Monday, January 09, 2006


nope... there ain't many cats around in Chennai.. don't ask me why.. i don't know either.. :X

Anyway, was on a spending spree again last weekend.. well, spent tons of $$$ on buying gifts... and now, i realise that i have left not much for myself to survive this two coming weeks.. how? don't ask me again.. well, maybe i could just get some grass and have it as my meals.. :X

Moving house this coming friday... and be staying at that place for only one week before moving back to Singapore.. errr.. the coming apartment is bigger than the one we are in now.. but, the place isn't much lively than the current one.. there are pros and cons between this two apartments... but, nonetheless, its just for a week.. ;)

hmmm... really don't know what to update u pple on.. was having lots to update earlier on.. but, when i actually start typing, everything is gone!!!

oh, btw, didn't really had a good slp the night before.. due to the stupid mosquitoes!!! they have been pestering yh and i throughout the whole night.. and, guess what.. they could fly as near as to ur ears.. making those buzzing sounds!!! how irritating can those thingie be!!!

looking at the "marks" they have left me with.. hmmm... my arms have already more than 10 bite marks.. and, their bites are no joke one lor... making it so itchy!!! feel like scratching.. but, better not to... still, i scratch n scratch.. aiyah.. contradict lah.. in a nutshell, i am scratching myself like how the monkeys are!!! *gRrrRr*

alright.. gonna learn how to "Hibernate" now.. (ps: Hibernate is a java framework here...) :D

ciaOs.. ;)

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