Thursday, September 07, 2006

craziness... !

still feeling tipsy and high over yesterday night's drinking session...

hahaha.. went to double O with my platoon mates.. woohoo.. total, 6 of us..

i think we really drank our heart out.. LOL!

feel so shiok.. !

why were we drinking? hmmm... of course.. to mark our POP! hahaha...

it was a hell of a day for us... in the morning, rushing around the whole BMTC School.. doing all the last minute work before we pass out from the place as Privates... hahaha...

actually, i have lots of things to blog about.. but, now, i just dun know what to say.. hmmm... maybe coz of the drinking bah.. i really dun know..

probably need more rest.. let me recover from the hangover first.. before i continue blogging.. till then, adious!

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