Tuesday, September 12, 2006

short term memory...

hmm.. been wanting to put this up.. but, always when i logged into blogger, i forgot what i wanted to blog.. hahaha...

anyway, here it comes...

Life to me is like a puzzle.. if you loss a few pieces, you will never be able to complete it.. At times, if the pieces are from the sides of it, you might still be able to complete it.. only that it wouldn't be as nice as a complete picture.. BUT, if you happen to loss one which is suppose to be in the middle of the puzzle, you are INCOMPLETE!!!

that is what which is happening to me now.. tat explains why i am in a flustered mood recently.. added on by the fact that there are negative comments passed around by someone.. which i think i shouldn't be bothered with..

hmmm.. there is another part which i wish to add on..

If you have lost the piece of puzzle which is suppose to be in the middle, never never take a piece from another puzzle to fill it in.. it will either be too big or too small.. thus, making the puzzle piece look outta place.. or, even hurting that puzzle piece..

only the wise will understand.. *sighz*

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