Monday, January 16, 2006

fabulous sunday!

yesterday was really one fun day~~ though, there were several "cock-ups" throughout the day.. nonetheless, the day passed pretty well~

firstly, i gotta wake up early.. to prepare my stuffs(ironing, bathing) before i make a move to the airport.. nope.. not that i am leaving India.. but, i was on my way to the airport to welcome the incoming students from Singapore to this place, India, Chennai...

Well, its fine for waking up early.. just wanna make myself sound noble.. LOL~ (crap...)

now... the next batch of students attached to Scandent India(Chennai) are five ladies from Nanyang Polytechnic... their stay here will only be 2mths.. unlike us... 3mths..

hmmm... as compared to us, they are pretty more prepared! they have brought like tons of food here! its like, they are going to have a mini Chinese New Year celebration here... all the biscuits and such.. i think, it will probably last them about half a month before they finish it.. :D

after they have finished packing up their luggages... brought them around Quanta Zen(yes.. they took over our previous apartment while we shifted to a new location).. first, we took them to "Pelita" to have their meal... well.. as i have mentioned before.. Pelita is actually a Malaysian Fast Food Restaurant... right after that, we went to the supermarket for the ladies to buy their groceries...

the next few events are the highlights of the day!!!

the first highlight was our dinner somewhere which is of 30minutes drive from our area.. we went to a restaurant known as "Bella Ciao"... an italian styled restaurant located beside a beach, which is facing the Bay of Bengal... a very nice place with pretty good food.. we ate food like Calamari, Pizzas, Sardines.. and, tomato-garlic bread? don't know what they call that lah.. but, it was a pretty nice dinner we had there..

next event was the main highlight of the day.. FIREWORKS!!! woohooo!!! fantastic time we had there at the beach.. firing the fireworks which we bought last week.. wow!!! its worth every cent we spent on it.. seriously.. especially the 200shots ones.. very nice lor.. its very difficult for me to explain in words.. but, all i could conclude from it is, "FANTASTIC"!!!!! hahaha.. when i return back to Singapore.. i try to see if i could host the video clips we took.. you people would sure love it.. ;)

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