Sunday, July 31, 2005

philosophy.. ?

ok.. there are three types of "qing" in this world..

1. Qin Qing(Family Ties)
2. You Qing(Friendship)
3. Ai Qing(Relationship)

why are there three different types of "qing" ?

Maybe its mixed existence is to cater for people like me..

No one can ever balance this three types of "qing" that well that nothing happens to it thru-out their lifez.. at least, thats what i think..

for me.. i would say that i probably have juz the first two types of qing at this moment..

the third one? oh well, i think.. i shld say it this way.. i m fortunate enough to choose.. but, being a stubborn snub, thats my nature.., i chose not to have it..

why? coz theres already someone i have in mind.. and of course.. the person in my mind doesn't really wanna accept me.. again, why? i dun really know the answer myself.. been trying to figure it out.. maybe coz i m not good enuff for her bah! (a very traditional excuse to reject someone juz tat simply..)

all i wanna say.. is tat i m tryin' to learn how to love again.. but in the process of it, i hurt myself.. hurt so badly that i m very afraid to stand up and face the pple around.. i might be seen as a heartless freak.. but, i never meant to hurt anyone.. i seriously have no intention to do so.. so, forgive me if i really did hurt u..

as for the one deep within me.. i know u know how i feel.. n, i can guess how u feel.. maybe u think everything seems to be that fast.. but, all i wanna say is tat i m afraid i might miss the chance.. the chance to be with u.. that explains why i took everything in such a haste manner.. dun think u will get to see this posting.. but still, juz wanna say whats in my mind!

enough of myself.. now, for my friend.. yes.. this portion of the posting is dedicated to u.. plz be strong and firm of ur decision.. i know its hard.. no one says it is gonna be easy.. but, i know.. u can do it.. dun always use "peng kui" as a term to describe ur feelings.. be strong! i know u can do it de.. its juz a matter of whether u are willing to face the problem in front of u.. like what u always say.. "as a friend, i will support u throughout what decision u have made..", this applies to u.. but of course.. i would wish that u made a good choice! take care, my friend.. :)

Friday, July 29, 2005


suffering from the aftermath of NAPFA test... :
heres the poor results obtained by the fat blogger..

2.4KM : 13:06 (fail la!!!! :<)
Chin Up : 4 (ya.. only 4.. need 5 to get silver and 6 for gold!)
Sit n Reach : 48 (this one got B... need at least 50 for gold!)
Standing Broad Jump : 197 (FAIL lor.. i really can't jump! :~ )
Shuttle Run : 10.3 (B again...)
Sit up : 35 (ANOTHER B!!!)

see.. really can't make it ever since i stopped exercising.. hai!!!

now, suffering from the aches.. blah blah blah.. all the way from my hamstring to my adominal muscles.. suan le.. feel like i m someone who is paralyzed.. a set of lazy bonez!!!

yesterday really wasn't my day.. firstly.. my system's secondary storage, HDD, crashed!!! and, i have lots of important stuffs in it!!! including all the pictures i have.. MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY SCHOOL WORK!!! FROM SEM 1 TO SEM 7!!! win liao lor.. there was totally no signs of it crashing!!! trying to contact IBM now.. hopefully i can retrieve all the info inside before deciding what to do with the HDD.. not long later.. my dad's system also got problem!!! argh.. really not my day.. luckily i m not specializin' in hardware management.. else.. alot of computer systems will "fly" from my office to the ground level! hahaha..

like what everyone usually sayz.. "relax!!!".. ya.. trying to relax now.. thats why everything, my dad's comp.. my system, are still lying around my room.. all ready to be dismantled... ahhaha..

later got OSIP interview.. hope it is gonna be easy.. let me breeze thru it bah! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

here goes nothing!

i really dun know what is happening.. how could i fall into a coma for a whopping 10hrs stance!? this is ridiculous.. 10hrs of sleep.. in a time whereby i need it for projects/assignments/studies.. damn.. i m juz simply the worst guy of the universe! gotta change!

from today on, i plan to juz sleep 5hrs.. then, i have 19hrs to slack around(oops!)..

hahaha.. anyway, suddenly came to my mind.. i m juz a leaver.. avoider.. looking back, whenever i meet with problems, all i do is to either leave the scene or avoid it.. sometimes, i will even simply go ignoring it.. how i simply do that? no idea! juz like how i comatose myself.. hahaha.. i m such an idol for myself.. fabulous! heehee..

till now, i m juz wandering my life away.. wander around.. and soon to come, i will be aged 88.. walking down the park.. holding hands with my partner.. maybe, surrounded by my grand-children.. wah! family bliss! hahaha.. alright.. i think too much.. =D

*sighz* gotta go for NAPFA later! hopefully i can bluff my way thru again.. and get a silver! so tat i will get the motivation for my GOLD soon! can't imagine myself failing it.. and, aiming for my silver on a total baseless failure! *dreamz*

now, the immediate goal i have is to EAT and BATH! then, head for school and continue to dream of my GOLD! =P

Monday, July 25, 2005


sometimes, i juz can't bear to send u another greeting message..


cause i am always afraid that there won't be any reply..

everytime this happens..

i feel the coldness..

a kinda feeling whereby no one wishes to have!

i am no exception..


many people have ever felt this kinda hurt in them.. and, this kinda hurt is known as heartache to many..

thats what i m feeling now..

in anyways, i will still send u the message tonight..

but, that doesn't mean that whenever i dun send u, i juz simply forget about u.. its not like that..

whenever i dun send u any message, its coz the feeling is juz simply too overwhelming for me to handle..

hope u will understand one day.. i really hope so..

Saturday, July 23, 2005


ok.. missed out on my "get fit" session tonight.. coz i din have my dinner.. plus, i have been suffering from minor muscle tears around my hip region.. hmm.. time to give it a break! hahaha..

anyway, juz finished watching my favourite show! ok.. my favourite show in the past.. its, xin hao nan ren a.k.a S.N.A.G(Sensitive New Age Guy).. starring wang xi.. wang jian fu.. blah blah blah... its a very nice show.. modeling the present lifestyle of a working adult.. ok.. its the past of a working adult.. hahaha.. coz the show's production was like.. errr.. year 2001 or 2002 ?? can't really remember.. but, its nice.. thats all! theres another show which i kinda like.. but, can't really remember the name of it.. its actor includes shen qing shang.. hahaha.. dun know the name liao.. but, i think in general, i like this kinda serial shows which models lifestyles of adultz... that explains why i like "Light Years" too.. hahaha..

enuff abt shows.. making me sound like a potato couch.. hahaha.. bleahz! =P

feeling much better today! errr.. looking back, i think i was really feeling lousy yesterday night.. so lousy that i drove damn recklessly on my way back.. really really reckless.. i tell u.. if u were sitting in my vehicle yesterday night, u will know why.. hai.. it wasn't only an isolated incident.. i did it twice lor.. why ah.. i also dun know.. tats very unlike of me.. maybe coz i think i took things too seriously le.. hai.. juz hope that things will be better! which i know.. it will, eventually... time prevails!!! :P

think i gonna slack awhile before going to bed.. ! heh heh.. gd nite, peepz.. ;)

Friday, July 22, 2005

short and sweet

today's mood from happy --> extremely happy --> damn upset..

thats all.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

impressive!!! but..

guess what.. today, while on my way home, i saw something good! guess yesterday, 20/07/2005, was simply my day!!! hahaha..

i saw three mei nu!! a.k.a chio bu.. a.k.a babes!!! hahaha.. in a more layman term, its pretty ladies!!! hahaha... but.. they came in a group of four.. the last person is a guy.. oh man.. how i wish i m the guy.. so lucky!!! argh!!! luckily i stayed back awhile before leaving sch.. else, i would have missed them!

i tell u.. they are very cute looking.. then, most of all, they are simply so feminine!!! not that they are wearing low cut..(juz wanna emphasize this point in case pple think tat i m "hum sa").. they have the looks! really.. dun worry.. checked.. they are not ah guas.. hahaha.. before i forget to mention.. they stopped with me at the same stop!!! and, they proceeded to the same transit bus stop as me! initially, when i arrived at the bus stop, exactly, my bus, 853, came! i decided to make a miss juz to see whether they will be taking the same transit bus as me.. haha.. :P but, nope.. they not taking 853.. then came 147.. they didn't board it too.. so, i make it another miss! *loL*

the next bus arrived at the bus stop and they boarded it!!! *woohoo* to my dismay, the bus doesn't stop anywhere near my place.. its 13.. hahaha.. damn! thought i would simply be lucky all the way.. wahhaha.. ......... before i continue.. juz wanna let u all know.. the ladies are TP students.. obviously.. coz they boarded the bus at TP main gate.. AND.. from the language they used to communicate with each other.. its obviously that they are NOT singaporeans.. definately foreign students.. no.. not from china.. err.. i doubt they are from thailand.. definately not malaysians.. i reckon that the highest possibility comes from either philippines or indonesia! hahaa.. and, yes.. am pretty sure that they are chinese.. juz that they using their primary language of their country.. wahaha... hope to see them again! though chances are slim.. have less than a term to meet again.. :
ok.. enough of tat.. heh heh.. aiyah!!! how to start a RMI Registry!!??!? grrr.. been trying for quarter of the day.. but, still no hope.. tried it in the command prompt.. and also programmatically... still, to no avail! :
better go on to try again.. u guys/gers take care, kae? :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

hard to choose sia!

heres a peanut for u! which one would u choose? :P

anyway, went jogging the nite before.. wah lao.. its like.. weak me.. one round around the estate and i m panting like i have ran from jurong to east coast.. cannot stand this weakness of my..!!! argh! gotta buck up with my stamina!! its like.. next week nafa liao.. and, i m still slacking around.. jialat la.. whats happening..?? i will definitely flop the test one lor.. everything is gonna turn sour and ugly.. and me, a rotten sour plum! hahaha.. eat me and i m sure u will regret it.. :D

whateva.. things can't get even better.. !!! :\

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

interesting quote!

heres a quote which i came by while surfing the net...

Only when the last tree had been cleared,
Only when the last river had been poisoned,
Only when the last fish had been caught,
Only then will humans understand that money cannot be eaten.

kinda true.. everyone.. working up the ranks.. neglecting the people around them.. juz simply for the monetary returns.. and, when they get abit richer.. they expect their friends to be there for him/her.. wonder whats the meaning of life afterall..

feeling abit down nowadays.. dun know why.. maybe coz like what people always say, "sick and tired...", but, hope not! coz, i kinda like to be energetic.. brings out the youth in me! hahaha.. wonder why i m at this current state.. due to the lack of excitment? maybe.. i realise recently, i juz simply want to have excitment in my life.. to perk me up.. cheer me up.. and also, brighten up my life! wonder where will i find my load of excitment.. hope i will get to see it really really soon! juz feel like air-ing out my views.. crapping abit.. ;)

no more leftover oil!

had only an hr of slp for the night before.. why? ask my sch lecturers.. hahaha.. its a torment.. they always need to choose to have project submissions together.. i just simply dun understand why.. maybe they have had the same kinda feeling my peers and i having now.. so, its pay back time! haha.. oh well, who knows.. i might be just simply dead right! :D

anyway, thought the day would be a lenghty one.. coz of my stupid timetable.. first day of the week and i m suppose to clear two core subject labs.. cool eh? i think its stupid.. as i was saying.. lenghty day.. but, not really what i expected.. coz may, my dscn lab tutor, let us off early today!(do i sound like some pri. or sec. sch. student who juz had an early release from class?) hahaha.. anyway, she is really a good tutor.. maybe coz her age gap between the students and her ain't that great.. heard shes only 28.. hahaa.. good.. understanding teachers are always the best sought for! :D (she only took less than 30minutes to conduct a 2hrs lesson!)

enuff of sch! now, below is the latest acquisition!
lazy to take an actual photo of it.. therefore, i juz leech this photo from

dun worry.. the actual size of the mp3 player is smaller than the size of a human being.. hahah.. its juz like the size of ur palm.. thats all!

ahhh.. finally get to have some rest time from sch work.. heh heh.. gonna juz slack around for awhile before taking off for more projects.. :
take care, people! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

yes or no?

hahaha.. been thinking of this statement which i got from bryan's IRC Channel..

"Immatured love goes, i need love, thats why i need you, while matured love goes, i need you, thats why i need love.."

To me, it seems pretty true.. juz like how the secondary school students always go.. "eh.. come la.. we stead la.." or, "wanna be my stead?".. okok.. not as if i din used it.. hahaha.. but then, my was definitely better than those i stated above! *laughs out loud!*

Anyway, i think, this time round, i am very sure that my is the second statement.. never felt so deep before.. but, weird thing is, i can still hold on to my emotions.. though there are times whereby i juz need to whine out about my feelings.. hahaha.. Hope that this control will still remain.. coz i know i m in for a long long long long wait.. or, a wait that will never be answered by! :Nonetheless, i dun think i will give up bah.. hahaha.. muz control!!! :D

Realise another thing.. my blogsite counter only jumped 2 numbers for today!!! cool.. no one visiting.. haha.. looks like a dead site le la.. wondering when will i stop blogging.. coz, i have been blogging so much that within 2-3mths, i am already making close to 60 postings.. thats a number which i never achieved before.. :D

m feeling serious tonight.. chionging my stuffs and making a miracle occur!!! wahahha.. alright.. see if got time, later post more.. :P

Friday, July 15, 2005

personal views!

Before i continue, gotta have some disclaimer first before i get sued.. :D

The words that are appearing in this posting will only stand for the personal point of view of the entry's author. If in any way it is deemed as offensive to any of its reader, my sincere apology.

Ok.. here it goes..

Its about the current "hotcake" news about NKF..

For the past few days whereby i commented on this issue, i have been standing at the same point of view with most of the Singaporeans.. being angered by the amount of $$$ earned by its CEO.. but now, come to think about it, i was juz being prejudice.. shall stand in a neutral point of view to see this matter now..

Oh well, was pretty shocked to hear from the news that the Board of NKF, together with its CEO, is stepping down to end this public saga over the organisation..

From one point of view, yes.. it is gonna be helpful.. having a new board, new CEO and new management style might help save the organisation from more public scrutiny.. but, its gonna be a time of turbulence for a huge organisation like NKF.. its always like that.. a change of management is definitely gonna change alot of things.. though the flow of work is still the same, the feeling will sure be changed..

Alternatively, i thought the CEO should juz make a public apology over what happened.. maybe if he could, he can juz donate out a certain sum of salary which he drew during 2004(say, 75% of it?) back to the funds of NKF to help the more needy people.. wouldn't that be a feasible solution too?

Look.. like what people who support him says... looking back at the history of NKF.. he really did alot of things for the organisation.. yupz.. may it be good or bad, he still had driven the organisation to its current standing in the society.. like what the chinese always say.. "mei gong lao, ye you ku lao ah".. isn't it.. ?

Hmmm.. ok.. in whateva way it is, i still think that Mr. Durai, CEO of NKF, did a very good job in the past.. u deserve to be remembered in the stuffs u did in the past.. lets juz let what happened be in the history books.. and, as for the board of NKF, u pple did well too.. thanks for all the contribution to both the society and the organisation..

Before i end this posting, would like to comment on one last thing.. the statement which Mrs. Goh stated in an interview regarding the above matter.. i think it goes this way "As a huge organisation like NKF, earning the sum of money(the money the CEO took home last yr) is PEANUTS".. waaa.. peanuts leh.. what a strong term to use.. i mean.. juz look at those families whereby earning an overall household income of less than 5k monthly.. i think with this sum of income.. it will probably take them about 10yrs to reach the PEANUTS.. aiyoo.. you zhi bu dang.. thats what i can say..

Finally, hope that everyone will still support NKF in its aim to help pple who really need the $$$ for dialysis.. and also, the other sub organisations which is branched out by NKF, like, the children funds and cancer organisations.. :P

time flies...

Come to think abt it.. time really flies... as in, it has been close to 2 mths since school re-opened.. it will soon be the final semesteral examinations for me..

Oh well, this semester has been pretty okay for me.. maybe, the hardest time of this semester have yet to come.. thats why i thought its okay.. hahaha.. anyway, i am still thinking of whether i should apply for overseas attachment.. its like a 4 mths overseas stance.. no friends.. no family.. no u.. no me(in singapore la..)..

Have lots to consider.. but, my current intention is to apply first before coming into a conclusion.. sometimes, u juz need to leave the place u like for awhile before realisin' how important the place is to u.. Not as if its my first time going overseas alone.. just that this time round, the period of time will be slightly longer than the past..

The longest i have been overseas alone was juz 8 days.. now, we are talking abt 4 x 30 = 120 days.. this is a big difference.. isn't it.. ? moreover, not as if i will definately get in.. hahaha.. who cares.. juz whack then say bah! :P

Been slacking around this few dayz.. dun really know what i wanna do and end up as.. but, i know, if i continue to do so, i will meet my maker soon.. hahaha.. argh!!! muz be determined!!!

Next, can someone juz stop hurting me!?!?! i seem pretty vulnerable to feelings nowadayz... juz abit can make me feel its alot.. so much that i can't handle it.. no longer the "xiao sa" person i used to be! maybe i m juz too concerned abt the feelings around me.. is it good or bad? up to u to judge.. but, to me.. its something bad! :
Long time since i update the blog with my personal views.. and my personal happenings.. hahaha.. Alright.. will try to do more of such updates, instead of lyrics posting, in the future.. ;)

jUz wOke uP... zZzz... :D

*sEe nO eViL, hEaR nO eViL & saE nO EviL!!!*

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

symptons... !

1. Stumble in words whenever u talk to her
2. Miss her whenever she isn't around
3. Always looking at the MSN hoping that she will come online
4. Think of what u gonna say to her when she comes online
5. Always checking on the hp, to see if there is any SMS.. if there is, hoping that it is from her..
6. Willing to wait for her no matter how long it takes
7. Adapts her feelings(When shes angry, you are angry...)[Super Class!] boy extends girl!
8. Sensitive towards whatever action/words she do/says to u
9. Willing to do silly things for her even though its not directly concerning her
10. Willing to "si chang lan da", but, when it comes to a time whereby theres totally no hope, u wouldn't mind standing at a far corner and see her being happy.. and gets contented with it..

ok! here are the 10 general symptons of love! how many does it applies to u? oh well, i have lots of others including all of the above... juz that i dun think it applies to everyone for those i din mention.. examples, driving around!, sending greeting SMSs only to her.. blah blah blah.. hahaha.. alright.. maybe those who wanna test themselves whether they are crazy over someone can ponder abit over the symptons i mentioned above... if all 10 are present, u are crazily in love! more than 8, you are in love! more than or have 5, you are on the verge of being in love.. less than 5, maybe u can consider giving the other side a chance to increase the numbers! :D

haahaa.. abit ridiculous to put such a posting.. but, juz wanna share it with u guys out there.. :P

Monday, July 11, 2005

songs again!

新美人主义 (国)
#不要一脸惊奇 看的 是你是你是你
 我们屏色静气 为的 是你是你是你
 你的智美兼具 活现 新的美人主义
 多年来 我们一直寻觅的是你#

*你不要怀疑 你的美丽

 脸上的美丽 美在一时

美得不可思议 没什么秘密
美得有意思 因为你是你自己
不做谁的影子 美丽以个性去展示
下一个传奇 现在由你在这里开始


美得不可思议 没什么秘密
美得有意思 因为你是你自己
美得不可思议 你有你微笑的方式
美得有意思 万中无一的气质

不做谁的影子 美丽以个性去展示
下一个传奇 现在由你在这里开始

看着往事 一幕一幕 再次演出你我的爱

你要的爱 我学不来 眼睁睁看情变坏 眼睁睁看情感慨

不能给你未来 我还你现在
安静结束也是另一种对待 当眼泪留下来
伤已悄在 分开也是另一种明白
感情就像候车月台 有人走就有人来 我的心是一个车牌 写着等待

你的依赖 还在胸怀 我无法轻易推开 我无法随便走开

This turn round, it will be two songs at one go! the first song is a song which i liked quite long ago... especially the 是你是你是你 part... people might find it non-meaningful, i shall not mention who it is(ah chooo!!! *xing yi la*) hahaha.., but, i still like it... coz, yes.. u know.. the person is U!!! heehee...
other reason i like this song is that i find it nice, the tune and rythm... :D

the other song, hahaha.. sang out e emotional part of me!!! hahaha... i first heard of the song when i m k-ing songs.. elvin juz simply keep singing this song whenever we have a k session.. hahaha... but, the song finally struck me when i was a bugis with daniel.. we were shoppin' around.. roaming around.. then, at the end of the shopping session, we walked past e pirated CDs shops... they were playing this song.. it caught daniel's attention.. and also, my! we stood opposite the road and listen to the song.. then, we crossed the road and went back to the shop and listen again.. ahahha.. funny sia.. first time a song caught both of us.. =P

there is a reason why it caught me bah.. but, i choose not to say it out here.. let it be hidden somewhere at the corner bah.. :)

going to school le.. take care, peepz.. ;)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

broke le.. !

hahaha... it was a k outing yesterday!

we had so much of k-ing till we did tat for almost 8hrs!!! waaa.. win liao lor.. imagine if i go there juz to sing one song.. 8hrs x 60 = 480mins.. 480mins / 5 mins = 93.. fwahz.. if i m singing a 5 mins song, i would have sang it for 93 times!!! win liao lor.. hahahaa... :D

anyway, was out yesterday with the main bulk of my caregroup.. went to kbox first at suntec to sing.. sing.. and sing.. then, move on to fish and co! during dinner, we presented our own defination of presentation to Jason, our bird-day boy! hahaha.. here it is.. :D

know how old is jason? (count the number of cakes bah!)

the pple who went for the outing!

then, after fish n co, we went on to spaceship, another karoke session is brewing!!! hahaha.. but, this time round, many of us shagged out le.. so, left with ming yao and jason singing most of the songs.. as for the rest, we juz relax one corner.. almost fall aslp.. and such.. hahaha.. juz relax la!!! :D

as for why the topic.. juz taking a look from yesterday's highlights.. u will know how much we spent... hahaha...

last but not least, yesterday was one hella great day as it has been quite long since my caregroup pple come together as one.. hahaha.. u pple are juz so loving during times! doing all the silly stuffs together.. rubbishing all facts into one.. hahaha.. never know when can believe each other and such.. hehehe.. nice pple! but, i think coz i m there.. thats why u pple are nice!! hahaha.. tats the highlight.. heehee.. =P

Thursday, July 07, 2005

its a story of food!

林俊杰 - 豆浆油条

喝纯白的豆浆 是纯白的浪漫
望着你可爱脸庞 和你纯真的模样
我傻傻对你笑 是你有种解药
你说我就像油条 很简单却很美好
你需要我的傻笑 我需要你的拥抱
爱情就需要这样 它才不会单调
豆浆离不开油条 让我爱你爱到老
爱情就需要这样 它才幸福美好
我知道 都知道 你知道 你都知道
好不好 别偷笑 让我知道
好不好 别偷笑 让我知道就好

我喝完热豆浆 眷恋着还想要
你吃完金黄油条 爱情又要再发酵

this song is nice.. thanks to daniel.. for selecting this song during our k session.. hahaha.. 我需要你的拥抱 <-- wo yao! :D

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

simple thoughts.. but theres alot of BUTS.. =P

been thinking for awhile..

why don't pple cherish their chance? i mean.. he had her.. and she gave him her everything.., why would that "he" still go out to look for another her?

hmmm.. *raises e eyebrows*

after thinking so much.. i still can't really get a conclusion..

it makes me feel so wasted.. so wasted tat she gave her everything.. luckily, theres no such role in relationships known as a "feelings collecter".. else, u will probably see me collecting all those feelings and keep it to myself like treasure! *hahaha* :D

oh well, maybe she have forgotten abt him.. or maybe, not.. but, my bet lies on the latter.. guiding from the way things are now, theres a hitch telling me that she still can't let it rest.. okkk.. who am i here to make wide guesses.. put it this way then.. as a friend, i am concerned.. *bleah*

anyway, while taking my bath earlier, i was also thinking.. hmmm.. do i really need love? theres a conclusion.. which is, i dun need it.. as i m rather satisfied with what i am now.. but, sometimes, there will still be times whereby i need someone to talk to.. listen to.. quarrel with(but of course, hate myself for quarreling with her[DUH.. i am still a normal guy.. who will choose a mate who is of my opposite sex!!!]) last but not least.. have what i really like, H-U-G-S!!! oh man.. i m so addicted to hugs.. :P

tats not important.. most importantly is.. i think, like i always say, shes the only one i would fall for at this moment..

its kinda hurting to see the amount of care and such i spent on her.. yet receiving none back.. on the other hand, i am rather happy to know tat shes doing fine.. oh well, contradicting! i can be really contradictive at times.. ok.. thats me.. so? what ya gonna do abt it?(sounds like Bad Boys..) *laugh out loud!*

alrighty.. will post up more if theres any thoughts which suddenly flash pass.. :D

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

a quiz which i juz took..

You scored as Peter Pan. Your alter ego is Peter Pan. You are a child at heart. Anything you believe is possible, and you never want to grow up.

Peter Pan


Donald Duck


The Beast








Sleeping Beauty




Cruella De Ville


Snow White


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with

Hmmm... call me Peter Pan bah... *loL*

Anyway, been slacking around.. this time round, really no mood to study at all.. dun know why.. oh well, maybe juz coz i m plain lazy? or maybe, coz there isn't someone's presense? i really dun know.. and, i dun wish to know! either way, its hurting.. especially when i m told i m lazy.. hahaha...

Just lookin' forward to any crazy and exciting outings!! wanna go bugis to play the basketball game.. wanna do things which i never done before.. wanna do anything which have high excitment level.. oh well, dun know.. juz wanna feel excited! buwahaha.. except stuffs that are law breaking la.. as i won't wanna be a jail bird.. :D

think i juz can't sit still nowadayz.. probably, i can say, i m getting impatient with things/people that are around me.. hahaha..

Last but not least.. anyone have any exciting activities to recommend?? *Heh heh*
*PS: dun ask me go do drifting like those @ Initial D.. i dun have that skill, that car and that "coolness"... =D

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Title <--- can't think of any.. :D

F.I.R. - 把爱放开

放开我们紧握的手 带走我的爱和天空
我不知所措 我以为我会懂
我们的爱~ 我们的爱~

回忆和我擦身而过 带走你的爱和笑容
我无力承受 最后的一点心痛
我们的爱~ 我们的爱~

&把爱放开 把手放开 如果你的心已不在
把爱放开 不再等待 你的温柔是一片空白
把爱放开 把心打开
就让我彻底地伤 再彻底地醒过来

就让我彻底地伤 再彻底地醒过来

终于明白爱已不在 从今以后再也没有什么能去依赖

把爱放开 把手放开 如果你的心已不在
把爱放开 不再等待 你的温柔是一片空白
把爱放开 把心打开
就让我彻底地伤 再彻底地醒过来
就让我彻底地伤 再彻底地醒过来

This is a very nice song.. people might think.. ya ya.. coz they are famous now.. thats why i like their song... nope! i juz simply like this song the first time i heard it.. not coz they are famous or whatsoever..

Anyway, no particular reason for liking this song.. juz think that its nice.. a very impactive song.. hehehe..

Was at KTV yesterday night.. waaa.. play till like mad ah! sing till i sore throat lor! loL.. it was a all-guys affair yesterday.. hahahaz.. 4 guys ruling the room and the mic! Why? coz theres no other people around! hahaha.. been long since theres such outing.. maybe should have more of such outings in the future.. hehehe.. Btw, the pricin' at the place is quite reasonable too.. we got 10% discount somemore.. hahaha.. even though the ambience is not as good as K-box's.. but, still, it was great.. hahaha.. Daniel and i kept on duet-ing lor.. hahaha.. as for Guowei and Mark, they were listeners lor.. hahaha.. we even had a mini competition while singing! of coz.. as expected.. i lost! loL... daniel was the winner! bleah! pui! not fair.. referee ka-yu!!! haahaha... how could i lose to daniel.. :<
after k-ing, we went for supper.. after supper, we went to arcade.. hahaha.. it was definitely a day whereby daniel and i spent lots of $$$ !!!

hehehe.. fun.. we went out in the afternoon.. and, came back 12hrs later.. buwahaha..
btw, forgot to mention.. while out during the evening, we also went to bugis.. daniel and i challenged each other e basketball game.. hahaha.. the final score was 4 - 2.. ya!!! as expected!!! i lost again.. LOL!!! that bugger was lucky only la.. :P

alright.. gonna slack around.. or, maybe, juz nap before waking up and study.. take care, everybody! miss u all.. =P

Saturday, July 02, 2005

thunderstorm.... !!!

errr.. ok.. its not as serious as i have stated in my title..

juz, its like, this thunderstorm have occured several times already.. getting use to it too..

ok.. nothing in particular.. juz wanna mention this out..

now, i feel rejection is a feeling which is almost the same as breaking up..

juz that, for each feeling, there are basically two kinds of emotions u will have to face.. firstly, the most well known, heartache.. secondly, the amount of urge u face, wanting that person u love..

ok.. for this two feelings, the amount of it defers from the two stated emotions..

for me, under rejection, the feeling with mostly felt is the 1st feeling, which is the hurt.. of coz.. next, would be the latter..

as for break ups.. i think it will be opposite of rejection..

coz, when u are in a relationship, u will get so used to having the other partner so close to u.. someone who is willing to listen ur crap, and feel "entertained" even though its crap, listen to u as if in this world, theres only u talking.., last but not least, give u the warmth and love which u want n need... therefore, when all these "privileges" simply juz disappear, u will miss it more than u feel hurt...

the amount of love u sent out.. became the 2x the amount of hurt u received.. thats what i view of rejection.. hahaha.. its like, cupid shooting an arrow.. and, the arrow came back to u with another arrow accompanying it.. shooting straight back at u.. waaa... pain ah! hahaha.. so, my recommendation, dun anyhow shoot arrow(s) bah.. else, u will be surprised by the amount of hurt it will mount on u... hahaha..

anyway, would like to wish Joseph and Xueli the best of their marriage! doubt they will see this greeting... but, at least, i would like to dedicate this small portion of my posting to the newly wedded!!! :D