Thursday, January 19, 2006

tipsy.. turning.. twisting.. tossing..

no.. i didn't drink while at work..

just that, quite a number of things have been in my mind recently.. very pre-occupied with all these decisions to make.. as i have always been.. thinking of consequences.. thinking of how my decisions will affect the people around me.. deciding which is the best route out.. and, because of my indecisive-ness, many things get affected.. and usually, everything turns crazy!

why do always people have to make decisions which can very easily affect others?

why can't decision making be a happy thing to occur?

why does everyone have such high expectations of things/people around them?

why does all these have to happen?

why can't everything be simple like how i wish it is?

why meetings must have a deadline?

why happy times can't have an ever-lasting deadline?

why is there a deadline?

why "emotions" is a feeling?

why must i keep my promise?

why am i doubting myself?

why am i asking so many whys?

conclusion, i m no longer the decisive person i use to be..

1 comment:

ah ron said...

of course... every whys have their own reason for being mentioned in this posting.......