Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bo gay(toothless)

went to extract all 4 of my wisdom tooth last week...

suffered swollen cheeks during the weekend till now...

makes it looks like pig trotters face.. :X

anyway, was really a pain ah...

suffered a number of infections causing fevers during the course of it..

was really quite inconvenient ah..

which makes me look back at my decision to extract all 4 at one go..

hated taking antibiotics.. but, w/o them, seems like i m very vulnerable to viral attacks..

ah.. looking at the packets of medications subscripted to me, makes me realise, it is actually my first time taking so many pills at a go..

total 6 little pills to consume everytime.. 3 times a day somemore..

where do all the pills go after entering the body? dissolved and spread around my body? doesnt tat makes me a pill boy? hehs...

anyway, things are pretty fine lately.. just a few hiccups here or there... and one major issue surfaced..

it has been lingering in my mind ever since i got news of it that one of my best childhood friend's father just passed away..

learnt abt it tat it was sudden death tat caused his passing on..

it really makes me feel the vulnerability of life..

at one moment, things might turn out fine.. while on another, it could turn ugly..

knowing that my friend's personality is pretty strong, but yet, felt so weak when he broke the news to me, makes me feel very upset.. as i could not render much help at that point of time..

if there is ever a chance tat i could speak to the grim reaper, i would really request for him/her to go on unpaid leave.. coz, he must be a very tired person.. very very tired, especially after the natural disasters tat happened recently.. so, if you r hearing this, could u pls approve of my request?

put that aside.. doesnt sound nice to talk abt this thing here..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meanings for flowers...

Something to share with you all...

Been looking for it for some time.. and, finally, i've found it!

The meaning for number of flowers...

3 I love you
6 I want to be yours
9 Forever in Love
10 You're perfect
11 You are my treasured one
12 Be mine
15 I'm truly sorry
20 I'm truly sincere towards you
21 I'm committed to you
24 Forever yours
32 Miss you
36 You light up my life
48 True love
50 Golden memories
99 Be mine & make me complete
100 Totally in love with you
101 You're my only one
108 Will you marry me?
365 Missing you every day
999 Endless love

Hahhaa... 999 stalks of flowers.. ? i think it will be as heavy as the weights in the gym! :D

*ps, how true the above is? i cant answer u.. therefore, just take it for some basic knowledge will do! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

s*cks.. BIG TIME!

lately, my life really suc*..

nothing seems to go right for me..

everything just comes in a chuck.. and, at times, i wonder, when will i break down..

if that happens, what kinda person will i be..

what will happen in the future?

will there be one for me.. ?

took time to ponder upon these questions.. and, just like what others will think.. yes, i dun have an answer to it..

but, the mere thought of it scares me..

why am i given this "chance" to think about these.. ?

what i perceive as happiness and simplicity has all turned out to be an illusion..

a mirage.. ?

surely and simply, i hope it isnt...

if all these happenings are just a test to my character, then, i can tell you, i seriously fluck it big time...

really.. nothing seems to go right.. simply nothing..

it just needs one small spark to create a forest fire... and yes, this time rd, it isnt gonna be easy to clear what had happened...

and, i totally feel it..

no, to your answer if all these i have just said is about my rs...

like i mentioned.. its for EVERYTHING... and, it is inclusive..

really feel like running away from all these.. the thought of it just thrills me.. running away...

maybe tat can be a choice too...

really feel like just breaking down.. and get myself into a hibernating mode.. isolating from the messes..

it will all happen after my SOC test.. when i pass it.. i'll start to think it thru..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i am collapsing.. i am..

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

all i can say about this day is, i'm utterly disgusted.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


been really long since i last updated...

anyway, lately, aint feeling really gd..

many things attributed to the above statement ah..

for instance,

still, there are many quarrels in our relationship... really hope that there aint any.. but, if there isnt any, then, we aint progressing.. such irony.. in a relationship, everyone or anyone dreads quarrelling.. but still, w/o it, the people involved will never be able to know each other better..

so, which is better? one which braves through the danger of breaking up by having frequent quarrels or one that never progresses.. each living in a world of decieve and deniance.. ?

as time goes by, one can really turn disillusioned by what they are seeking in love.. is it the sense of courtship? or, just merely a companion in their life.. ?

i don't know what is for me.. but, i sure can sense that i dun need love.. coz, she is more impt than love.. :)

another thing which contributed to my sadness.. ORD... my friends are slowly ORD-ing from the force... and, yes.. only a handful of us are left...

from this little handful, of course, i am inclusive.. oh well, like how others view it as just simply another month then, we'll be receiving the same freedom which some of us are tasting.. but, as an outsider, they will never understand how those involved feel.. personally, i can really say that i am struggling.. struggling to live up to my past standards... wanting the best outta the time i have in the force.. but, till which level i have achieved, i really dun know.. just wanna live the time in it to its fullest.. tats what i can assure myself over...

next, many many small things ah.. gonna have my wisdom tooth extracted next week.. aiya.. abit scare lei.. geez... dun know what to do ah.. :X

SOC is another pain in the a*s.. timing taken from the trial.. abit inconsistent... sometimes, can run, sometimes cant.. running shldnt be much of an issue.. most imptly, must be able to clear the obstacles ah.. which, still now, i aint very confident in.. although i passed the timing and obstacles yesterday.. but, tat doesn't mean i can do the same during the test..

with the wisdom tooth extraction on the way, i wonder if i can keep myself in the condition i am now.. 1 week of MC.. then, totally no training at all.. oh my germaine!!!(*oOops*) :)

yesterday on my way back from woodlands, wa lao.. met with this inconsiderate fool in the train.. like many have experienced, this is my first time brushing shoulder with such an inconsiderate idiot.. he was blasting his hp music away lor.. i mean, if it is done in an open area, i wont barge de lor.. but, this as*hole actually continued with his ungracious act ah...

throughout the whole journey, was enduring the loud music blasting from his hp.. many a times, i took a glance at that idiot.. and, i am pretty sure he saw how annoyed i was.. but yet, still, doing it the way he was..

really felt he ought to be shot lah... wonder if there is any law stating that no individual shld create a nuisance outta themselves in the public.. if there really is one, i wonder if i can lodge a case against him.. hahaha.. *typical singaporean.. complaining/whining yet no action taken* =X

anyway, just a friendly reminder to all... pls be more attentive to your surrounding.. do what you like.. but, spare a thought for others too.. k? thanks.. =)