Saturday, March 04, 2006


been some time since i last updated my blog...

anyway, been out lately till the wee hours... having fun ever since i started picking up my driving.. *grinZ*

went many places... including my ENC Chalet... chill out sessions... and many others!

one thing worth mentioning.. JewelBox at Mount. Faber is really nice!!! they have a fantastic ambience up there.. with many many customers from the different walks of life.. not forgetting, the pretty and interesting waitress who took our order.. hahaha..

it started out with a cocktail named, "Pussy Foot"... the waitress thought my friend was asking for "Seafood"... hahaha.. and she kept repeating, "No seafood here..." then, we were like, "diaO~"... hahaha.. finally she got the drink's name.. then, i wanted to order 2 bowls of french fries... so, i told her, "Can i have 2 bowls of fries?" she repeated the order as, "2 boils of rice"... she must be wondering.. why on earth is this bunch of pple ordering rice for?! and, we were wondering, why would we want rice for?! LOL... then, she apologized for her mistakes... ahahaha... funny waitress.. :P

oh well, other then tat, nothing much happened... tat explains for my life over the past week.. ;)

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