Saturday, November 18, 2006


finally.. i am back!

hahaha.. no la.. have always been booking out every weekend.. just that, for this weekend, i am much free-er.. got nothing to do.. hahaha..

anyway, this week was really one hella' week for me..

nope! not coz of the trainings... it is all coz of the slack time i am getting lately.. hahaha...

life is such a "cheap" thing.. whenever you are too busy, you always complain about not having enough time.. and now, they are giving us so much free time, that we are starting to complain again!


one thing i realise while walking in the thick vegetation of the sunny island, pulau tekong.. that is... i always trip myself while walking in the jungle!!!

hahaha... like some little kiddo.. always tripping over.. till today, i only fallen once in the vegetation.. tat was at lower mandai.. wa lao.. tell you ahz.. that feeling was really really bad.. i simply fell flat on the ground.. and, for that moment, i couldn't bring myself up.. lucky for me.. after a breather, i got better and was able to pick myself up from that sorry plight of my.. terrible feeling it was!

damn.. one more week.. and, i will have some stupid rank.. i just wanna be a normal little soldier now.. coz, i am so afraid of having hopes and in the end, having it dashed.. tsk! who ask me to adore myself this much.. hahha.. sounds so "jian".. oh well, thats me.. just me, myself and i... =P

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