Friday, April 07, 2006


"Do not determine the inside when you don't even know the outcome"

this is a quote which i came across while out with my ah ma the other time... hmmm... well, its not the actual quote.. but, still, the actual meaning of it is the same..

i totally agree with the statement.. you won't be able to determine the inside when you haven't even tried knowing it... even when you tried it, you won't be able to achieve and know fully the "inside"...

this inside could stand for someone... could also stand for an item.. whatever the case which suits the situation right...

hmmm... just find it meaningful and wanna share it with you guys...

anyway, till now, i have yet to receive my enlistment letter!!! where did it went, Mr. Postman!? :<

come come... Government!!! take me into enlistment act! looking forward to it... :)

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