Friday, February 24, 2006

JuS dRoPPiNg bY ~!!~

dear, i dun have any fancy words to write.....
jus 3 simple words : " I Love You "

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

been sometime...

oh well... it has been quite sometime since i last updated...

nothing really big happen recently... just that, things are getting better and better... what thing? slowly go guess bah... ;)

hmmm... went out with sui and my group of friends last friday... to grapevine... chatted alot there... especially when we disturbed leonard... were having so much fun! well... w/o fail... disturbing leonard is always tat fun.. wahaha... :P

after the chat session... while walking back to my place.. we witness a motor ski-ed accident... well.. just nice.. leonard is currently a NSF-Policeman... but, he need not show his face there as the accident did not involve any casualties... lucky enough.. we continued heading back to my place to get the car.. so that we can fetch ah sui home...

just as u think the day has ended... nope.. it didn't... john, leonard and i after fetching sui home, headed to bedok 85 to have supper... well... the two of them ate while i accompanied them with my cup of milo.. hahaha.. talked quite alot, as usual... well... while exchanging each other's thoughts, john mentioned about being a relief teacher.. very tempting to me to try it out... coz, first thing first, i can go back to my secondary school to relief some lessons... on the other hand, i can get some income.. =P but first, what determines my job till enlistment will depend on whether my dad can get me a job at his company... =P

oh well... during sat... went out with the guys again... this time round, was actually planning to have a sec-sch gathering at Marina South.. but, due to many of the guys have already eaten dinner, we decided to make do our meal somewhere at lavender.. but, as per usual, the one leading the group, daniel, did not actually have a good idea of where he is suppose to bring us to... so, we turned around the traffic for quite sometime.. yet, still can't get to the place he plans to bring us to... lol.. so, we decided to change the dining venue to geylang, G7... well.. just as we(daniel and i) were heading to geylang... that bugger(daniel) found the place he wanted to bring us to.. but, it was too late.. the other two bikes(bernard, leonard, gw and john) were already gone... so, no choice lor.. stick to the plan at geylang..

after the meal, met up with Shaun.. and we headed to parklane to have a game of billard.. but, the plan changed again.. we were stuck at the video arcade for about 30-45mins before heading to one of the LAN shop to play some games.. hahaha.. played two rounds of DOTA before we decided to end the day~ =P

as for sunday, nothing concrete really happened.. so, ya.. dun think i need to mention it bah.. ;)

oh.. btw, been listening to quite a number of songs lately.. and, here is one of the song which i find very meaningful.. just to share with you people.. :) enjoy!

路 - 梁静茹

回头看来时的路 总有些复杂感触
我们走的那么辛苦 好不容易才到这地步
不被了解的痛楚 到不了爱的净土
是你让我越过冲突 陪我走过风雨险阻这一段路

如果开始就能看见幸福 不在别人眼光耳语中迷路
或许我不能把爱看清楚 想把你的手牢牢握住
如果这是通往爱的旅途 也许过程注定要荆棘密布
但我不后悔选择这条路 你的爱让我深深体会活着的感触

有时我不愿回头看 一路太多眼泪混乱

我从不后悔选择这条路 因为你的爱让我看见

Thursday, February 16, 2006

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tonight's mood...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wat a day... (v day)

how i spent my valentine's day?

oh well... its amazing on how i spent it... seriously... it is!

i started out the day by being cheated... went to school early in the morning to help out in the Joint Admission Exercise '06... nothing big deal.. helped the school out the day before... so, 14/02/2006 was my second day of helping...

everything looks calm when i arrived in school.. was there at about 0840hrs... as the we were instructed to come only at 0830hrs... being the typical TP students, we are usually late for our appointments... only if the appointment will affect our grades, then, u will see us early... hahaha.. oh come on... Welcome to the real world! :)

as time goes by... i realise... everyone "PANG SEH" me!!! i was the only student helper there up to 1100hrs!!! can u believe it??? i am the only "ah gong" there!!! hahaha... really feel quite pek chek when being bluffed early in the morning... :X

so, not long later.. genie msged me.. telling me that she just woke up... fine.. i gave her a call and told her abt the situation.. then, she decided.. not to come.. and "instigated" me to leave too... hahaha.. as like what she said, "LEAVE"!!! hahaha.. yup.. thats what i did.. slipped off! but, so damn stupid... woke up early to go to school.. then, not long later.. slipped home.. ah! what a way to start my valentine day... i stood out on my valentine "date"... which is.. my school.. LOL...

want to know more about what happened in the course of the day?

simple.. just one word to describe it... "NOTHING"... lol... serious! i just stayed home the whole day... was either sleeping.. or hooked onto MSN... hahaha... very "interesting" way to spend my v day.. ;)

oh.. not forgetting.. went on to call my actual valentine during the night.. heehee.. the feeling is good.. ! even though i see so many couples while on the call.. but still.. i get what i wanted! tats just so simple and sweet.. ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

another posting!

hmmm... been long since i last updated... wonder why didn't someone remind me to post... hahaha...

anyway, before i start blogging, heres to everyone out there! whatever your status is... be it single or attached, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY!!! :)

alright... this year... slightly different from the past years... i have a valentine! but, will be staying out for the whole day... not that i dun want to have a date out... but, oh well... you people just won't understand de... :)

in anyway, its just my problem... so, let me handle it... k? though i won't have those romantic night out like what everyone wishes for... but, i am glad... in fact, very glad that i have a valentine... even though our kind of "outing" is very much different from the rest... ;)

hmmm... enough of all these V. day kinda talks... heres abit of update from me..

during the last weekend, went out with the guys! initially, it was an outing between Daniel and I... went to Chan Bros to do some checking out of prices... on the other hand, collected my 3mths ago salary... hahaha... then, we left the place for Marina Square... the place is so much different as compared to 3mths ago when i was there... totally different! almost got lost somehow... but, still... manage to get to the places we wanna go to... oh... not forgetting... our dinner at this place known as "一点心"... its a dim sum restaurant... whereby we waited damn long for our food... in the end, i didn't even get a taste of the noodle i ordered as they didn't prepare it for me... thats just so wonderful... isn't it? !@#$%^&*(

after the dinner outing, we went shopping awhile before heading on to meet the rest of the guys at Hougang Plaza... they meeting there to play a game of number balls... errr... yup.. thats what they call it.. well... being the one i have always been... i decided not to play with them... dun really like to play either billard or that number ball game... coz, i simply cannot make it in those games... :X as they were playing.. i was busy SMS-ing... and, staring at the television screen.. trying to stay awake.. boredom really kills... :X so.. there i went... waiting and waiting and waiting... waited for them to finish their game for abt 3hrs... close to lah... *patience*

after the ball game... we went for supper... hahaha... ate some beehoon.. before we moved on to mac.. why two places for supper? coz, the beehoon went out... not enuff to serve all of us... so, the bulk of us actually had beehoon first before going to mac and have somewhat like a "finger food" to us.. :P

so, sunday wasn't much of an event... except staying home and playing games with daniel throughout... till late evening... went to town... had dinner there... talked quite alot... got some updates on the things happening @ SG when i was away at India... nice to hear that someone is in a relationship le... especially... its the first time~ hope it will really last... coz, thats the best thing i can get to know for this coming year... :)

as for monday... went back to school to help out my school to "pull" in new students at the joint admission excerise '06... it was fun... had my fair share of getting sun burnt too... feeling so itchy for both my arms now... the burn is really making me feel the itch!~ :X

alright... shall not talk much now... gonna go get someone to listen to my words... and make sure she apply some medicine!!! good night, everyone! :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


recently... have not much happenings...

just the basic few...

there is one big happening though... and... thats abt me and someone else... thats all abt it...

but, there are somethings which i was thinking through earlier... that is... learn how to treasure the things/feelings you have at the very moment of time... coz, in the face of time... everything could just simply change in a split second... this moment, this thing/person is just beside you... the next moment, the thing/person could just disappear from your foresight...

don't ask me why i am mentioning this... but, i just feel like mentioning... thats all... no particular reason at all!

oh ya... just now went to Bedok 85 market and have the plate of noodles... finally got to eat it... but, feel that the standard of it has dropped alot! besides the eating, talked alot of things with Ailin... from work-related stuffs... to... school related ones... then, to the recent happenings in school... till relationships!

hahaha... shared a few bit with her... but, yup... all the above are just personal views bah... ;)

P.S.: Going to 85 Market to eat was a last minute decision... so, dun blame me for not jio-ing U! :P

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


hmmm... a calculation of time since i m back from India, Chennai... 16 days! more than half a month!!!

and... a calculation of things i have done... errr... cannot be... but, i have done nothing! LOL...

alright... shall do something constructive and conducive!

anyway, been pretty busy during my last weekend... sat, went out with my caregroup pple... then, moved on to my aunt's house to bai nian! yeah... i have quite a moderate number of relatives.. *grinZ* but, that doesn't mean my ang bao collections are huge in number... i still gotta go to my friends' place to do some collection...

and, the count of ang bao packets stands at 21(with inclusive of 1 i took at a temple)... :P

as for the money inside, i shall not disclose it... as they are for me to know... and, for u to find out.. LOL...

as for Sunday, went out with Daniel... he was shopping for his formal clothings while i was looking for something special... :P what is that something special? you will never get to know... wahahhaa... then, why did i mention tat? well... and still, its for me to know and for u to find out! LOL...

Just being irritating... better get going with my things... will update more if there are any happenings.. ;)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

love? and others?

heres the multi-million dollars question..

what actually is love?

- A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
- A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.

a) Sexual passion.
b) Sexual intercourse.
c) A love affair.

- An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.
- A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.
- An expression of one's affection: Send him my love.
a) A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.
b) The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.
- Love Mythology. Eros or Cupid.
- often Love Christianity. Charity.
- Sports. A zero score in tennis.

*extract from

Anyway, personally, i think love is more to an affection between two genders.. well, we can't deny that this two genders could be of the same.. but still, it can be considered as love too.. isn't it?

This affection which i feel is important can be concocted with a huge amount of understanding, trust, affection, caring and last but not least, faith! And, to achieve 100% love, none of the above "ingredient" can be absent from it..

Oh well.. don't ask me why i suddenly mention about love... i just feel like doing so.. and, woohoo.. there i went..

Now, things seem to be quite well for me.. in terms of my life and such.. i think, ever since i returned from Chennai, it has changed pretty much.. as compared to the pre-trip me.. really.. a pretty drastic change.. been doing the dishes.. mopping the floor.. curbing my temper.. and, trying to understand things before making a conclusion over it... oh.. not forgetting.. during the process of learning how to curb my temper, i actually learnt to have a deeper tolerance towards things... this is definitely one hella good news to me...

BUT... a very BIG BUT... it doesn't mean that my anger has been curbed = higher tolerance.. even a well-tempered person, not saying i am, will blow his/her top when things turn to its adverse side... so, people who are out there.. if you are trying your "best" to provoke others, be sure and prepared to get the nonsense you are actually trying to "plant"... as the saying goes, "You reap what you sow"...

So, if you are planting the seeds of hatred + anger, be prepared to receive back what you have planted.. bottomline of this statement, understand how things are before making your own conclusion.. if you think you are right, be it that way.. all i can say is, you are being obstinate.. either you start to change or, face the prospect of being obsolete..

Lastly, weight the consequences of your actions before you act on it... coz, 10yrs down the road, you might regret on what you have done.. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

今天 ?

大年初四 isn't really a good day for me...

i started out the day feeling really lazy... just wanna laze around... was already awake at about 0900hrs... but, decided to laze on the bed till 1130hrs!!! regretted doing so... really make me feel bad as i thought i have had too much of slp...

immediately after i woke up, went to brush my teeth.. almost like a normal routine day then, proceeded on to go online... chatted with her for not long before going on with my lunch...

had a pretty long lunch as i chatted with my mum... came back online at close to 1500hrs... was away after away to play FF8... woohooo.. finally really started on it.. but, came back online after not long...

chatted for awhile after her return.. and, we ended up in an arguement... argue over? well... coz someone, doesn't seems to like me calling her... and this someone is a third party in the sense that... she has nothing got to do with me and her! grrr... becoz of this person, we got into a tussle...

after much thinking, this definitely isn't worth.. getting into this problem.. bleahz... till now, i m still feeling pretty sad... but, gotta pull myself together.. argghhh...! i can do it de! :)

好啦... 没有真正的向大家拜年。。祝大家 身体健康,万事如一!