Sunday, January 28, 2007

a week of torment!

why torment?

hmm.. ate loads of sand while doing my duty this morning..

having lots of pimples now due to camo cream..

symptons of flu coming in.. sore throat..

aching knees..

slight headache..

fell 3 times while doing my ippt last week.. till the sole of my shoe came off..

muscle aches..

most importantly.. NOT ENUFF SLP!!! )#@&!)*#(@!&%^

Sunday, January 21, 2007


as i keep thinking abt it.. the more i feel it...

gers who knows how to cook are gorgeous..

retro with big polka dots are pleasant looking..

ladies who are intellectually inclined are attractive..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

desires 2...

nope.. is not more things to think abt.. its just a continuation of what i posted earlier on..


at the end of the day, ur legs will come upon to suit the footwear.. but, tat doesnt come easy.. definately, with a number of injuries.. blood to be seen.. pain to be felt.. therefore, it depicts.. "Nothing comes along just simply like this.. you got to give in, in order to achieve it.."


after making a fuss in the crowd for awhile.. the little ger will come to realise, maybe it isnt a good idea to continue doing so.. since her parents just simply ignore her.. thereafter, she keeps quiet.. and learn to accept the fact that she will never achieve what she aimed for by making a fuss outta it.. likewise, telling us, "Even with all efforts, things might not turn up the way you want it to be.. learn to accept it.. or, you will end up losing much more than u gain.."

oh man.. what a big contradiction... -_-"


hmmm.. was out for lunch earlier with my parents.. and, saw two interesting facts while looking at the crowd @ J8...


saw a young lady.. yes.. she is pretty nice looking.. but, my attention for her wasn't for her looks.. was her footwear..

she was wearing this red colored and eye catchy stylish footwear.. but, it was much more than just a normal footwear.. she had many stylish plasters on her foot too.. and, slowly, i realised that she was limping away..

i thought, "why make urself suffer from pain coz of the want to be fashionable..?"

then, it stroke me.. sometimes, pple just do what their heart desires.. and, neglect the "price" or consequences it takes to achieve the aim..

after thinking awhile.. there came the second interesting encounter..


while i was thinking away.. i heard a loud cry.. from a little ger this time..

at the initial pt, didn't know what her cries were abt.. but, slowly, i could depict from her actions tat she wanna buy something which her parents forbid her to..

then, i asked myself.. how much sacrifice can one do just to achieve what he/she wants..

so much so tat u can make a big fuss outta it in a crowd? or, just starve urself for a few days to have enuff $$$ to purchase it.. ?

hmmm... and, i realise.. yes.. she is just a little ger.. who cares abt creating attention from the crowd.. hahaha.. :D

Sunday, January 14, 2007


change of lifestyle..

been changing life-form from a dead and boring one..

to being a party goer.. hahaha..

so, if u are going out for a party, dun forget to bring me along!

anyway, just some thought..

is it true that when u r feeling tired, u could always return back to ur original form.. ?

as in.. back to the safe, cool, cosy and warm haven.. ?

does it applies to all.. ? may it be human or other lifeform.. ?

i really wonder..

Saturday, January 13, 2007


army... army.. left.. right.. right.. left..

the above is the initials on my uniform.. i guess, everyone also know it le..

hahaha.. dun know what to blog.. so, decided to write some rubbish on this "almost-getting-rusty-and-dusty" blog site.. hahaha..

hmm... lately, been suffering from lots of injuries.. dun know is it due to my negligence or i m just too prone to it.. maybe, it is neither of them.. just plain sway.. LOL..

anyway, current unit life doesnt seems to adapt well for me lei.. probably due to my undesirable mental state causing all these adapting problems.. dun seems to be able to get the so-called healthy mentality of the place lei.. hahaha..

and, i thought mosquitoes wont be able to bite u while u are fully clothed.. but, i was proved wrong during last friday.. was clothed fully.. and yet, got so many bites on my back.. blardy mosquitoes..

weather seems to be on their side too.. omg.. got to suffer many many mosquito bites le.. helppppp....... -_-"

(i guess no one will know what i trying to say with the below mentioned statement.. just wanna get it outta my mind.. tats all..)
call me kiasu or wat.. even a 1% failure may seem too much of a danger to me.. i just wanna do wat i want to.. but, i dont seem to have a chance.. hope i could alter all the "chances" in life.. alter it to make things easier for me..

stand out..

i want to...

and, i know i will...

stand out...

in the crowd.. !

Sunday, January 07, 2007

here comes nothing...


pre-christmas celebration with my poly friends!

kanna kidnapped by jason!!! helpx...

being questioned by one of the kidnappers, elvin!

this is how they make me spill out the beans.. by making me drunk.. hahaha..

pre-xmas celebration with my current unit's section mates!

this is how we stared at the camera.. eh! all look so blur.. :D

murdering in process! dont take down.. :D

photo with one of my section mate... errr.. with accordance from someone, this pic look gay.. hahaha.. :D

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

updates of festive season!

hmmm... actually wanted to put in loads of photos..

but, ended up napping..

from 1630hrs.. planned to wake up at 1730hrs.. therefore, i set my alarm at that time...

but, when 1730hrs came, i kept on snoozing my alarm till 1830hrs.. hahaha... which means, i have no more time for updates!

hahaha... will do the updating this coming weekend.. if i have the time..

so, take care! ;)

Monday, January 01, 2007

new yr!

happy new yr to all!

for the new yr, i found out something abt myself..

i lost it..

i lost the feeling of..