Sunday, January 22, 2006

return of!!!

hmmm... current location, Kuala Lumpur International Airport!

woohooo... on my way back to Singapore... flight to Singapore will be in... errr... less than 2hrs time! ;)

well, having kinda mixed feelings though... on one hand, pretty glad that i am finally going back to Singapore... but, on the other side, i am quite sad to leave Chennai..

why?? i think the main reason attributing to this feeling would be the happenings on the last week of stay there... else, i couldn't find any reason why i wanna stay on in Chennai... (well.. not many pple know why... but, i think there is this person, who plays an integral part in my mismay for departure... u shld know who u r... ;))

hmmm... even though i have very very weird feelings during the last week, it is all these weird feelings that have made me thought thru pretty much.. i won't say that i have completely "ironed" out my feelings... but, it is kinda better after those thoughts..

it helped me realise that, why would i wanna be isolating myself? now, to me, whats most important would be a spontaneous self... one who is dare to act.. and bare up all the consequences! instead of running away from the matter... face it upfront! (*be a man.. do the right thing!!!* :P)

errr... another thing to mention here... well... this is one thing which i have been emphasizing recently... EQUALITY!!! why do pple treat each other with such inequality during times??? especially between a male and female! from what i see, female usually have the benefit of better treatment... whereas for the male, it will be of a total different picture!!! ##!RU(!#UR_@) *unfair treatment!!!* bleah!

alright... shall make my first blog entry in Singapore!!! that is after i settle down...


sui said...

"If you're interested in a person born under the Taurus horoscope, don't sit around waiting for them to approach you. A Taurus is a patient person, which is something you will have to possess in any relationship with them. Most likely, you will have to be the initiator.

Once you're on a date with a Taurus, let them know that you enjoy their company. If you pick out the restaurant, make certain that the food and atmosphere are in good taste. And, if you're planning a dinner at home, try and plan ahead making sure everything is perfect; plenty of good food, good wine, flowers, candles on the table, and soft background music.

If you show a Taurus that nothing is too good for them, you're well on you're way to building a lasting relationship.

With a strong will and a great sense of humor, a Taurus can have a calming effect on people. However, sudden changes in routine can cause friction with them.

If you're looking for someone dependable, you've found them. If your looking for someone to constantly assure you of their love and devotion, you might want to keep looking. A person under the Taurus Sign is a very sensual person and can awaken sleeping passion in someone they care about."

true anot? =P

ah ron said...
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ah ron said...

well.. till a certain extent bah.. but, i think the horoscope forgot to put that a taurian can be very pessimistic during times... isn't it?

sui said...

erm...u got pessimistic time meh? i tot u always can "xiao sha" to face tin 1! (ok, will ask the horoscope to put if u really request ah!)

ok! now my turn, read mine! i cannot underline ah! but certain sentence really reflect me! wahaha! tell me true anot? =P

"The first time you meet a person with Capricorn horoscope, they may appear aloof, but what they really are, is cautious.Capricorns interests are in art, theater, music, and in their own career. Usually they are drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating and they seek a partner who will fit into their realm of life.

People with Capricorn horoscope prefer to discuss serious subjects, however, will always be there to listen to a problem.
People born under Capricorn Sign appreciate luxury, although, they don't like splurging to make an impression. They feel that money is a serious issue that spells out security.

Capricorns tend to be dominating and are not easy to win over. They also expect to be pursued and not be the pursuers. If you're going on a date with this zodiac, make sure you're prompt. If you say you'll be there at a certain time, be there. They are intolerant to people who say something and do something else.

If you have a tendency to let your emotions rule you, then you may want to keep looking for someone else, since People born with Capricorn Sign can come across as cool and reserved. As they take a common sense approach in almost everything they do, it will be included in their relationship. They want to be cherished, honored, loved and respected. In return, passion will run deep and you will have a loving lasting relationship."

*pls OPEN ur BIG eyes (@_@) to read the last sentence of the following paragraph : 1,3,4


sui said...

ya! i can sense tat some1 miss u le! wooo.....:)