Wednesday, January 25, 2006

first posting in Singapore!

woohooo! finally get sometime to do my first posting in Singapore~~~

well... starting from Sunday.. the moment i stepped into my house... i was like... wooohooo!!! this place has changed loads!!! the tree at my void deck has been removed.. for some reason, my mum told me it was removed before i left Singapore.. but, i remember, it was there leh... whateva the case.. i just notice a difference in the environment!

next was my room... well.. it has become cosier.. with the addition of a new computer desk.. which my parents bought for me from ikea.. hmmm.. with the addition, it has also make the room more squeezy.. leaving very little space for me to move up and down.. but still, i kinda like it.. at least, its ultimately, my room! :P

after making a visit to my room, i started to unpack all my stuffs... oh.. btw, my luggage was weighting about 29KG!!! its so damn heavy lor.. luckily i curb my shopping spree during the last minute.. else, it will be way over 30kg, i think~ :P

as for the rest of the weekdays, monday to wednesday, i was busy!!! very busy, in fact! Presentations(3 in a row) and Final OSIP Report was definitely a killer... been being chased by the school staffs for us to complete the things.. alot of stuffs to be done ever since we touched down in Singapore.. its like, most of us didn't have a good rest at all... excluding fu ge lah.. as usual, he is living in his own world... always expecting people to update him... just like a big boss... but, the fact is, he is nothing but just a peanut to me... :P

oh well.. i think i shall stop this posting liao... coz, someone asking me to go take my bath! well.. who? make a guess lor... ;)


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