Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wat a day... (v day)

how i spent my valentine's day?

oh well... its amazing on how i spent it... seriously... it is!

i started out the day by being cheated... went to school early in the morning to help out in the Joint Admission Exercise '06... nothing big deal.. helped the school out the day before... so, 14/02/2006 was my second day of helping...

everything looks calm when i arrived in school.. was there at about 0840hrs... as the we were instructed to come only at 0830hrs... being the typical TP students, we are usually late for our appointments... only if the appointment will affect our grades, then, u will see us early... hahaha.. oh come on... Welcome to the real world! :)

as time goes by... i realise... everyone "PANG SEH" me!!! i was the only student helper there up to 1100hrs!!! can u believe it??? i am the only "ah gong" there!!! hahaha... really feel quite pek chek when being bluffed early in the morning... :X

so, not long later.. genie msged me.. telling me that she just woke up... fine.. i gave her a call and told her abt the situation.. then, she decided.. not to come.. and "instigated" me to leave too... hahaha.. as like what she said, "LEAVE"!!! hahaha.. yup.. thats what i did.. slipped off! but, so damn stupid... woke up early to go to school.. then, not long later.. slipped home.. ah! what a way to start my valentine day... i stood out on my valentine "date"... which is.. my school.. LOL...

want to know more about what happened in the course of the day?

simple.. just one word to describe it... "NOTHING"... lol... serious! i just stayed home the whole day... was either sleeping.. or hooked onto MSN... hahaha... very "interesting" way to spend my v day.. ;)

oh.. not forgetting.. went on to call my actual valentine during the night.. heehee.. the feeling is good.. ! even though i see so many couples while on the call.. but still.. i get what i wanted! tats just so simple and sweet.. ;)

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sui said...

"Simple is beauty" haha! cheers!=P