Sunday, March 11, 2007


a bird needs time to recover from injuries..

a dog needs time to adapt to new environment..

a fish needs to get into the new eco-system in the new aquarium..

a tiger needs time to find its prey..

a lion needs time to spot the weakest in the flock of buffaloes..

a car needs time to warm its engine..

a child needs time to understand how things work..

so do i..

Sunday, March 04, 2007

come on...

life is short.. so, just play when you could..

was reading a book..

and, found a term used in it rather interesting..

"Fairness.. does not govern life or death.."

doesnt really have any link to my life at all.. just find it meaningful..

can always use it to apply on many other things...

just inter-change the terms with another.. and, u can find the meaning of it..

actually, have alot of things to blog abt..

but, i just dun know how to start with it..

especially when my mind is filled with all the different types of things to blog on, i really dun know which to start with first..