship.. but, have they thought of the price tag which comes along with it.. ?

if you cant "pay" the price for it, why bother hurting urself.. or worse, hurting someone you care and concern for.. ?

just freaking stay outta the picture.. and, let life goes on w/o you...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

my love..

i love today.. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i just...

want to be different from the rest..

do things outta the norm..

make my parents be standing up and proud of my achievement..

fulfilling an unfinished promise..

make others think of me in a different perspective..

get what i desire..

save the hassle of finding a future job..

and, many many more..

i really hope i can get what i want now.. complete what i yet to complete.. achieve what i have been thinking of achieving.. and, dun want to be look down upon..

Monday, April 23, 2007

wat happened..

hmm.. conclusion, ginger tea taste super yucky..

drank one cup earlier on under the advice of gw..

he claims that by drinking that, the "air" in my stomach will be gone..

and, from the way he told me, i was convinced.. thus, downing one cup down my miserable little elastic small tummy.. which in turn, make my already-in-a-terrible-state throat filled with ginger taste..

gosh.. i guess it shld be the last time i drink this kinda tea.. really taste horrible.. nonetheless, i still finished it.. coz, not finishing it will only waste my effort in the tasting of it.. therefore, w/o much choices, i just gulped down the drink in mouthful style..

hohoho.. i should be long aslp by now if i hadnt went out with the guys... and, for two consecutive days, the originally-planned movie outing was once again, cancelled..

with that, i think i m not fated to catch a movie lately ba... coz with all these postponing, i really doubt that i shld harbour any thoughts of getting into a theatre anymore.. at least for this period of time ba..

and, been having quite a number of chance meeting with old friends.. but, always, didn't have any time to stop and talk to them(either party is always rushing for time..)

well, i guess i should start to treasure all the people around me more.. so that, in time to come, i will be a contented man with several good friends by my side..

what say you? :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007


hmmm.. been pretty addicted to vocal songs lately.. or, shld i say, starting from sat evening..

hahaha.. came across The Platters' - Only You.. den, got myself hooked to their songs when i tried looking for other songs of theirs @ YouTube..

hahaha.. very nice.. really.. especially when the songs are like slow slow those kind..

the feeling filled in me is s-u-p-e-r-b!

now, that i have listened to their songs, i realise that i love those slow and gentle music.. those really really slow ones..

guess what.. when i tried singing at their pace, i wasnt able to gather enuff voice at all... hahaha.. they are really really good lor.. :X

still, i find ladies with some intellectual level are a load of appealing lot.. hahaha..

bundled together shld bring some maturity and understanding heart.. tat would be perfect! =X

Friday, April 20, 2007

wat do u do when u r bored?


been doing nothing.. except, like what daniel and john says.. "eat, slp, slack, game, shit and do nothing still..."

lol... alright.. really, there are nothing left for me to do.. except the basics.. like those mentioned above.. hahaha...

hmmm.. been surfing friendster lately.. and, coincidentally, i just burged into 3 different individual accts.. to my surprise, they are close friends somemore.. lol

so zhun, rite? i definately didn't arrange it.. it all just happens like this.. "ta-da~"

aiya.. bored.. life in Air Force Recruitment really can kill you off silently...

an insignia which i only get to wear for 3 days... and now, i gotta put it down..

10mths of struggle just to wear it proudly for 3 days.. who knows what will happen next..

but, i m definately looking forward for my time @ Air Force School.. hopefully i can adapt and get well with life in a new environment.. and, Air Force is willing to let me sell my soul to them for 10 yrs.. lol..

crapped.. just feel like scribbling on this blog.. nothing much in particular..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


sui once told me.. everything will be over once i changed my blogskin..

hahaha.. nope.. not that i want everything to be over.. it is just that, everything have long been over..

really.. changed the blogskin is coz the previous's background pic is already gone.. tat is main reason for the change..

so, dont think too deep into it..

coz over the terms and got into the reality long time ago..

reminiscing the past doesnt mean anything.. holding on to memories doesnt take precedence to facing the future..

so, dont make groundless assumptions.. coz, very likely, such will only make u feel miserable.. :P

Monday, April 16, 2007

gruelling times..

after like, 19 weeks, i m finally over and done with my current course!

woohoo.. so happy..

just simply cant stop thinking of the times i had with my section mates.. hahaa..

experienced the ups and downs of soldier-ing..

seeing how people tuang(a.k.a chao keng)..

throwing tempers during times.. which i did several times..

enjoying the rojak we get from the canteen..

even the simplest thing can fascinate us..

who knows.. what kinda people we are.. but, we insist in calling ourselves, FOS!

what does FOS stands for? err.. u have ur own say.. ;)

anyway, quite lazy to update on the happenings of my life..

just take it as, i m still the same as before.. life-less.. :\

Sunday, April 08, 2007

there is..

no signs of easing down..

yup.. my back still hurts like nobody's business.. :(

Saturday, April 07, 2007


been thinking lately..

i just cant bear to see my friends around me getting upset or disappointed with their problems..

especially those who are dear to me..

i just want them to live life of its most original form.. that is with no tears.. but just pure happiness..

ahh... please live happily.. and, w/o worries!

lastly, my back still hurts even though after the massage session i had.. :(

been ages..

yup.. i disappeared for quite some time..

well, for those who are still around me, they will know the disappearance act was wat all abt..

as for those who aint know me tat well, err.. ok.. take it this way, i went off for a vacation.. :D

where to.. ? errr.. alright, taiwan is the answer!

the place was pretty fun.. though it was my second time there..

met with lots of people.. seen the true side of many friends who went with me..

maybe it was due to the high fatigue level.. or could be just the weather.. it comes to show either two types of personality when the challenges come along..

either a selfless person will be born.. or, a selfish individual comes into shape..

nonetheless, we weathered thru the tough.. and had the best of the time together.. enjoying thru the process.. may it be for the better or worse, we still got thru somehow.. hahaha..

the experience will definately be part of my memories which i will engrave deeply in me..

many things i learnt thru the trip too.. one of them worth mentioning is the survive skills of a dog..

saw this dog which got knocked down by a vehicle while i was there.. the dog got pretty hurt by the accident.. but still, managed to pick herself up and limped off the scene..

from what i gathered of the way it moved, and of course, visually, the dog was incurred injuries on its leg and face.. both spots bleeding quite badly.. and yet, it moved on..

then, later on, i spotted it lying down near a building.. and, decided to take a look at it due to curiousity.. like what the others always say.. curiousity kills the cat.. and, now, it kills my heart..

the injuries on the dog was so bad that his face was kinda disfigured... and, the limp of its leg.. argh.. hate to say that.. but, it was so bad that i was able to see the bone protruding outta it.. yucky sight.. yet, my heart went out for the dog.. crying within myself.. seeing on how the dog is suffering.. and, cursing the irresponsible driver who did all this to it..

nonetheless, i could not keep myself on seeing it go by.. so, i decided to leave it alone.. as i know it will be better off w/o my unprofessional help.. even if i want to help, all i can do, is just stay on and see.. frankly, nothing much i could do at tat point of time.. hai!

the night falls.. and, when i had time, i went back to the building where i last spotted the dog.. was pretty glad to see tat it was moving away.. maybe due to the crowd forming near the building.. but still, i was rather happy tat it is moving up and limping away from its old spot..

after that day, i never got to see the dog anymore.. i sincerely hope tat it is doing fine now.. although helpless i could do for it, but, this is the most i could give to it.. tat is hope and pray for its well-being..

looking forward, things have been pretty much slack for me lately.. yeap.. u see it right.. S-L-A-C-K.. why? coz, finally, i m passing out from armour! oh.. happy man i can be! hahaha..

POP will be on 13th April.. which is like, 6 more days? heehee.. happy!!! after 5mths of armour-ing.. finally, seeing the fruits of labour being garnered... the feeling is, wooohooo!!! =D

happy things doesnt go a long way... why i say so? coz, i m suffering from this terrible backache.. which have bothered me for like, 4days.. (inclusive of today).. wonder what is going wrong.. the hurt is really killing at times.. wanted so much to take pain killers.. but, decided not to.. as reliance on medicine is the only way to make u weak.. hahaha..

dun know who came out with the philosophy of what i said above.. but then, i find it meaningful.. letting myself suffer awhile is better than finding a way to hide the pain.. isnt it.. ? :)