Sunday, December 31, 2006

last posting of the yr!

before i start, heres my wishes to all!

happy new year! "新的一年,新的开始" ... ;)

may all bygones be left as bygones.. may all happiness remain as happiness!! *wEeE~

been kinda tied down with my life recently.. wat sorta life? the army-army type lor.. hahaha..

once again, injured myself in the process of it.. hahaha.. hope there wont be any scars after the injury heals.. got confidence it wouldnt leave any.. :P

actually, dun really know what i wanna update abt myself.. if i really do wanna update, it might seem tat my life is like being the same as the past.. so, there isnt any much changes..

still the same old me!

watched "阿王新传" earlier on..

realised tat "简单就是幸福,而幸福就是快乐" didn't took me long to realise tat.. just tat, these simple words are just so meaningful even from the day i first know abt it.. till now, nothing changes..

"痴情和愚蠢只是一线之差", to others, devotion may be something u long for.. but, to the rest, being devoted may be an act of stupidity.. isnt it?

hahaha.. dun know whats got upon me.. just suddenly have all this "感触"..

unlike the times at India.. whereby i did a whole posting with chinese terms.. nowadays, i just dun wanna waste those time to do such weird weird things.. coz, i realised, i dun have much time le.. every sec. of my book out time counts! lol.. ;)

so, before i end this last posting of '06, heres a sentence to all!


Monday, December 25, 2006


first of all, Merry Christmas to all!

may u be my friend, enemy or some stranger, may all the jingle bring you to ur wishes~

troubles being brought away from u too!

anyway, wa liew.. didn't have a good rest for this long weekend.. in fact, i "survived" thru this festive seasons in a manner worse than when i m in camp.. hahaha.. slping super late in the night.. oh man.. didn't know i still can do this.. :D

nonetheless, did enjoy myself though.. :D

had a wedding dinner during last sat.. another cousin of my just tied the knot..

while looking at them in their walk-around during the ceremony, many many thoughts came on to me.. hahaha.. thoughts tat one would never believe coming to me.. i didnt believe i will have such thoughts too.. hahaha..

curious what those thoughts are?

nothing much, seriously.. just that, at that glimpse of moment, suddenly, i thought that being married to the person you truly love is what one person can look forward to.. just imagine.. everyone taking precious time off their schedule just to send u their blessings.. (ok la.. some of them are just interested in the food.. but still, take it positively lor.. hahaa..) standing up and welcoming the newly wedded into the dining hall.. walking on the dried-iced-filled path towards the stage.. sound and look nice, rite? hahaha..

whateva i said, doesn't mean i m tempted to settle down soon hor.. just pretty envious over such moments.. dun even know if my will ever come.. haha.. :D

Saturday, December 16, 2006

regi-mental duties?


kanna guard duty last weekend.. was like.. everything also rushing..

rush here and there.. rush till i lost my 11B..

ho ho ho.. good for me.. my this loss will cost me 50SGD.. weehee~~~

anyway, did loads of physical training ever since i entered my new unit..

wonder why so chiong.. hahaha..

at the end of the day, i will be a skinner person ba.. tats the only motivation i can think of.. lol..

till now, i am still thinking why do i have this affiliation with weekend guard duties.. people claim tat it is regimental duties.. but, i think it sounds more like punishment to me.......... ~

realise i didnt do much updates lately...

ok.. i just realise something.. think that the second half of this yr is really isnt a good one for me..

firstly, fallen outta what i deemed, my best relationship ever.. next, had a rather serious stomach flu.. vomitting so much that it really shocked me.. after which, start to loss many things, ie. my 11B, my jockey cap.. lastly, got lousy posting orders...

maybe, to some people out there, these might not be the worse thing ever happened.. but, to me, it meant loads.. especially the very first one..

oh man.. when will things turn to the better for me...???

hopefully santa would be kind enuff to give me what i want..

Sunday, December 03, 2006


hmmm... was thinking of this the night before.. not while i m ready to slp.. but, at the time when i was at the beach.. hahaha..

what is love relationship to you.. ?

is it,

when you are feeling down, ur partner knows u r?

when you need someone to care for you, he/she must be there?

he/she must know what you are thinking of every minute, every second?

or, by isolating himself/herself from the rest of the world just for ur sake..?

frankly, i am very confused.. very very confused over what actually a relationship means to people...

in a relationship, how do you show ur partner that you care.. ?

i really dun know.. coz, i doubt my answer is correct.. so, till now, i have no answer myself...

as the sayings...

at times, i just simply cant stand myself.. having the urge of doing things which i know i shouldnt... ultimately, still i did it...


anyway, guess tats me ba...

slowly, loosening my grip onto the hopes.. but, surely, am going to hold on for a very long period of time...

anyway, was told tat the "break, patch" type of relationship is very common recently.. but, why isnt the common thing happening to me..? why ah...?

Saturday, December 02, 2006


hmmm.. seems like this year, i m pretty cursed...

sprained ankle.. strained thumb.. numerous falls.. broken relationship.. and, now, gastric flu! woohooo.. many many first times... as in, first time getting into that situation one la..

vomitted pretty badly on tuesday.. started from the wee hours.. thought it was just a simple case of food poisoning.. but, after a few thoughts, things seem to be fine for the others who dined with me.. so, the problem lies on me only..

the way i vomitted.. first time in my life sia.. vomit till like tat... damn jialat sia.. buey tahan..

so, went to see the doc during the afternoon time.. was also running a temperature.. then, doc prescribed a few medication for my consumption.. which i thought will be better...

things went for the adverse yesterday.. started to have breathing difficulties.. thinking that things have turned bad, immediately, went to see the doc again.. no! i didnt doc hop.. i went back to the same clinic.. go into the same consultation room.. only to find out that the doc changed... hahaha.. so, not my fault.. back to the main subject.. the doc examined me.. took my temperature, which was 38.3 during my first visit, took my blood pressure, which is fine~, listened to my breathing and, make a few "pats" on my adominal area..

lucky for me, things wasnt as bad as i thought.. he just told me that the cause of the breathing difficulty was due to my gastric flu recovery.. gave me some medicines again.. and got me back home..

after taking the new medication, felt much better.. happy!

anyway, got a story to share..

i have a friend.. a very close friend.. he seems to be one would either sae psychotic.. or, others, would call him sentimental..

he just fell outta a relationship.. everytime one relationship fails.. he would just simply dwell into it unwittedly.. he would do silly things like kept thinking of the past.. remembering things tat will only hurt him.. going to places he had been to with his ex-soulmate(okay.. at least he thought she was his soulmate..).. etc..

why would one person go tat deep into the relationship.. ?

is he just being silly or stupid to keep remembering the past?

what good does it do for going back to the places where they had been to?

does it helps at all?

what do u people think.. ?

please help me by telling me what u think.. at least i know how to advise him when he comes back to me again...

xie xie... :)