Monday, January 02, 2006

first entry of the year!

Happy New Year to U!!!

weeeheee! this would be the first entry of my in the year 2006!

had a fantastic day on 01/01/2006.. all thanks to Shannon and his partner!

to kick-start the day, we(all 5 of us) went to Shannon's place.. where he actually whipped up a local delight for us, Nasi Lemak... it was fabulous~ we had a sumptuous lunch there~ can you imagine... first time taking ikan bilis.. the nice nice chilli sauce.. and a few other dishes.. it was really good!

besides that, i also had a good view of his "sea-view" from his balcony... his apartment was like, directly facing the Bay of Bengal! woohoo... ~ and you imagine.. the sea breeze brushing through your hair.. and, you, taking a plate of Nasi Lemak.. enjoying both the breeze and food.. how nice life can be.. ~~~ dun think i can get this kinda enjoyment back in Singapore... therefore, really cherish the moment.. was also thinking... it would be fantastic if i could actually spent that moment with someone special.. enjoying such moment.. it would be like a dream come thru! ;)

had a good moment there before the electricity went out... not coz Shannon didn't pay for the bills... its just that, electricity cut is a common affair in Chennai.. even if its rain or shine, you will definitely experience at least once or twice in the month for such moment.. but, the went-out didn't really affect us as we chatted on.. there were so many things to talk about.. ~

but, it didn't take us long before we left for coffee.. went to this coffee house located somewhere within the city.. its like, the audience catered there is more to the upper mid-class level of the population in India.. so, you will see many of the "rich" youths there.. ok.. rich coz their parents pay for their expenses... ~ they actually "smoke" this pipped thingie there.. which i tried with two puffs.. not bad lah.. only agreed to try it as the tobacco level of it is very low.. so, won't be that addictive and hurting to my body.. (everything also must try mah.. you don't get this kinda thing in Singapore.. at least, not that commonly found lah..) the cake there was nice.. but, the coffee suc*.. it taste more like the plain water we get in Singapore.. just that, there was abit of coffee content in it.. thats all..

after the coffee dosage.. we went on to the "Marina".. it is the second longest beach in the world.. loads of people there.. initially, we didn't even plan to go down of the vehicle to walk.. but, in the end, we decided we should just take a walk to see more things.. so, we joined the crowd.. it was a moderate crowd back then.. so, it wasn't like those crowds you see at any countdown bash.. it is slightly lesser than that.. we walked quite a distance by the roadside, before we headed to the shore.. from the roadside to the shore, it was like, 1/2 a KM apart? hahaha.. that explains why it is the second longest beach in the world.. when we were at the shore.. we were able to see the Bay of Bengal's waves.. its like.. very strong.. much more stronger than those we see in ECP or Pasir Ris.. in fact, those we see back in singapore can't even be qualified to be categorized as waves... hahaha.. didn't get to take any pictures back there as i didn't bring my cam... only Nassa took his cam there.. but, it was way to dark to capture the moment.. so, could only "save" all these memories in my mind.. ;)

it didn't take us long to realise, "Hey! its time for dinner!".. so, we were struggling where to have our dinner.. last friday, we had korean food.. Japanese food is quite expensive here.. so, we give it a miss.. then, we came out with a decision to go to "The Park", a high class hotel, to have our meal..

but, before we head for our meal place, we stopped by at a Church known as "St John's Church".. it is a very nice olden days kinda church.. housing one of Jesus's disciple's body, St. John.. had my first prayer there too.. :)

upon arrival at the hotel, we went straight to the dining area.. the hotel is so high class lor.. its very like Singapore's Swissotel those kinda standard... anyway, the place was so packed.. with caucasians making the bulk of the crowd... we waited for awhile.. but, as the waiting area have this special glass-paneled VIP room, we decided to ask for that.. hahaha.. we were allowed in as Shannon and his partner enjoy quite a status with the hotel management.. so, its like, waa... VIP treatment leh! we were having our own room leh.. hahaha.. ordered quite alot.. and while waiting for the food, we had a hearty chat sessions.. topics ranging from pets to our each individual decisions to come to India.. almost everything! it was nice as we got to know each other to a new level..

time literally "flew" when we were having our chat session... it was around 2300hrs before we left the hotel.. the roads were cleared from the traffic.. you could see the contrast.. from a usually use-to-be busy roads.. filled with loads of vehicles.. tlil there is totally no vehicles around.. waa.. just like a "ghost" town.. hahaha..

the day i spent is definitely going to be "saved" into my memories for a very long time..

okay... now, my personal posting... actually, there are some thoughts which i left out in my final reflection posting.. that is something which is related to relationships...

in my context, i feel that, one should be truthful to himself/herself when it comes to this kinda affairs... even if there is a slightest change in thinking, everything should be done in a clear-cut manner... people might think this is a flirtatious kind of mentality.. but, mind that, i am not a good looking person.. so, its like not applicable for me? LOL... seriously... i think that is the kind of person i am.. if i really fall for it, i will fall to the deepest.. *hmmm... yup*~

next, i do have this special person in mind now.. but, i don't think i will make things look so obvious now.. after what had happened in my previous attempt.. i am definitely going to avoid such thing from happening once again! *once bitten twice shy...*

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