Saturday, March 29, 2008

i crossed the line..

yeah.. i did crossed it...

and for that, i have just gotta lose it..

why did i do so.. ?

coz, nothing is more important than her..

bye bye, facebook.

Friday, March 28, 2008

agonising pain...

i hate compensations..

hate hate hate... !!!

why is there something in this world called temper...

maybe coz i have a bad one myself.. tats why i always feel the pain whenever she throws it on me.. :(

Friday, March 21, 2008

i almost experienced it!

been very busy lately.. thought i had times whereby could update my blog.. but, decided not to.. probably coz i chose to procrastinate! hahaha.. :D

anyway, had an outfield last week...

almost gotten foot rot...

both my feet was soaked in rain water for like close to 2 days la.. before i decided to take it out and squeeze off the water..

weather has been really really bad lately... they(meteorology) said tat it was due to some moist before blown over by the wind... thats why we are experiencing these short and sometimes heavy rainpours..

hahaha.. due to the rain, i think, i could label my outfield as one of the worst i have been through during my this 21 months in service ah...

and, due to the rain, i had flu and rashes on my feet!!! *bOohOo!*

now, after one week from the outfield... i'm sick again!!!

lots of phlegm in my throat... blocked nose.. and such... wa lao.. so sway.. :( :( :(

ahhh! someone just cut out my throat and clear the phlegm for me.. can?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

a promise...

thats something which resulted me in waiting in the vehicle for 1hr..

not realising that there wasnt any fresh air flowing in with the air conditioning turned off, i stood there.. hoping that the promise will be met..

wanted to stay for a longer period.. but, my sense tell me.. maybe, there are other ways of doing it.. so, i turned back and headed up...

true enough, things could have changed.. but, due to my hasty movement to the vehicle, i left my phone, which was ringing, back at home..

for that, the whole story took a twist for the worse..

likewise from the past, felt that everything went wrong.. immediately, headed back to the veh.. wanting to head to places to look for her.. just to find out halfway thru that she is at home..

drove aimlessly.. aimlessly.. ended up at many places which i didnt know.. felt myself as a road hazard... so, decided to stop.. just to find out, ah.. at a reservior.. a place which we wanted to go together..

stayed there for quite sometime before deciding to plug all my courage to send a message out.. yet, to no avail in my hopes of any reply... so, i stood disappointed with what i hoped for..

so, i went on with my journey of senseless driving..

this is where i chanced upon a place called kent ridge park... looks pretty nice...

went to the dark corners of the park alone.. felt so cold and helpless.. stood there for a while as the cold breezes sweep pass my befallen face.. waking me up from my own world.. sending the chills down my spine..

as soon as i know, i was heading back to the veh... again, hopping into my senseless and aimless drive down the deserted roads...

before i know it, ended up at her place.. hoping to see her.. but yet, as much as i know, returned with negative results...

tat was when i know, its time to go.. i can no longer be so immature in my actions.. i should start doing what i ought to be doing.. not what my heart desires... but, what my mind tells me to...