Friday, January 20, 2006


today, lets talk about fate...

well, to me, it have always been this way, i believe that fate is something which can be decided with your own intention of idea... if you believe fate is the way you believe it is, you have just got to make it happen.. not by saying fate will take its way... fate will happen that way... and no one can change fate!

i think, all these saying are basically B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T..

in a normal environment, if EVERYONE just wait for things to happen... wait for fate to do its job... then, you can continue to wait till you get near your deathbed.. wahahah...

seriously, don't ask me why i am talking about "fate" today... the reason is real simple.. like i have always been... talking about things in spontaneity! ;)

hmmmm... i guess this could be my last posting in India.. gonna leave this place, which i have spent my last 3mths of life, the day after.. well, there are definitely reasons to cheer about.. being able to see what i miss.. know everything is well.. etc.. but, on the other hand, there are things which is gonna make me feel sad after my departure from this place..

i must say, the people in Scandent(my host company), have been really helpful in trying to get us settled down in India..

not forgetting, the fantastic and hospitality Shannon and his wife have shown us..

lastly, the batch of students from NYP who came to take-over our place here..

well... really hope the best will happen onto these people... and, hopefully, i can lay my foot back in India whenever possible.. coz, this place, in fact, is pretty nice... (hmmm... in anyways, i think i will definitely come back... coz, i have decided to spend a honeymoon period, if i ever get married, at Maldives... *LOL*)