Saturday, October 14, 2006

a week of injuries!

little injuries i had during the course of the week~

a blister on my left hand.. was bloody looking on tuesday.. hahaha..

another blister... but, on my right hand... likewise, was also bloody looking on tuesday.. wonder if i left any blood trace back at the swing trainer.. =X

oh.. this one.. a scratch mark i had during my navigation course in the vegetation during the night.. small cut.. but, wonder why.. was really painful when u touch it..

errr... yup.. i fell down during my solo walk in the thick vegetation.. haha.. stupid me.. but, was really fun..

come to think about it, injuries seem to be something which will be common to me in the coming years.. injury-prone liao.. maybe, i shld try to be careful ba.. but.. hahaha.. dun know..

i shld still honour my promise to those i promised that i wont hurt myself.. rite? *gRinZ*

oh.. btw, i came across this statement, which i find it very meaningful, while reading the newspaper..

"The lower your expectations are, the lesser impact of sadness you will get"

Although it isn't the actual statement.. but, the meaning of it is still the same..

everyone shld learn how to take things in simplicity.. in tat case, no one will get hurt in the course of it.. the lower your expectations are.. the less posisbility of you getting hurt at the end result of it..

wouldn't tat be wonderful.. ?

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