Saturday, June 30, 2007

gnd.. (Go N Die)

"Based on the latest update of your NS status as of 30 April 07, we note that you have joined the *ingapore A*med F*rces as a regular s*rviceman. As the additional $100 of GST Credits is meant only for the Nation*l Servicemen, the additional GST Credits will NO LONGER APPLY TO YOU in view of your current status as a regular s*rviceman."

What can i say? #$!%^

No.. i am no longer in regular service.. pui!

Thats all i can say...

in the end, it is over...

went back to AFS to sign the termination letter the day before...

with abit of reluntance, i signed above the dotted lines..

well, to say that there is totally no remorse in my decision is definately lying...

there were many things in my mind since i have decided on where my future lies..

but of course, regrets will start to flow in once i start thinking abt the times @ tamworth..

hahaha.. gotta live with it.. whose life wouldn't be smeered by regrets.. ? as per said, my is definately filled with more than one..

anyway, i will try not to think about it ba.. it is just a way to make me feel bad.. =p

drank quite abit the night before.. now, feeling nauseous... giddy.. guess tat is what they conclude as hang over.. bleahz... =p

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


been long since i last updated the blog with some sense..

if you realise, the pass few entries are like, kinda senseless?


anyway, been slacking around since my leave started..

mainly, staying home and surfing ard the net..

and, yesh.. my mum and sis have flew to taiwan... leaving me with my dad at home only..

well, occasionally, i was make a nanny.. looking after my niece.. which sums up, "monster-sitting"(btw, i call my niece a monster..) and, looking after my pet dog, baby.. which is what known to me as "baby-sitting"(coz my dog's name is "baby")..

hahaha.. hmmm.. is this considered as "moon-lighting"? hahaha... i doubt so..

yeap.. things are kinda slack.. so, slack i became.. and, concluding, fatter i turned out to be.. hahaha..

dun think much i can update since i am currently leading such a "beautiful" lifestyle.. heehee..

oh.. ya.. lastly, i got my posting le.. and, yes.. like what everyone have been saying.. i am back to my pervious vocation already... but, this time rd, my stance will be at 40SAR.. :D as wat? i dun know either..

Thursday, June 21, 2007


alright.. facts..

the fact is.. yes yes yes.. i gained weight during my mission outta town..

and, yes yes yes.. i am fat..

really.. just 1 more kg.. i will be outta the safe zone..

so what.. ?

i just need to go thru some slimming programme what...

hahaha.. but, in anyways, who cares.. ? ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

what i want..

i crave for a hug..

not a simple hug..

but, one which is filled with love and concern..

of course, it must not be an ordinary hug..

and, one will think, what constitutes "ordinary" ?

well, it is for each individual to determine..

anyway, i am on leave as with effect from today!

yeah.. long leave.. hope it can be an extraordinary one..


they come and go..

leaving behind impacts of life which makes u think..

sometimes, you never get to understand why they appear..

most of the times, you just know that they are there for some reasons..

whether you like it or not, you wont be able to choose how they appear..

you can only decide how much they impact ur life..

anyway, things have been pretty good for me lately..

been busy trying to catch up with friends who i dont really have the time with..

loads have been in my mind lately too..

i always wonder.. what can happen in order to change someone's plans for the future..

till now, there aint many reasons for the deviation.. but, reasons do varies..

for example, marriage age..

well, for many out there, we do have a planned age to tie the knot..

but, as i always convince myself with.. a plan is yet only a plan.. things could change in reality.. isnt it.. ?

so, does it really matter in the end?

is it for the better good if you stick very closely to what you planned?

who knows.. things could turn out better than what was planned if deviation occurs..

yet, its a double-edge effect.. could also turn out worse..

and, at the end of the day, no one knows the answer for all..

Friday, June 15, 2007


i dont like to be emotional..

but, i cant help it..

feeling more than embarrased..

but, as helpless as i could be..

anyway, i am back @ .sg

definately, will i miss those days back there @ tamworth..

as they kept mentioning..

"One door closes, another opens..."