Saturday, March 25, 2006

what m i... ?

i really dun know what to blog about lately...

just feel like rattling some nonsense.. which i always does..

lately, been working at chan bros again.. well, i would say, the time working there is quite fulfilling.. as in, dun even have much time to slack abt... working all the while... why? coz, the calls never seem to end..

and, due to such pattern of calls, i get easily frustrated... well, tats the usual me.. getting the "heat" even by the slightest spark of fire ever can be found... oh man.. i really have a hot temper here... yes.. i realise this... and, ya... i realised it very long ago... just find it pretty hard to curb this temper of my... =
sighz... not only the temper... been pretty tired up by my work... maybe the reason to this tireness is probably the results of the previous slacking months... hahaha.. so, who is to blame.. ?

thats none other than Mr. Aaron Ting. :)

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