Saturday, December 16, 2006

regi-mental duties?


kanna guard duty last weekend.. was like.. everything also rushing..

rush here and there.. rush till i lost my 11B..

ho ho ho.. good for me.. my this loss will cost me 50SGD.. weehee~~~

anyway, did loads of physical training ever since i entered my new unit..

wonder why so chiong.. hahaha..

at the end of the day, i will be a skinner person ba.. tats the only motivation i can think of.. lol..

till now, i am still thinking why do i have this affiliation with weekend guard duties.. people claim tat it is regimental duties.. but, i think it sounds more like punishment to me.......... ~

realise i didnt do much updates lately...

ok.. i just realise something.. think that the second half of this yr is really isnt a good one for me..

firstly, fallen outta what i deemed, my best relationship ever.. next, had a rather serious stomach flu.. vomitting so much that it really shocked me.. after which, start to loss many things, ie. my 11B, my jockey cap.. lastly, got lousy posting orders...

maybe, to some people out there, these might not be the worse thing ever happened.. but, to me, it meant loads.. especially the very first one..

oh man.. when will things turn to the better for me...???

hopefully santa would be kind enuff to give me what i want..

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