Tuesday, May 30, 2006

time flew!

well.. time has been very "kind"... passing so quickly that i don't even realise it... hahaha.. soon, it will be my enlistment le! tats the benchmark i used to determine the fast-flying-time... :D

anyway, not that i am afraid of enlistment.. i m just more afraid of the freedom in time i enjoy now.. times like being able to slack.. relax.. and do nothing.. most importantly, the times i can spend with my dear.. :P

oh.. btw, we went to Singapore Zoo! hahaha.. it was really really fun! serious! you guys shld spend some time there.. people keep mentioning... "no place to date ah! go till zoo..." but, seriously.. the zoo is a nice place to spend quality time with your partner.. i totally recommend the place! do note that the price to enter the zoo is pretty pricey too... SGD20/pax.. consider going to the zoo at an earlier hour.. coz, we spent 4 hrs there only manage to cover less than 3/4 of it..

on the other hand, u could consider spending the whole day there.. there is this back-to-back bundle promotion for the visitors to visit both the Zoo and Night Safari.. it only cost SGD28/pax... much more worth it than visiting both places at SGD20 each... :P

another thing.. i have already stopped working part-time.. now, relaxing at home.. hahaha... gonna do some training first before entering to be a real "man"... =D

alright.. i shall end with a few snippet of the photos we took at the zoo! :D

i really like this picture of my dear with the background of a goat.. niceee~ :P

staring incident with the pengiun!

dear had a shot with the pengiun too! btw, this is my current wallpaper.. :P

how i wish i could be a "white horse" in the army too... :D

btw, this white horse is very interesting.. she actually went all the way to the pathway to "entertain" us.. even took photos with us without moving! the interesting part is, when we left, she seems pretty upset.. thereafter, a family came over.. and, she(the horse) walked away from the family! hahaha.. must be see some yandao and chiobu thats why she walked over.. :D *oOps*

i love this photo! so sweet! ;)

(p.s: for more photos for ur viewing pleasure, please proceed to our haven, Click here)

Friday, May 19, 2006

tied down!

alright.. lately, been tied down with my work...

schedule for the days are like... wake up... go work... work finish, go home.. then, meet my darling ger.. and, end of the day!

well... dread the first half of the day... coz of the work... but, simply love and cherish the second half of the day... coz of my dear! ;)

btw, went to watch Poseidon.. it was like... abit overblown from the movie trailers.. it is worth the $7 to watch, during the early weekdays.. but, not worth the $9 to watch, during the weekends.. yup..

another show, "Voice", is a movie which is quite far-fetched.. in the sense that you must be super attentive to the show before you can catch the gapse of the movie..

so, if you are planning to catch any of the above mentioned movie, please select with care! :P

alright.. shall get my a*s back to work now... heehee... ;)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


finally... finally back here to do some updating...

hahaha... been like more than a month since my last blog entry... i think, the site here is already gathering loads of spider web... so, yup... take care while navigating around.. :P

well, been busy lately... (*jeers*) okok... been busy cum LAZY... hahhaa.. didn't really got the chance to sit down and blog.. (*JEERS*).. :P

important events that went by during these time of adsence~

my bday! (28th April 2006)... yup... i got older by a year le... hmmm... spent the day with my dear.. doing what? nothing but slping.. HAHAHA... the actual event of happenings came only during the late afternoon.. when we went to Cathay Cineplex to catch a movie(The Sentinel).. HAHAHA... tracking back the time there, there was this very funny incident..

well, i only brought abt $24++ in my wallet in cash.. while my dear had $0... hahaha.. then, most of the $24 was spent on purchasing the tickets.. therefore, was left with very little cash.. thinking that there should be an ATM around the building, i happily went on to ask one of the cashier where i could locate an ATM... got startled when he replied that the nearest ATM is way back at Plaza Singapura... then i was like "HUH!?" btw, my show was scheduled to start in abt 15mins time... tat explains for the reply i gave.. hahaha.. blardy hell... one whole big building, not even an ATM around.. so pathetic! but, judging tat the building is new, i think i shall forgive them.. hahaha.. so, both of us were so patheticly searching for coins in our skinny little wallets.. but still, couldn't gather enough.. hahaha.. damn jialat lei... cannot tahan sia.. finally, i took out a $10 from my wallet.. which i think should represent some meaningful meaning(which i forgot) from it.. and used to purchase our food and beverages.. hahaha..

after the show, guowei called me... saying that he wanna meet me and greet me for my bday.. so, i was like.. okay... and he suggested going out for dinner together.. then, he asked me where i wanted to have the dinner.. i jokingly suggested Swissotel Hotel's level 70 restaurant.. to my surprise.. that bugger really went to book a table there.. but, lucky enuff, the restaurant was fully booked.. hahaha.. my bday lei.. everyone snatching table from me.. hahaha.. :X

we ended up settling at one of the restaurant located at Suntec City... ate some Cheese Fordue... Chocolate Fordue... woohooo... can u imagine... all the melted cheese and chocolate... tasty! but, fattening too.. :X

tat kinda sums up my bday celebration...

as for what i have been doing lately... been working(data entry) at a company since 3weeks ago.. planning to stop the work by the end of this month... and yup... that kinda sums up everything!!! :X

will update whenever i find time to do so... =P

till then, you people take care, k? :) :) :)