Monday, October 31, 2005

last posting @ .sg for this year..

this would be my last positng for this yr @ .sg

sad, it might sound.. anxious for me, it might be.. but still, its a process whereby i need to learn and experience in order to advance in life.. serious..

like from what yh have stated in his blog's final posting.. there will be many many things for me to think of when i m away from singapore.. especially when it comes to relations from the heart.. oh well, i would say, things can be replaced, or even removed... but, memories can't.. its like what others always say, no one can ever torture u.. except for urself.. if u do not wish to remove a particular section of the memory from urself, it will never be removed.. it all depends on inidividual on handling such problems.. one can choose to remove and forget.. it all depends on him/her.. probably, tats the reason why i m feeling so vexed.. coz, i have chosen not to forget..

i believe tat at this point of time, i am having the option to forget.. why? coz, i finally found another person i feel for.. but, i dun think that i would take any action.. why? coz i am afraid to jeopardize another friendship like what happened to me before.. somehow, i think its gonna be like the situation i had.. so, yup.. kinda afraid in taking advances le.. hmmm.. juz act as if nothing had happened bah! moreover, i will be away from singapore.. hahaha.. gonna spend the nights there working hard.. work work work!!! dun think too much! even if i wanna think, i will spend my time thinking of my family and close friends! hahaha..

last but not least, to everyone/anyone writing this posting.. good luck to u in whateva u are doing.. and, may happiness be with u all..

alright.. shall stop blogging.. will send my regards via this blog site when i touch down in the new land.. India, here i come! i shall conquer!!! :D

Sunday, October 30, 2005

back! but, leaving soon..

finally.. back online.. my internet connection was dead ever since friday..

modem got short-circuited.. i suspect was becoz of the sudden shutdown of electricity for my whole block.. causing the modem to malfunction after it..

anyway, i spent all my time with my group of friends before i leave.. departure will be tomorrow, during the late afternoon time.. hai.. abit bu se de.. zhen de.. why? i also dun know.. gonna leave a place of comfy.. especially at this point of time.. whereby feelings are soar high..

hmmm.. i really really love hugging... tats all.. ! :X

Friday, October 28, 2005

it all happened in a flash!

everything around me seems to be passing thru so damn fast..

why i say tat?

hmmm.. its like just another 3 more days, i will be leaving Singapore for abt a period of 3mths time.. so fast, right... ? i believe so too..

what will i miss? lots and lots of stuffs! seriously.. i think i will miss the people here more than the food.. hahaha.. food, everywhere also have... what really matters is whether i can adapt to it..

ahhh.. finally put down one big boulder from my shoulder.. it feels so good to be free of it.. oh, btw, i saw that stupid police officer's name.. only a Corporal.. act big.. action bay dey.. aiyahz.. i think its pretty his nature bah.. an action action patrolman...

anyway, m feeling tired liaoz.. gonna go to bed.. nites! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

side effects!

hmmm.. lately, i have been plagued with the side effects of the anti-malaria pills..

havin' dizzy spells, easily agitated and at times, depression..

but, after some thoughts, maybe this could be due to pre-departure syndrome? ok.. i make this kinda sickness myself..

btw, dun take it as i m attention seeking.. coz recently, i juz wanna do short blog entries instead of the long ones i did during the past..

Monday, October 24, 2005


no.. not emotional feelings..

anyone ever know of the feeling whereby u have TWO washrooms at home.. and when you have the urge of visiting it, U CAN'T !?

wtf.. 2 washrooms also like tat.. pointless!

talking abt it...

hmmmm... life is so contradicting...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

medicines are so expensive..

three jabs and it costed me abt $120+.. excluding 21 anti-malaria pills($44.10), it costed me a total of $160+++... hai.. talking abt going for an overseas trip which is "paid" by school.. so many hidden cost!!!

hmmm.. anyway, was briefed abt the side effects of the pills.. i will experience symptons like depression.. anxiety.. nauseousness.. and even have nightmares... woooo... ! tats craziness... hahaha.. but, better play safe.. :P

ahhh.. so boring.. later gotta settle some personal stuffs.. hope it turn out well for me.. at least till what i expect..

life is juz so sad.. and, still, i hate that person who caused me so much trouble.. to HELL for U!!! *angish*

Friday, October 21, 2005

happiness... tats all i want now..

alright.. its like.. another 10 more days den i will be leaving singapore for almost 3mths.. hmmm.. guess i gonna miss this place much..

but, ultimately, what matters most is the people here.. how i wish i could just bring them all along with me.. if i m able to do so, even if u send me to africa, i also wouldn't mind.. at least, i still know that the people i care for are all around me..

so, whats in me now is to give as much happiness and laughter to my these people before i leave.. dun want to miss the chance to care for them.. who knows.. i might not even be back to .SG after the period of time away.. *choy*

:) :) :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

no comments needed!

*the posting requires no comments.. readers who read the posting are requested not to spread views over it.. if the above advice are not adhered to, then, the consequences shall NOT be held by the blogger!

the above statement is juz a disclaimer for this posting...

Been thinking while in training earlier on.. is the law here to deter people from straying to the bad side or just there to coz fear from others committing crimes.. ? hmmm.. to me, i dun think its either of it.. basically, i think that law is juz there to get things moving in the most orderly way as it is suppose to be..

BUT, recently, there are DOUBTS over my own view.. seriously.. i simply juz dun understand.. is law like what others use to say, "Law is blind and everyone is the same under it" ? alright.. lets talk more about this.. i juz simply dun understand this part.. giving a lenghty sentence and huge amount of fine can definitely make one remember the lesson.. but, does that mean that giving warnings and penalties which the offender can afford to reach the same effect? as in, giving them a lesson to learn from.. hmmm.. if the penalty and such are given to anyone who is a human being, come on.. everybody knows that there is a difference between the rich and the poor.. a rich person can easily afford the huge sum of penalty.. while a poor person can't.. is this what which is known as fairness? hmm.. i seriously doubt so..

now, another part which i dun understand.. how come theres totally no sense of forgive-ness in this world class society where i m in.. ? everyone is juz so indulged in knowing that this society have good security.. everything is safe.. blah blah blah.. but, have they thought that this society is losing its sense of forgive-ness just to be known as a safe and well secured place? everyone is so by the books till they have forgotten the roots of forgiveness..

whats the matter with everyone? i seriously dun feel any sense of humanity in everyone anymore... m very disappointed with things going on.. *sighz*

settling down~

err.. nope.. i m not marrying.. hahaha..

juz that i finally get to have a better rest after working throughout..

worked during the last weekend.. thought i could rest myself during sunday.. but, last minute kanna called up.. to work ! argh.. work work work.. dun think i can see the money that soon.. getting damn broke liao.. somemore, gotta pay some other stuffs.. take flu vaccination.. change currency.. oh man.. go where find so much $$$ ??? i really hope $$$ can juz drop infront of me.. and, hope its gonna be quite an amount.. hahaha..

recently, been going out with my friends.. though i don't sae this out infront of them.. but, i will say it here.. gonna miss you pple.. ! hope to crap more with u all before i fly.. :)

oh well.. gonna make this short.. take care, everyone! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

jealous + sad + guilty = lousy life..

so many emotions at one go.. how to handle it.. ? shld i juz stand tall and brave thru all odds over these sudden burst of different emotions? or, shld i juz find a place and hide away from them.. ? this have been in my mind ever since last night..

not long enuff.. ? but, it wasn't an easy job to get it along.. wasn't easy at all..

hai.. hope today would be a better day..

*praying real hard*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

travel packed!

been travelling around for today... up and down! tedious lor.. think i spent close to $8 for all the transportation fees... hahaha..

went to CMPB for medical checkup.. hmmm.. it took damn long lor.. abt 5hrs++.. winner sia.. the stupid survey and IQ test sux lor.. so damn long sia.. 100++ questions.. buey tahan.. dun know what they trying to test also.. was sitting infront of the computer feeling quite frustrated.. not coz i can't handle the questions... is that while handling the questions, my stomach is having a "war" within! lol.. when finally finished the IQ test, next came the 100++ questions survey.. argh.. took me abt an hr to complete..

once i completed the whole thing and ready to walk out.. i was already having a terrible gastric.. i felt my stomach totally numb with some pain over it.. juz tat i din cry out loud only.. if i were at home, i would probably be rolling about lor.. hahaha.. not exaggerating.. it is really the case! imagine i just had a slice of bread for breakfast.. then, its like.. way over the lunch time.. aiya.. wateva the case.. the medical checkup sux.. an advice for those who yet to go.. remember to EAT ALL U CAN before u go for the check up.. dun worry.. they won't ask u to jump abt.. so, u won't get upset over the heavy breakfast.. :D

oh ya.. i pity those fathers/mothers/gf/bf(is there any..) who were there to accompany their son/bf/gf(wateva..) i think they were the one suffering much more than the applicants.. hahaha.. at least we got to walk abt from stations to another.. they juz sit there and stare at pple walking ard.. so sad.. hahaha.. :D

alright.. better go get some slp soon.. only had 1++hr of slp for the last 48hrs.. :D

nitey, peepz.. ;)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

i dream!

hmmm.. for the past 2 nights.. i have been dreaming.. yeapz.. its already very long since i started to have such "activity".. hahaha..

both dreams, were mimicked me very truely in life.. what kinda dream?? yup.. u guessed it right.. its again dreams that involved feelings from the heart! hahaha.. who knows why i m having such dreams.. btw, why i said they mimicked my life is coz in it, i still m a wanderer in relationships.. hahaha..! (see.. even in dreams, i m so unsuccessful!!! :< )

theres even this part of the dream which i dread alot! the one i had on saturday nite was like.. i was walking past her workplace, yea.. i could have avoided it.., when i was damn close to the shop, she suddenly came out! in a split second, i turned back and ran away.. hahaha!!! damn freaking timid! i know! lol... the running part was also damn funny lor.. i ran like flash! in reality, how can one actually run at that kinda environment?? i mean.. the place is usually damn crowded one lor.. where did all the people in my dream went?? lol... even at this moment when i typed this posting, i m laughing at myself! hahaha.. why laughing?

got two reasons to this laughter.. firstly, laughing at my stupidity! fancy a guy.. doing such thing.. i only see this kinda scenes in show.. and, usually, i grade this kinda person as a fool.. !!! secondly, the "reality" level of the dream.. never thought i would reacted this way.. hahaha.. damn funny and cute.. ;)

just to share it with u pple out there.. :D


time really flies... it has already been 1 week since i started work at Scandent, my SIP company..

oh well, time there is so far quite lax.. we just breezed thru the first week lor.. and, like what i said earlier on.. its like a flash!

anyway, went out earlier on.. waa.. so long never go out liao.. the outside world seems a stranger to me.. really strange.. the feeling its like, "hmm.. is this my first time in Singapore" ? hahaha.. nope.. not exaggerating.. serious! i really wonder.. after my trip overseas, will i still know this place i grew up at.. ? its only one week since i last drove out.. whats more after 3 mths..

yup.. talked alot while i was out with my friend.. shes like keep listening.. and, me? contradicting myself.. saying things i have said.. maybe i just need a pair of good listening ears bah.. listen to me whine abt the simplest things in life.. up to the important ones.. (err.. did i ever say important stuffs? abit not true for a crappy guy like me leh!) hahaha.. see what i meant by contradicting myself? :D

oh man.. i think i will miss this place alot alot.. tonight is really a night how emotions.. not the type of emotions from the heart.. but, for the place i have been living for the past 21yrs.. :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


actually, i have already drafted out a posting two days ago.. juz that i din post it up.. so, it isn't tat i m MIA.. juz that i really din have the time..

now, i m feeling very down.. somehow, i think i m feeling damn emotional too.. kept thinking of the past.. the memories which i had for 2-3weeks.. they are the sweetest of all..

really.. missing someone is such a chore.. its worst than being confined at home.. why? coz it juz suddenly turn u into a human being with no concern over whats happening ard u.. somehow, it is also making me feel sick.. no sick of it.. as in, fallen into a state of flu..

i sense that recently, she ain't coming in here anymore.. but still...


Sunday, October 02, 2005


yeah! finally.. blogged nonsense for the 100th time already.. ahhaha..

alright.. last few days was quite a challenge.. why? coz there was so many many outings.. hahaha.. almost everyday, full of outings.. really living my life to its fullest and stretching my freedom to its max!

heh heh.. thursday, theres a dinner outing with my caregroup mates.. purpose of the outing is to celebrate one of our ex-caregroup mate's bday.. fun, it was.. but, started out pretty bad as i was having a pretty bad mood swing.. hmmm.. dun know la.. wateva it is, it only managed to disappear 2hrs later.. after the meal, we went to mount faber.. the place was having a private function but, still, the pple manage to find us a cushion seat.. after much thinking, we decided to give it a skip as the place was damn noisy.. not forgetting the intimacy of couples sitting beside us.. wooohooo! when heading back to the vehicle, suddenly thought of taking a look at the night scenery.. strikes back some memories.. memories of me going there with her... weeeheee~~~ i sure adore that moment there.. its nice.. ;)
back here.. anyway, the place didn't work out.. so, we juz carried on our journey to some other place.. halfway thru, sui wanted to go home.. so, fetched her home.. after tat, jac also wanted to leave us.. likewise, fetched her home.. the next destination was to a place where i loved.. yeap.. the starry starry night is very visible there! thats beside changi airport.. :)
been very long since i last went there.. this time round, with a bunch of friends.. had some memories there too.. really like it there also.. had fun there with my friends.. talked abit.. and rest awhile before deciding to end the day!

friday was outing with my ENC course mates.. another fun outing.. juz relaxed and had fun.. oh.. not forgetting to mention 2 incidents.. which my friends are always mentioning... firstly, the incident whereby i took wanxin's dog for a walk.. but, her dog is so attached to her that she does not want to move! i also dun know why.. dun ask me.. but, when it decided to move, it headed straight towards another dog.. walked by 2 ladies.. and ya.. the whole group of them juz shout out that i wanna know the 2 ladies using the dog as an excuse.. as usual.. seriously, it was juz a accident.. not a planned one! :
next, was tat genie was drunk! as she was sitting on those stone chair.. there wasn't anything she could rely on.. so, she was like using the drunken stance.. turn here and there.. losing her center of gravity.. hahaha.. to prevent her from falling, i sat on the same chair with her.. then, trying to hold on to her whenever she uses her "stance"... like that also kanna shoot.. thanks hor, buddies! u know who u are.. (eric, yh and jason)..

saturday was a day of VCD! stayed home to watch "我和僵尸有个约会3之永恒国度".. nice!!! very nice.. chiong throughout.. the last show i remembered chionging was huan zhu ge ge.. hahaha... i watched it.. so ? hahaha... :D
but, during the night, was a hectic one.. chionged dota thru-out! game game game.. then, as usual, after game, go eat breakfast! loL...

as for sunday.. went out with eric, yh and jason... went bugis area.. bought a flash drive for my dad.. and a business pants for myself.. :)

think i shall end this blog posting.. coz i playing game with them now! hahaha.. can't concentrate.. later kanna scolding.. :P

before i do so, i juz wanna wish eric all the best at shanghai!!! take care, 四弟 !