Monday, November 27, 2006


initally, it was a sprained ankle..

now, a sprained thumb!

hahaha.. shall take a few pics later to post it up..

stay tuned..

(damn.. another "pig leg"... -_-")

Saturday, November 25, 2006


hmmm... just finished my 28km road march last week... tiring it was... leg sore there was... but, happiness there is! coz, i have finally completed my course..

anyway, posted to some ulu ulu place.. dun know why cmpb gave me such a posting.. but, whatever the case, it is an order.. an order that i dun like.. but, dun seem like i have a choice of whether to take it or not.. isnt it.. ?

first, it was bmtc.. now, sispec.. whats more..

can i still take it? well, just wait and see then..

"Taking a step is always easy.. but, whenever you think of back tracking, it wouldnt be that simple"

one more thing.. i guess i just simply love polka dot dresses.. she really look cute and nice in it.. haha.. ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006


wooo.. attended a wedding dinner at rasa sentosa the night before..

nice place.. with loads of little "hills".. hahaha.. better known as slopes ba..

kinda nice to be there.. service was pretty so-so.. but, i am very sure that is gonna cost a big fat bomb to my cousin.. hahaha.. whateva the case.. the bill shld be consider as affordable to him ba..

got to meet up with many of my cousins during the event.. not forgetting, this one cousin who my parents always mention... saying that she was born just 2 days before me.. and, we had a swap of birth dates... coz, my aunt was suppose to give birth on my birthdate while i was suppose to be born on her birthdate.. aiya.. complication la.. hahaha.. you shld listen to the way my mum put it.. sure make u super paiseh sia.. hahaha..

oh ya.. after the wedding, went to many many places.. hahaha.. places including lim chu kang.. neo tiew rd(never heard before, rite!?).. gul rd(lots of interesting factories to be seen there!) and, second link! hahaha.. mostly the west side of singapore..

hmm.. not forgeting places like marina bay and this place known as 99 turns! first time being there.. nothing impressive at all.. seriously.. just some curves and bends around the road.. nevertheless, still, the place was somewhere outta the norm.. :P

Saturday, November 18, 2006


finally.. i am back!

hahaha.. no la.. have always been booking out every weekend.. just that, for this weekend, i am much free-er.. got nothing to do.. hahaha..

anyway, this week was really one hella' week for me..

nope! not coz of the trainings... it is all coz of the slack time i am getting lately.. hahaha...

life is such a "cheap" thing.. whenever you are too busy, you always complain about not having enough time.. and now, they are giving us so much free time, that we are starting to complain again!


one thing i realise while walking in the thick vegetation of the sunny island, pulau tekong.. that is... i always trip myself while walking in the jungle!!!

hahaha... like some little kiddo.. always tripping over.. till today, i only fallen once in the vegetation.. tat was at lower mandai.. wa lao.. tell you ahz.. that feeling was really really bad.. i simply fell flat on the ground.. and, for that moment, i couldn't bring myself up.. lucky for me.. after a breather, i got better and was able to pick myself up from that sorry plight of my.. terrible feeling it was!

damn.. one more week.. and, i will have some stupid rank.. i just wanna be a normal little soldier now.. coz, i am so afraid of having hopes and in the end, having it dashed.. tsk! who ask me to adore myself this much.. hahha.. sounds so "jian".. oh well, thats me.. just me, myself and i... =P

Sunday, November 05, 2006

past week...

hmmm.. the past week can be said to be pretty bad for me..

though most of the things did not happen on me, but still, i deemed it as being bad to me..

firstly, i am pretty upset over the fact that my sgt is gonna get charged.. charges on him although is based on facts.. i still dun think he deserves it.. all i can say is, my heart goes out to him.. i feel that he is being unfairly treated.. tats all i could say..

next, i dun know whats happening again.. hahaha.. thoughts just flood back into my mind.. thoughts of what i have done during this yr.. basically, i guess i have not achieved much.. but, during this kinda time, many would deem that this yr have been a wasteful one.. in fact, i feel it the other way rd.. although i have not achieved much, i do NOT have any regrets at all.. coz, my yr was spent with this meaningful person, whom has created a great impact in me.. this person have came to me in such an impactive way.. make me understand lots of things in life.. even till now that she is gone, she have never stopped me from learning new stuffs.. and discover more of myself..

for all i could say, i just want to thank her.. thank her for being there for me when i needed her the most.. thank her for teaching me the way of life(i guess she didn't know that she have done this much..) and, thank her for making her presense being felt this greatly on me..

thanks, lihong.. :)