Sunday, March 05, 2006

traveller... ~

well, as i have said in the previous posting... been going out ever since i picked up my driving after my return from india...

hmmm... really drove loads... i think, from just one week, i am able to drive round Singapore, at its perimeter, for about 3-4 rounds.. hahaha.. simply just feel like driving abt.. whether to a destination or not... still, juz wanna drive abt.. =P

went to Boat Quay just now... to have a meal at this Italian restaurant... the purpose of the visit is not just for a meal.. but, to celebrate in advance, Wendy's bday...

Many turned up... so, it was quite a crowd.. hahaa.. at there, i signed the biggest amount of money with my card ever since i got it.. it costed about $258+.. nah.. gotta pay my dad for the sum i signed.. so, no free meal for me and the rest.. LOL..

after the meal, went to Coffee Bean to chill.. but, didn't took us long before we decide to move on.. this time round, to Pasir Ris, Fisherman's Village..

a chill out session was what we had there... sitting down.. talking abt nonsense.. whatever we can think of, we just simply spilled it out.. hahaha.. as i wasn't really at the peak of my mood, i just simply sat there and look at the stars.. the planes that took off at the nearby Changi Airport.. nice.. love such moments.. but, would have been a better time if i had my dear with me.. :)

alright.. thats all for now.. till then, take care, folks! ;)

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