Sunday, October 22, 2006

string of injuries...

hmmm.. recently, i dun know whats happening.. so many injuries on me!!!

first, it was those blisters..

then, the scratch marks on my hands..

followed on with being pricked by thorns during navigation..

after tat, i sprained my ankle during SOC..

lastly, i over-strained my calf!!!

wa lao.. dun know what is happening sia.. damn sway!!! !@#Y()@*!@&

the only happy thing tat happened this week is tat i passed my SOC.. ! need not take it anymore! or, shld i say, need not take it for the next 4 weeks! weeheee.. =P

hmmm.. had a fun day yesterday.. went out from afternoon till this morning.. hahaha..

first, it was a partyworld session.. followed up with eating at sembawang zichar stall.. then, a chat session at yishun dam.. next, a movie session at cineleisure! hahaha.. shiok.. but, i fell aslp during the movie session.. the movie we watched was "Death or Alive".. forget it.. lousy movie.. only kungfu actions... nothing much.. wasted the money going there.. hahaha.. but! *thank you leonard, lao bang!* for treating us the movie! wahahha... ;)

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