Monday, December 25, 2006


first of all, Merry Christmas to all!

may u be my friend, enemy or some stranger, may all the jingle bring you to ur wishes~

troubles being brought away from u too!

anyway, wa liew.. didn't have a good rest for this long weekend.. in fact, i "survived" thru this festive seasons in a manner worse than when i m in camp.. hahaha.. slping super late in the night.. oh man.. didn't know i still can do this.. :D

nonetheless, did enjoy myself though.. :D

had a wedding dinner during last sat.. another cousin of my just tied the knot..

while looking at them in their walk-around during the ceremony, many many thoughts came on to me.. hahaha.. thoughts tat one would never believe coming to me.. i didnt believe i will have such thoughts too.. hahaha..

curious what those thoughts are?

nothing much, seriously.. just that, at that glimpse of moment, suddenly, i thought that being married to the person you truly love is what one person can look forward to.. just imagine.. everyone taking precious time off their schedule just to send u their blessings.. (ok la.. some of them are just interested in the food.. but still, take it positively lor.. hahaa..) standing up and welcoming the newly wedded into the dining hall.. walking on the dried-iced-filled path towards the stage.. sound and look nice, rite? hahaha..

whateva i said, doesn't mean i m tempted to settle down soon hor.. just pretty envious over such moments.. dun even know if my will ever come.. haha.. :D


Genie said...

hey merry merry christmas! anyway you will get your Miss Right soon! no worriessss..! =)

ah ron said...

ho ho ho.. thanks, genie!

wonder where and when tat will be.. thought i found her.. but, ended out to be otherwise.. hahaha..

wateva the case, hope you are doing fine there! take care.. ;)