Sunday, December 31, 2006

last posting of the yr!

before i start, heres my wishes to all!

happy new year! "新的一年,新的开始" ... ;)

may all bygones be left as bygones.. may all happiness remain as happiness!! *wEeE~

been kinda tied down with my life recently.. wat sorta life? the army-army type lor.. hahaha..

once again, injured myself in the process of it.. hahaha.. hope there wont be any scars after the injury heals.. got confidence it wouldnt leave any.. :P

actually, dun really know what i wanna update abt myself.. if i really do wanna update, it might seem tat my life is like being the same as the past.. so, there isnt any much changes..

still the same old me!

watched "阿王新传" earlier on..

realised tat "简单就是幸福,而幸福就是快乐" didn't took me long to realise tat.. just tat, these simple words are just so meaningful even from the day i first know abt it.. till now, nothing changes..

"痴情和愚蠢只是一线之差", to others, devotion may be something u long for.. but, to the rest, being devoted may be an act of stupidity.. isnt it?

hahaha.. dun know whats got upon me.. just suddenly have all this "感触"..

unlike the times at India.. whereby i did a whole posting with chinese terms.. nowadays, i just dun wanna waste those time to do such weird weird things.. coz, i realised, i dun have much time le.. every sec. of my book out time counts! lol.. ;)

so, before i end this last posting of '06, heres a sentence to all!


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