Saturday, November 25, 2006


hmmm... just finished my 28km road march last week... tiring it was... leg sore there was... but, happiness there is! coz, i have finally completed my course..

anyway, posted to some ulu ulu place.. dun know why cmpb gave me such a posting.. but, whatever the case, it is an order.. an order that i dun like.. but, dun seem like i have a choice of whether to take it or not.. isnt it.. ?

first, it was bmtc.. now, sispec.. whats more..

can i still take it? well, just wait and see then..

"Taking a step is always easy.. but, whenever you think of back tracking, it wouldnt be that simple"

one more thing.. i guess i just simply love polka dot dresses.. she really look cute and nice in it.. haha.. ;)

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