Wednesday, January 04, 2006

flying w/o wings!


lets take a look at the calender... today is 04/01/2006!

its been like more than 2months since i stepped foothold on Chennai, India! soon, i will be returning back to my home country, Singapore! wEeEEe! take another look at the calender... hmmm... 17 more days! *gRinZ*

anyway, for the past few days, i have been physically attacked... attacked by.. ? mosquitoes at my apartment!!! wah laoz... can you imagine... i have been killing more mosquitoes than the number of days which i have passed in the year 2006! in fact, i think i doubled my kill with comparisons to the days passed! gRrRr... its making me go on the killing spree~~ hahaha...

well, will be moving house next friday as the coming students will take over my current apartment... good luck for them with the mosquitoes! haaha... where will i be moving? errr... somewhere further from the airport... hahaha... but, our return to Singapore will definitely still be earlier than the coming students... wahhaha...

oh well, like what i have mentioned above... been attacked by mosquitoes... currently, i have so many mosquito bites on my body! let me do a "bite-count".. well, 3 on my right arm.. 2 on my left arm.. 4 on my right leg.. 3 on my left leg.. a total of 12 bites!!! damn... forgot to count my body bites.. i have two behind my back! so, that sums up to 14 bites!!!

i wonder.. when will those mosquitoes stop biting me and start targeting others... WAHAHAH... but, on second thoughts, maybe my blood is just simply too sweet to give it a miss! :X


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