Thursday, May 31, 2007

i could only say...


Sunday, May 27, 2007


the first weekend at tamworth...

hmm.. nothing much..

just, went out to the town area.. which is like.. pretty small..

nothing much at a foreign land..

guess i can only try to hibernate at my bunk for the later weeks to come..


else, nothing much happened during the week..

had my "maiden" flight cancelled during last friday.. due to some activities the instructors were having..

as for the others, same fate as i had... cancelled..

hahaha.. everyone is like mugging damn really hard.. feel pretty sad to know that i cant mug as well as them.. but still, i will try my best to chase up..

coz, pple say.. as long as u have perserverence, you can still achieve what u want to!

and, yup.. like i promised before my departure, i will do my best!


good luck to me.. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007


tamworth is... cold......


Sunday, May 20, 2007


had a very weird dream the night before..

wonder why it is... that, such a dream will come along..

although it is a very nice dream... but yet, i know, there is something wrong with it..


btw, the main character of the dream had rejected me before..

i wonder... hahaha..

anyway, yup.. i m leaving.. leaving this place~

to those who are concerned.. i will definately try my best..

promise that i wont twang around.. yes! you have my promise.. =)

Friday, May 18, 2007


just got home! was out till pretty late tonight.. a look at the timing of this post tells you everything.. isnt it?

anyway, while on my way back up my home, i was thinking of this song.. yup.. "第一次", started singing while walking down the stairs.. and, first thing when i switched on my computer, i played the MTV... once again, followed the melody and started singing again..

suddenly, i felt that its 很有感触... though it is a song which is played like many yrs back.. the meanings/feelings the song is trying to give to its audience will always be the same..

thru all these, people will start dwelling and reminiscing the occurance of the past.. sometimes, remembering things which have long long long time kept outta ur mind..

its thru sparks of such moments whereby you realise, things are still beautiful in your life.. at the very least of it, you still have great old times to think about.. that explains why people got into the belief of 天长地久... isnt it.. ?

lastly, life for me hasnt change in any ways... still the same old me.. just that, i gonna be leaving singapore soon..

as for the time being, just wanna hope things go well for everyone.. may your the happiest moments of your life be always be part of ur memories.. coz, to me, w/o memories is like plain cruel to urself..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

they said..

people of my current vocation shld be filthy rich.. but, what is happening to me.. ?

oh man.. i dun know where to raise the sum needed for my aussie trip...

i dun know how am i gonna dig out more money for my mum who is going to taiwan..

nonetheless, i know.. at the end day, i will be so "dried up" till i am as good as a salted fish.. hahaha...

geez... always the same case.. have lots of things in mind to blog.. but, till the time i put actual effort into the blogging part, i dun seem to remember what i wanna type..

is this a case of dumbness in me.. ?

hahaha.. i m dumb.. dumbo.. =P

oh, before i end this posting, just wanna tell you guys out there that gossips really can kill..

almost got killed @ school today.. verbally..

now, i gotta face my admin-in-charge this coming monday..

for, she wants to make "things" happen.. ? oh man.. so damn paiseh!!! -_-"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


why do some people can take things in strifle.. ?

and, why do others have to make a big "hoo-haa" whenever things goes wrong?

does that means that the former is better in handling things.. ?

or, is it that the latter just wants to attract some attention?

but, have anyone thought another way?

whereby the first category type of people is just simply adapting a "bo chap" attitude.. ?

while the second type of people just cant let things go as it meant alot to him/her ?

maybe, this is what many many others have conclude as "Seeing the world of its two sides"?

conclusion, don't ever come out with an assumption or answer when you are not totally immersed into the situation.. understand the problem first, before concluding on the actions needed to bring whatever involved back to its natural path..

Monday, May 07, 2007


didnt know i have such natural ability to lie..


was on the phone earlier with this suveyor whom "caught" me outside my school..

from what i could gather, it is probably some banking pple.. trying to get more investors in their investing plans..

hahaha.. she wanted to meet up with me to like intro me into this plan of hers.. which, to me, aint any interest at all... asked me several questions.. trying to get herself an appointment with me.. just to let me know more abt the plans, etc.. and, i told her, i m going overseas next week.. dun think have the time for her.. was meant to be an excuse though..

but, come to think abt it, i really am leaving next week! so, i m not a liar, k... :)

yeah.. leaving next week! and, i hope, this would be a 2mths affair! hahaha.. really hope so though..

will either end up being happy throughout.. or, sad for i have missed a good chance.. damn..

dilemma.. lots of thoughts.. and such.. but still, gotta carry on.. hope there was someone to share all these with me.. guess, i wouldnt be that lucky at all..

anyway, 3hrs rest before the day of work is definately something which got a tow over me..

was feeling quite shagged out this morning.. but still, went on to watch my movie on PSP.. tiring it is!

AND... i finally got my ear plugs! got it @ $17.10.. usual was $19.. but, due to the member card i got, it was at 10% cheaper for me! :D

lastly, gotta train myself up again.. dun wanna feel this weak anymore.. working towards a goal.. a goal which isnt defined.. a goal which has no limits.. could end up achieving it.. or, losing it.. think everyone just gotta wait for the outcome of it.. *perseverence*

Saturday, May 05, 2007

cant wait!

i cant wait for 10th may to come along fast..

i want it to be there soon... yes.. a fast-forward mode!

or, maybe, i dun really want that day to come that fast.. simply just want the activity of the day to come in double quick time..

hahaha.. what is gonna happen on that day?

well, the payroll will roll into my acct!

hahaha.. spent tons of $$$ during the month of april..

so much so that i m kinda getting worried..

worried that my bank will be as dry as a dried fish.. hahaha.. what the hell..

hmmm.. very boring sat. morning for me.. woke up early.. and yet, dun know what to do..

played a game of dota.. though i always deem that dota-playing during my weekends/bookouts are a total waste of time.. hahaha..

was thinking, how good if the old days can be revived back to reality.. or, maybe, happy days shld be the one reviving.. =D

will be another 15 more days before i leave this place.. just 15.. 1 - 5.. fast, isnt it.. ? well, what is meant to happen will happen eventually.. so, i will try to take it up the best i can.. i promised myself.. and, a promise will always be a promise.. :)

"thinking of you, 我有你真好.."

Friday, May 04, 2007

flight suit..

went to test out my flight suit today..

the place was very near the school.. in fact, it was just opposite the sch..

and, when i saw where my course mates were leading me to, i was kinda afraid..

afraid to go to the place where i have always been before my enlistment..

the place where i waited for her appearance..

no.. not that i cant forget her..

is, i cant think of what to talk to her even if i see her..

lucky was i.. tat didnt happen.. although thru-out the fitting session, i was thinking, what shld i say.. what shld i do... what shld i not do.. and, what shld i not say..

hahaha.. maybe, that got me busy in my mind.. tat i was so frickle in selecting my size of gloves, boots and flight suit.. hahaha.. din really know i can be so indecisive over clothing till today.. hahaa..

anyway, there are much to think about lately..

someone posed me a question.. which, i cant really seem to give a definate answer for that..

and, that is, who is my most loved.. ?

that, of course, does not include my parents.. if it does, i wouldnt be in a dilemma.. isnt it.. ?

i had an answer for that question.. which i let it known to that person too.. but, i also emphasized that my answer at that moment shld not be tat accurate.. due to many factors..

whilst thinking of it, i think, i had a better answer now within my mind..

which, i think, it would be better if i keep it within myself.. :)

hope my thoughts will come thru..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

first time..

many first times i had encountered since the start of this year..

mainly, the first times i had with the car..

earlier this yr, i changed the car battery myself.. yeah.. myself!

why did i do it?

the vehicle just wouldnt start.. plus, my dad have kept an extra battery which he gotten from the manufacturer.. so, yup.. just decided to give it a shot.. and, yes! i did it!

although at the start of it, was pretty unsure if i could accomplish the supposedly uphill task.. but yet, i did it! no sweat.. hahaha.. or, shld i say, perspired like hell in the end... hahaha..

next, only during monday evening, i changed the vehicle's tyre! hahaha.. was coz of a flat tyre which i had right outta paya lebar.. till kovan.. whilist on my way to the workshop, quite a number of drivers warned me over the flat tyre.. which i gladly appreciated their kindness.. was abit pissed though.. coz of the stupid flat tyre.. making control of the vehicle 3x harder than normal.. and, when we reached the workshop.. it was closed!!! damn it.. was wearing my uniform somemore.. what a way to create an image in others.. seeing someone in a military uniform, walking up and down trying to look for a decent tyre workshop.. but, to no avail..

after thinking for awhile, decided to ask for help from the neighbours of the closed tyre shop.. and, the one i asked was like trying to direct us w/o even giving us the road name of the shop he was directing us to.. he took it as if my mum and i are like people who never been to kovan area before.. when we prompted him for the road name of the shop, he just simply dun wanna give.. dun know what went wrong with him..

so, after awhile, i decided we just try our luck at the new tyre shop... but, changed my mind when i started to move off.. i decided to move to one of the lanes to try change the tyre with the spare myself.. and, yup.. there i went.. fixing up the thing.. din know that i could do it with just two different tools.. a tube-like spanner and a jacker..

was pretty fun changing it.. just that things went abit dirty with all the dirts accumulated on the spare tyre even since its purchase like 2yrs ago.. hahaha..

can you wonder? someone wearing a military uniform, changing tyre by the road side? hahha.. was fun doing it though.. =p

anyway, am feeling abit tired... just cant seem to be able to design the orbat chart.. so, might as well not waste time.. better go get some rest and brace myself for tomorrow.. :)

good nite..