Tuesday, August 30, 2005

weird dream

wooo! finally had a dream! its been so long since i last had a good slp together with a dream! but... its weird.. a really weird dream!!! super duper weird lor..
dun know why.. maybe the dream is trying to hint me on something.. i dun know.. i seriously dont..

here goes the dream....

i dreamt that theres alot of pple.. pple who are close to me... u can say that there are almost all my relatives in my dream.. in it... they were all very busy.. busy preparing for something... something which is known modernly as W-E-D-D-I-N-G! hahaha.. whose wedding.. ? errr... someone of the name of aaron.. lol.. sounds like my.. right? yeap.. its my!!! lol...

errr.. the way i got hooked up with my "soon-to-be" partner was also in a very weird manner.. i mean.. we juz got together as a "couple".. errr.. in my dreams couple.. hahaa.. curious to know who my partner is.. ?? ooo.. she can be known as one of my childhood friend.. i shall not mention any names here as it isn't a very good thing to do.. anyway.. the important thing is we juz got hooked up together.. juz like tat.. weird, right? ok.. but to the story... we were like very close to each other while the preparations got going.. errr.. for those trying to define the "close" i mentioned earlier on.. nope.. its not those kinda physically close.. two persons' event... okok.. quite physically close la.. but its those kinda blissful type of close.. the feeling is good.. not good coz i m with her.. good as in i have finally taste the truthness in love! i adore such dreams telling me life is still wonderful.. i seriously adore it! maybe coz in the reality, i dun get such feelings that willingly? dun know.. but if i really get it, i will definitely cherish it like no one else do! :D

hectic days coming to an end.. ?

ooo.. hope not.. coz i starting to get used to this kinda lifestyle... its nice and fun in a way or two... moreover, it spares me no time to think of any other stuffs.. woohooo.. nice way to escape from reality! :D

alright.. been working on the major project report.. we had sent up a whopping 100+ pages report.. woooo.. feel nice.. but juz abit.. weird.. coz my other mates did so much more.. wanted to squeeze more outta my functions.. but, i think its not necessary.. not coz i lazy.. juz that i feel that the stuffs i did was already enough for the evaluator and supervisor to understand.. need not go into so deep.. dun think they are that noob.. rite.. ?

oh well.. those were the major project's nonsense which i went thru during the past few dayz.. now, am still stuck with it.. only for a day or two.. need to touch up on the stuffs which are not done yet.. at least, i would say.. my major project is much more bigger in scope as compared to others... shall not pin-point at any of the others' project.. hahaha.. bleahz.. =P

still feeling slpy after a 4hrs+ nap.. think i gonna go take a deeper nap le.. waking up later to continue with my work.. good nite, everybody.. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2005


alright! while on my way home, saw the news via TVMobile.. the verdict for the child kidnapper, Took Leng How, is to be sentenced to death..

quite serious of a verdict passed on to someone, thats to me la.. but if he really is the murderer and i was the judge who passes the sentence, i would probably sentence him to life imprisonment with no remand..

i mean.. its like sentencing a murderer to death is simply juz too easy for him/her lor..they ought to suffer more than this.. thats what i think.. moreover, its like, juz sentencing to death.. tats all.. he/she ended someone's life with no regrets.. and if the justice ends his/her life, i think the murderer will probably have no regrets too.. coz he/she is just too cold blooded to have any.. isn't it?

aiyah.. saying so much won't have any conclusion de.. so, ya.. juz say say only.. :P

ooo.. juz now in sch was pretty pissed.. especially at the end of the major project lab session.. its like.. the stupid lab technician is full of shit lor.. i really dun think he deserve his job.. i mean.. why would a lab technician be so strict?! his face simply tells me like i owe him a living like tat.. what kinda attitude is this.. ? oh, come on.. i think a man of his age probably will be more concerned about what our prime minister have said in his national day rally.. service!!! not as if we don't pay his wages.. i m not referring to that he is suppose to listen to us or being commanded by us.. juz that his attitude is way too much for someone to withstand lor.. i dun think even the lecturers have such stinking attitude lor.. he ought to curb his lame and short temper.. really feel like lodging a complaint over him.. come on la.. if u say it properly, pple will not blame u lor.. but if u used that freaking tone of voice to talk to others, even the most forgiving person will get upset over it de lor.. wake up ur stupid idea and start changing ur lame attitude.. it would definately do u good!

after saying so much.. ok.. i think i shall go lodge a complain.. grrr... plz do not have the idea that i m a complain king.. juz that i can't stand that person's attitude.. *puiz*

no more chance liao!

hahaha.. from the title, anyone or everyone shld knoe what i mean..

hahaha.. actually, from the start, i know the results le.. juz tat i persist.. for what? i also dun know.. maybe, its for the term, MIRACLE, bah.. hahaa.. its a word which can make wonders.. but, i juz dun have the fate with it.. tats all i can say!

grr.. dun know what i writing also.. been contradicting myself these days.. maybe due to project stress bah.. or, even could be.. i m no longer that sound minded like i was three yrs ago.. poly life juz makes pple change.. change to the better or worse? its for u to judge..

if i gonna make a judgement of my own now, i think it have make me deteriorate.. lots of stuffs happened during this time space of 3 yrs.. alot alot alot.. from the good to the bad.. but, i din expect it to end this way.. serious.. i din!

juz too much stuffs in me now.. dun think i wanna continue with this posting..

bye bye.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

mood changes.. ~

started the day in a haste today.. which is what i dun really like..

coz, its like whenever i do so, i will perspire like a tap.. i can't be turned off tap... which is damn irritating!!!

anyway, the mood changed when i went to the usual bus stop where i wait for my bus.. haahaa.. i saw her again!!! oh man.. i thought i was already late.. as in, will miss the timing.. but, din expect to see her coming later than me lor! lol.. i would still like to emphasize it.. its a 90% striking resemblance!!! argh~! hahaha.. but, it was nice to start my day this way.. as in, it brightens up ur day as u see what u wanna see and remember.. doesn't it.. ??? woohooo.. come on.. come on.. give me more perks of life bah!!! like what i said in my previous posting... its amazing how such little things in life make u feel much better... wooo... zhen happy wor.. ;)

now, like i always have in my posting.. some worrying stuffz... think that these days she is having a lowest point of her life bah.. she seems to me, like very sad leh.. dun know why.. or is it towards me only? oh well, hope everything turns out fine! in a way or two bah.. :)

life is only wonderful with challenges met.. it will be boring and down if everything is stagnant.. isn't it.. ? tats why sometimes when i whine abt stuffs, i actually cherish that moment as i have stuffs to whine abt.. :)

u take care, ok? dun forget to put on that smile u have.. it not only brightens up ur day.. it will also brighten up pple around u.. :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a happy day!

hmmmm.. today on my way to school, btw, its my first time coming so early to school on a wednesday.. serious.. its so early lor.. usually i come to school on wednesday at ard 1100hrs - 1200hrs... today, at 0930hrs!, never mind.. but to the main topic, i saw two interesting things...

firstly, ya.. i did it on purpose.. i saw that person whom i mentioned in the early postings.. the ger who reminds me of another person! hahaha.. its been pretty long since i last saw her.. errr.. i think its abt 1/2 a month bah.. not very sure abt the exact timeframe.. but, in any ways.. i saw her this morning! its like.. she really has a 90% resemblance to her! i think mainly coz she really looks like her bah.. oh.. something which i din mention.. this person i always see at the bus stop isn't a TP student.. she seems like someone who is contributing to Singapore's workforce.. hahaha.. never mind.. today, she sat pretty far away from her usual seat.. maybe coz its already taken up bah.. thats why she sat so far! the journey to school always seem so fast whenever she is in the same bus with me.. dun know why.. something pretty weird, rite? dun wish to know why anyway.. juz wanna keep this unique feeling within me! main reason for it, she simply reminds me of her! :)

next, it is neither something which everyone can see nor a daily occurance... i saw two kitties(oops..) mistake.. its cats... they are like.. hmmm.. how shld i say it.. errr... preparing for the next generation? hahaha... they were like doing it so publicly lor... everyone were looking at them.. looking at their two-cat performance.. hahaha.. they shld have rate it R21.. hahaha.. besides looking at them, there is this lady who even went to interfere with their performance.. i think the lady probably thinks that the male performer is trying to rape the lead actress.. hahaha.. funny! while looking at them, i kept wanna laugh out loud lor.. luckily it was in the public.. else, i would probably be rolling on the ground and bursting into laughter! ahhaha... cute lor.. wanted to take a photo of them performing.. but, its like very rude.. hahaha.. so, decided not to.. guess i can't treat u pple to some eye opener! :P

these are just some perks of life to me! its amazing how these little stuffs that occurs in life juz simply brighten up someone's day.. isnt it.. ? i hope i can have daily perks to keep me going.. too bad, i dun have a permanent one! but still, i will treasure this little wish of my.. like the chinese saying goes.. xi wang zai ren jian! ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005


here are some of the snapshots taken at Student Awards Ceremony 2005!

Recipients of Best Constituent Club 2004/2005!(With their 2 main advisors!)

四大猛男 !

hahaha.. not enuff of it, right? juz too bad.. coz the camera was kinda cannot make it during that day... coz i configured the camera to use the brightest flash it has.. therefore, the slightest movement of the hand will cost the photo to be blurred... bleahz... as soon as i receive the rest of the photos, i will post up more of it! :)

anyway, it has been a quite a massive week for me.. many many things happened.. making accounts of it.. last monday, gotta hand up 2 projects at one go.. wednesday, lots of things to do day.. paid up the road tax and such... thursday, INTSC 05/06 AGM... the day whereby i was in all white, alright.. almost all white..., and friday, of course, the Student Awards Ceremony! sat & sun, was working at chan bros! :)

oh.. it was also a week whereby i fetched Gisele home thrice!!! hahaha... gotta fetch her home as she couldn't catch the last bus back.. moreover, it isn't convenient as it is still lunar 7th month.. hahaha... so, there goes three trips down bukit panjang! wooohooo... but, its okay!

during the last trip down to bukit panjang, we had quite a chat.. yup.. juz a chat.. a chat more abt me than her! i think, during that night, she started to know a new aArOn.. errr.. not a better aArOn.. but a worse one! hahaha.. wanna know further details? ask her! :D

alright alright.. heres a snap on the conversation... of course.. the hot topic of all conversation, relationships...

gisele told me that i shldn't be so stubborn at times... which meant tat i shld give up on things i m trying to pursue.. not saying i m rite or wrong.. juz that she felt its quite a load of wishful thinkin'.. tats what i think she thinks la.. hahaa.. my answer to her? nah! not everything is so easily to be taken up and let go.. not that i dun wanna let go at times.. but, its juz simply not an easy task.. sorry to disappoint u, gisele! but, that is what u shld expect from a taurian! hahaha.. it was also the night whereby she knowz i m a taurian... and, i showed her what a taurian is make of! stubborness! :D

oh ya.. she also analysed the situation for me.. hahaha.. the analytical results.. like what she kept emphasizin'.. asking me to 放弃 lor.. reasons like maybe i m not the type for her.. maybe shes not ready.. and even shes attached! aaaahhhhh! so hurting to someone pursuin' his/her happiness.. its juz like takin' a knife and stabbing straight into my heart! but, its okay.. i know in the end, its all 为我好.. right, gisele!? :)

alright.. enuff say! time to do some work... everyone, take care, kae? here are my last words for this posting...


Friday, August 19, 2005

yesterday nite's feelings...

我觉的我是真的很没用!没用。。。没用。。。没用。。。! 面对你,我真的感觉到十分的不知所措。。。应该和你说话。。。或者安静的站在一傍看着你。。。真想和你说几句话。。。但是我拿不出那种勇气。。。。。。。。。真的很没用!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hectic dayz are not yet over!

woohooo.. like what the topic of this post suggests... hectic dayz ain't over yet!

been tied down by many many projects these dayz.. project here project there.. kinda sick of it.. but, thats part and parcel of poly life.. isn't it? heh heh.. gotta learn how to accept it as the near future would be something like tat if i plan to enter the IT industry.. still looking into my options.. hopefully i can get a job to my liking.. *grinz*

today will be a packed day for me.. gotta go have my haircut.. gotta go LTA to pay the road tax.. then, go back to school for more projects.. wahhaha.. 真爽! hahaa.. abit 便态 hor.. dun know.. tats me, anyway.. ;)

oh.. something to highlight.. VERY SAD ah!!! no presidential election @ singapore.. not that i find it fun.. juz that i hope to see the pple evaluate on the current president's term of office.. see the number of support votes he get.. this would kinda strenghten his support if he returns to the office.. wouldn't it? hai!

oh.. another thing!!! i m turning fat... !!! ok.. not as if i ain't fat from the beginning.. juz that i m fatter now! :X


Sunday, August 14, 2005

我最深情的感受 ... outta spontaneity!

tonight, suddenly, feel very emotional.. so emotional that i went to download NJStar's chinese words processor.. to write out an emotional part of me.. for the someone that i m waiting for.. sometimes, i might seem not caring towards u.. there are times whereby it seems like i have forgotten you... but, deep within me.. i hope u will know.. i have never plan to let u go.. althought there are times whereby i felt like letting u go.. but still, i carried on.. hoping that there will be a change of heart.. hoping that u will let go of your past.. and start a new chapter of your life with me.. though everything seems abit far-fetched from the way things are now, but, i will still hold on to it.. holding on till one day, one day.. things will hopefully change to the better.. a miracle to happen..

the following are dedicated to you..


hopefully u will get to see this posting...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

mentally tired!

oh well, this time round, its my mind that gets so tired that i juz fell flat on my bed earlier on.. dozing off after juz less than a min.. definitely its less than a min!

i can feel that i m not tired physically.. but, mentally instead..

my body tells me that it needs no rest.. but my mind says otherwise..

amazingly, like stated above, it took my less than a min to go reporting @ my dreamland..

fine.. too tired to dream even though i m in the land of dreams.. hahaha..

anyway, did ENAD and abit of CMSK projects today.. oh man.. my major project's evaluator came on to wanna see my proto-type of the project.. but, i can't produce it!

how to produce it when i m so pre-occupied with other projects? argh..

like what i have been telling others.. during yr1, everyone seems to care lots for the main examinations.. now, yr3, no one seems to care for it.. all attention are directed to the projects!

what a change.. no wonder we are polytechnic students.. handling all these kinda changes in workstyle as and when come.. versatile is the word to describe us bah! ;)

anyway, today, two persons asked me why i wore a ring at my last finger.. i simply told them tats to remind me to stay single.. hahaha.. nothing significant.. maybe i juz need to tell myself.. not to fall tat easily bah.. else, i might juz walk into a bottomless pit like i did.. seriously.. like what the usual type of guys have for feelings.. if i dun fall for someone, i really dun.. but, if i do.. i will juz go crazy over it.. yeap! thats aArOn! heh heh.. :D

now, i m feeling much more better.. as in no longer slpy.. how to be slpy when theres so many things yet to be done? coupled with a bath earlier on.. think it will take me sometime, at least not below 1 min, to fall aslp again! *grinz* ;)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

damn! i m in love again!!!

sh!t man.. i m so in love again!!!

but.... something new about this new love i found.. or, shld i say.. i had!

and... the person i love is so super nice to me!

giving me space to breathe..

space to live in..

accomodate me even though she have to do the same to alot of pple out there..

sometimes, she also have to face the possibility of me rubbishing her...

most importantly of all.. she accepts my love quietly and most certainly..

u are juz so lovely.. no wonder i fell for u, S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E !!!

hahaha.. hApPy 40th BiRThDaY!!! *mUaCkS* (ok.. where shld this kiss goes to.. ? hmmm...)


anyway, i m gonna be damn occupied with my work lately.. hai! its gonna be a long long month.. ! damn.. relaxed too much during the past.. now, coming back to the regrets period! tats the usual lifestyle of poly students bahz.. fine fine fine.. me only la.. hahaha..

another thing.. went shopping with daniel and guowei in the afternoon.. bought a ring! yeapz.. wanted to get one for quite sometime le.. finally got it today! heh heh..

before i end this posting, once again, wanna wish singapore a happy 40th bday!!! :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

jazz nite!

oh man.. tonight is such a jazzy nite!

been listening to my jazz collection ever since i got home at around 1..

feeling very jazz now.. hahaha.. maybe shld upload all my jazz collection to my neeon later.. :D

anyway, juz wondering.., maybe coz of the conversation i had earlier with someone.., why do pple always pressurize in a relationship? especially when theres a break-up.. somewhat, i dun understand.. but, after some serious thinking, i came out with two conclusions.. firstly, maybe the person pressurize the other party coz he/she simply can't put the relationship off.. as in, fell too deeply for the relationship till dun wanna let go of it.. secondly, maybe he/she is juz feeling sore.. coz he/she ain't the one who initiate the break up..(this thought is abit extreme.. coz of ego!)..

what do u pple think?

frankly speaking, i have yet to try pressurizing the other party.. not coz i m always the one initialing breakups.. in fact, i am always the one kanna broken off.. hahaha.. maybe i m juz not the type whereby can have a long lasting relationship one bah.. ok.. back to the point.. i feel that pressurizing the other party in an attempt to get back a broken relationship is only juz an option to turn to when theres totally no hope.. but, pple juz simply keep using it as an excuse to get back the relationship, thus, making it insignificant in the end.. i mean.. whats the point of telling the other party, "i feel like dying...", "i will kill myself..", "i will jump off my flat", "i will go against the law", "i will go bang down the wall of my room..", etc., aiyo!!! its so silly lor.. hahaha.. maybe i got use words like the above before, but, not of what i can remember.. still, it isn't the way to go for.. isnt it?

hmmm.. really dun know.. as i told my friend earlier on.. maybe i shall try it next time.. if i have a chance to.. hahaha.. hopefully not sia! coz, it will be very childish of me to do so.. moreover, i have a promise to keep.. a promise which i make to myself.. ending my count of relationships at 6.. currently is already the 5th broken relationship i had.. hahaha.. which effectively rules out any further relationship than the next one..

hmmm... am ready to have my 6th in my life.. but, too bad.. 6th doesn't want me.. hahaha.. wait bah.. wait till one day she might have a change of heart.. its not going to be an easy wait.. but, willing to give it a try! ;)

aiyah.. dun know la.. really sad to know that i have lost my feelings.. juz like an animal.. totally no feel for things anymore.. ok.. not all animals.. maybe, i shall start looking into accepting pple into my life the way they are? not as easy as juz saying.. it take lots of effort to make it a reality!

shall start doing some work le.. though abit slpy.. still, gotta pull myself to do some work!!! nites, peepz.. ;)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

some things juz can't be forgotten...

ah!!! CCN day finally over.. all the sellings and squeezin' is literally put to an end! no more hard selling tactics.. no more squeezin' with the crowd of students juz to get around.. hahaha.. it was fun.. but also, sometimes, infuriating..

why infuriating? problems with organising it.. and the job scope of all members contributed to the factor.. hahaha.. shall not talk much abt it..

anyway, the results of CCN is almost like last yr.. hahaha.. profit? so damn little lor.. hahaha.. i think, this yr, it will be a loss for us instead.. coz the stupid school came out with stupid coupons.. we got a huge amount of coupons.. and news spreading around says that the coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.. oh man.. think the $$$ we contributed in might not come back to us in full le.. hahaha.. $15.. i think can only get back $12 - $13 dollars lor.. hahaha.. never mind.. juz take it as the rest are for charity purposes.. shldn't be a problem bah.. ;)

now, wonder why i put the title of this blog as that? oh well, i also dun know what title to put.. so, juz put it as tat..

btw, i use to see this lady almost very frequently during the morningz.. she is like her! really... in terms of look.. in terms of style.. almost similar to her lor.. juz that this lady is the more matured kinda her.. err.. maybe coz of the dressing bah.. hahaa.. sometimes, it becomes an addiction in seeing someone.. especially when u frequently meet up with this person.. whether it is accidental or in purpose, u juz simply can't forget him/her.. its like a daily routine.. this person has become a part of ur life.. but, i also know.. to remove this person from ur life, it definitely takes a great effort of perserverence.. trying to erase all memories.. for example.. formatting your computer with all the important files in it.. its a very hard to do decision.. and the process is definitely gonna hurt u in a way or two.. what matters most is how u try to forget it.. whether by using time or getting urself pre-occupied with stuffs or even keep saying u will forget it.. hahaha.. but if u still can't get over with it, congratulations.. u have stepped into something like a bed quicksand.. the more u struggle, the more u sink.. hahaha.. all u can do is juz sink in further bah.. :D

anyway, think what i have written is juz a lump of nonsense.. hahaha.. juz feel like blogging.. thats all.. :D

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

dedicated to Sub Com. members of INTSC AY04/05

now, heres for some of the sub com. members who i have worked with!

Jinrong : hahaha.. know each other even before we got to know each other further @ INTSC.. guess somehow, we psycho-ed u into the sub com.. rite? thats if i remember correctly la.. heehee.. know that u have been a great help ever since the start of the AY.. been actively involved in our events.. helping up whenever it is possible.. but, mainly, u have really left me a great impression during the Orientation Leader Training Camp.. and of course, my event, Week Zero Orientation ! hahaha.. responsible person, i muz say.. another thing, this person is CRAZY!!! she gets really high whenever there are fun stuffs around! still remember how she lost her voice during Week Zero.. hahaha.. "sexy" voice wor!!! heh heh.. hope to see ya ard.. and, thanks for ur help! :)

Yvonne Zeng : shes the organizer of the TP Open House 2005 event.. though she didn't really outshine during the event itself, as in, making herself high profile..(guess she is juz shy), but in actual fact, she have been very actively involved in the planning of the event... if it wasn't for her, the event wouldn't have tasted such a sounding success! besides the Open House event, she have also helped alot in Week Zero Event.. can still remember how she tried to sabo me at LT4.. hahaha.. fun! thanks alot, yvonne! ur help was definitely felt and appreciated!!!

Sheila : haahaa.. still remember how u shouted throughout the Week Zero Event.. err.. most prominently, the tour around the school time.. hahaha.. hot weather makes u have rosy cheeks, rite? hahaha.. "Do u need some water??" does it rings a bell?? sounds like a sentence which Deputy Director told u.. rite? hahaha.. and, seriously, din know that u have no idea on how to dance the mass dance.. paiseh.. u shld have told me or the rest wat.. hahaha.. bleahz~ dun think haf a chance to work together anymore.. but, in any wayz, take care, kae? ;)

gosh.. really can't think of anymore sub coms to thank le.. oh well, now, for my own thoughts to the sub com as a whole..

u pple have been nice.. nice enough to help up whenever we need u all to.. sometimes, the help came w/o much comments.. while there were times whereby complains and comments flew about the LT.. especially whenever we have an event de-brief.. not saying that it isn't good to comment and complain.. in a way or two, these comments make us more productivity for the other events.. but, some of them came to us as unfair remarks.. such as how come the event cannot be planned earlier.. as everyone knows.. not everything we want, we can get it.. this goes same for us.. hope u pple understand.. overall, really happy to work with u pple for two semesters! it was fun! ok.. i had fun.. what abt u? heehee.. (wonders how many sub com will read this posting... but, in anyway, as long as one of u read this posting, my effort won't be wasted! :P)

ok.. not all that i have worked with.. but, those who have left an impression in me! so, if i dun name u in this posting, doesn't mean that u are not noticed.. juz that the pple whom i posted here are juz pple who i have things to say to! :P

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

dedicated to INTSC Main Committee members of AY04/05

this posting is dedicated to the Main Committee members of INTSC AY04/05

below are words/thoughts which i wish to say..

Kenneth : Though its our first time working hand in hand @ the same committee, it was indeed a very good experience. You have always came into discussions at the right time.. solving conflicts and urging for solutions.. As a friend, you sure did not bad too.. always giving a helping hand and lending a listening ear.. hmm.. overall, i would say u have done well in both aspect of a com. member and friend! good job, well done!

Korn : A girl with an unique personality.. i would say, shes somewhat a treasure in the committee.. oh ya.. a bubbly ger too.. 80% of the time i see her, she would be laughin' her way through.. which is fantastic.. sure she brought up the mood of the committee whenever she is present.. heehee.. nice working in the committee with u! althought we din manage to work hand in hand.. heehee... :D

Gisele : ohh.. this is a siao char bor in the making! hahaha.. j/k! in a way or two, u shld be proud leh.. coz i rarely appreciate the time i spent with a siao char bor! hahaha.. always cracking lame jokez.. but, they are pretty funny at times.. :D i would say, shes a girl whose mind sure turns fast! conclusion, she has the gift of gap!!! knows when to say things and when not to.. a fantastic companion, indeed.. oh ya.. not forgetting, thanks for being my assistant!!! m really happy to have u as my assistant.. ;)

Phyllis : competent worker! always accomplishing all the work assigned to her.. if "work" is a person, i would definitely and strongly advise him/her not to get near phyllis! "one come, one down.. ten come, ten down!" i think thats her philosophy! hahaha.. anyway, its good to complete the work ard u.. but, make sure u dun neglect the pple ard u! as ultimately, its ur friends that matters most! jiayou for ur work! ;)

Wendy : ahhh.. this ger here.. another "treasure" of the committee.. hahaha.. always come out with weird weird ideas.. let it be ideas to problems.. or ideas to enjoy with the com. members.. it always turns out to be fun and nice! hahaha.. think u did well with ailin for the sop.. it was fun.. teachin' and training us to be entrepreneurs! hahaha.. next time if i set up my own company, i hire u as PR officer bah! :D

GuoJie aka Toufu : hmmm.. nice to have u around in the committee.. ur presense was definitely felt during the first half of the AY.. unfortunately, u became inactive during the rest of the AY.. but, still, it was fun to have u in the committee.. always coming out ideas! juz like Wendy.. but, ur ideas are abit weird during times.. hahaha.. still remember how we came out with many ideas to organise more events.. haha.. it was fun.. nice working with u in the committee!!! friends forever~ :)

Desmond : oh.. this is another competent worker of the committee.. ! never fail to deliver his assigned tasks.. always bring fresh ideas into plannings whenever theres a need for it.. very responsible too! hahaha.. but, sometimes, muz control ur temper, kae? been a great help for me in the plannings of Team Bonding.. hahaha.. having him as an assistant is like having two pple assisting u.. hahaha.. tats what i feel.. ;) all the best for ur upcoming AY ! promoted hor.. hehehe.. :P

Mervin : errr.. din really worked with him before.. quite low profile in the committee.. grinz~ all the best!

Daniel : hmmm... this person here have an analytical brainz.. hahaha.. always analyzing whats given.. and coming up with appropriate solutions for any potential problems.. think he would be good as an event planner! hahaha.. not forgetting the "M" sign we talked abt after carrying someone during OTC.. rite? hahaha.. ;)

Ailin : this ger here.. another "treasure" of the club.. hahaha... i tell u.. she has the designer brains lor.. creativity is what she have.. and, i would say.. she have abundance amount of creativity ah!!! hahaha... the notice board is one of her work.. nice and creative! really brings out the IT student kinda mentality.. hahaha.. :D

Xing Yi : This ger here.. very interesting.. hahaha.. remember when it was time for her event, she became abit "gan jiong".. hahaha.. panic button ah! hahaha.. she was pretty low profile in the first half of the yr.. but, slowly, became more involved in the activities.. hahaha.. back to her event, thought that it was pretty meaningful.. exposed me to the down syndrome society in .sg.. and, something more prominent.. changed my mentality of getting married after 30!!! due to the higher risk! hahaha.. scary.. :D

Mingsui : hmmm.. she have been around ever since i entered poly.. hahaha.. crazy ger at times.. but, also, a very thoughtful friend! hahaa.. yup.. we have actually planned to work together before we got assigned our tasked events.. initially, didn't get to work together.. but, in a twist of fate, we got to work on the Open House event as organiserz.. ahahah.. fun, it was.. successful, it is.. :D

Andrew : this guy ahz.. hahaha.. worst ah! the ah beng of our committee.. or, shld i say, ah beng wannabe.. :D fun to have u around.. the guys always flock together to talk abt gers.. hahaha.. and, this guy is the topic starter!!! *oops*.. hehehe.. alright man.. u take care.. dun flirt too much! dun wanna receive a wedding invitation that fast lor.. remember to use the "rubber" ah! ;)

Vincent : this guy damn low profile initially.. but, when it came to his event, Linux Day, we actually got to know that this guy is actually a super worker!!! serious worker!!! hahaha.. something i m jealous abt him.. he always have the "something" that makes him popular with girls ard! why ahz? hahaha.. teach abit leh.. ;) anyway, good luck in the army! become SOF ah! :D

Besides the main committee members.. would like to dedicate this posting to two other staff advisors...

Mr. Victor Foo : u have been great! indeed, a very good chairperson to our committee.. hahaha.. he is also a perfectionist wor.. ahaha.. very good and caring advisor.. we were very lucky to have him to assist us during our term of office.. a very big thank u to u for bring the success to what we are now! Best Constituency Club of 2004/2005 !!! xie xie ni! :)

Mr. Albert Toh : u definitely deserve my salute! as our Deputy Director, he have been very supportive in ALL the events which we planned for.. from the smallest event to the bigger ones.. u will definitely see him coming down to give us his support.. still remember when we are going for our poly forum trip.. Mr. Toh didn't manage to come to SP to accompany us.. instead, he sent us a SMS to wish us well ! which DD would do that? i think he is the only one around lor.. hahaha.. really thank him for giving us the freedom to organise our event.. greatly appreciated it! :)

Now, heres what i feel about the committee.. if i unwittedly said words which are not suppose to be seen.. plz forgive! coz, all these are words to bring encouragement.. not grudges! though this posting came abit too late.. initally, wanted to post it up on 31st July, thats the last day of our term in office, but, forgot to.. hahaha.. paiseh.. at least i came, eventually.. ;)

u guys take care, kae? see u all around.. :)