Saturday, April 08, 2006

wait is over!

hahaha.. the wait is over!

finally... i got my enlistment letter from mindef!!!

here goes nothing: ...

"You are hereby required under Section 10 of the Enlistment Act (Cap 93), to report for enlistment on 10 JUN 2006 (SAT) AT 2.30PM to BASIC MILITARY TRAINING CENTRE SCHOOL 1 (BMTC SCH 1)"


as of 10 JUN 2006, my official residence will be changed to

"Basic Military Training Centre School, Pulau Tekong Besar, Singapore 508450"

hahaha... ;)

Friday, April 07, 2006


"Do not determine the inside when you don't even know the outcome"

this is a quote which i came across while out with my ah ma the other time... hmmm... well, its not the actual quote.. but, still, the actual meaning of it is the same..

i totally agree with the statement.. you won't be able to determine the inside when you haven't even tried knowing it... even when you tried it, you won't be able to achieve and know fully the "inside"...

this inside could stand for someone... could also stand for an item.. whatever the case which suits the situation right...

hmmm... just find it meaningful and wanna share it with you guys...

anyway, till now, i have yet to receive my enlistment letter!!! where did it went, Mr. Postman!? :<

come come... Government!!! take me into enlistment act! looking forward to it... :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


been thinking alot this few days...

but, mainly, two things have occured much within my mind...

firstly, is my application to the university... i notice that quite a number of my friends have already got some idea tat they have been somehow "accepted" into further education in the local universities... as for me, till now, i have got simply no idea whats happening to my application... but, in any sense, i think i shouldn't think too much... have abit ironed out on my thoughts... if i cant get into a local education, guess, i have to move out of singapore to receive it... the conclusion is, i definitely want to get a degree to work on my further work life... !

secondly... is the enlistment letter... everyone is receiving it already... only me.. left wondering whether will i get my letter soon... not that i am afraid of NS... but, i just dun want to miss out what everyone is getting... on top of that, my ah ma(Willyn) told me that her friend had waited for a year after graduation for the letter... but, it didn't come at all... it was only found out when he called them that his enlistment application has somehow been "forgotten"... not long after his phone call, then, his letter came...

well, it might be in ur mind now that i should be giving the authorities a call now... but, i have also heard from my other friends that making such call, the ministry will just slot you into one of the units... and, there goes whatever dreams you have... be a storeman...

argh! what a struggle... :<

one last thing to mention... finished reading a book... hmmm... come to think about it... its the first book i finished reading ever since my secondary literature textbooks... woohooo! :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006


was sick the past few days... what kinda illness... ? flu + sore throat...

hahaha.. first time in my life, okok.. from what i can remember lah..., my sore throat is so bad till it affected my speech.. i practically had no voice during the early days of the sore throat.. the voice was so bad that my dear even branded me as a "mute" and doesn't want me... hahaha... :
anyway, nothing much to update.. just that, TP D&D has already came to an end.. well, the D&D was pretty nice.. at Pan Pacific Hotel.. but, the service there sucks.. waiter talk like he manager.. acts like ah gua.. and, best of all, we had to be served by him.. with the servings needless to say, going thru his hands.. and, him, touching the food on numerous occasions.. LOL.. yucks.. *goosebumps*

gotta go think of where to go later le.. will be back to update whenever i have the time to.. =P