Sunday, November 05, 2006

past week...

hmmm.. the past week can be said to be pretty bad for me..

though most of the things did not happen on me, but still, i deemed it as being bad to me..

firstly, i am pretty upset over the fact that my sgt is gonna get charged.. charges on him although is based on facts.. i still dun think he deserves it.. all i can say is, my heart goes out to him.. i feel that he is being unfairly treated.. tats all i could say..

next, i dun know whats happening again.. hahaha.. thoughts just flood back into my mind.. thoughts of what i have done during this yr.. basically, i guess i have not achieved much.. but, during this kinda time, many would deem that this yr have been a wasteful one.. in fact, i feel it the other way rd.. although i have not achieved much, i do NOT have any regrets at all.. coz, my yr was spent with this meaningful person, whom has created a great impact in me.. this person have came to me in such an impactive way.. make me understand lots of things in life.. even till now that she is gone, she have never stopped me from learning new stuffs.. and discover more of myself..

for all i could say, i just want to thank her.. thank her for being there for me when i needed her the most.. thank her for teaching me the way of life(i guess she didn't know that she have done this much..) and, thank her for making her presense being felt this greatly on me..

thanks, lihong.. :)

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