Sunday, August 27, 2006


seriously, i have changed.. i am no longer the person you all used to know..

wat changed me.. ? no idea.. i just felt that i need the change in me..

this time, i really fell in too deeply.. so deeply, that i lost all sense of myself..

you might think that i will be able to pick myself up along the way.. but, this isn't the picture in my mind now..

want to know what i have in my mind.. ? well, i wish to know too..

but, all i can reveal is only blank.. blank... and blank..

filled with only white and black.. can you please give me back the colours.. ?

remember the termed i used? "you brought colours into my life.. ?" you really did.. but, things seen to have changed.. i dun know how to further elaborate.. but, well.. enough said.. :(

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