Sunday, September 24, 2006

back to normal...

yup.. i think everybody is getting abit upset over the lack of contents in this bloggy..

alright.. i shall stop mentioning the things i have been mentioning... hahaha.. finally hor.. yup..

anyway, thanks for the company, my friends.. you know who you are.. really appreciative over the time you all gave me during this difficult moment of my.. i think, i m getting well le.. getting on with it.. and, letting things flow by itself.. no point rushing and pushing for results i want.. doesn't mean there is any point waiting for things to happen..

just decided to let nature take its flow..

hmmm.. been pretty busy with my ns life lately.. yup.. typical NSF, isn't it.. ? unless my vocation is being a man la.. which isn't the case.. =P

oh.. ya.. forgot to mention.. been pretty stuck with clubbing lifestyle lately.. wonder if it is lucky or what tat no one is able to club with me.. else, i would be spending loads of $$$ in the clubs.. hahaha.. just suddenly felt that i missed out on alot since my teenager time.. maybe i should start getting back those lost times..

lastly, although i m declaring that i am already in a better state, i just wanna emphasize on a sentence,

"Once a seed is being planted, groomed and slowly, grow into a tree, it would be very difficult to uproot it"

good nite...

Monday, September 18, 2006

dun ask...

don't ask me why... but, i just miss her...

some people just simply knows that some things should never be done.. but yet.. they did it..

this explains the reason for my first sentence...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

shld i.. ?

wonder if i shld be disappointed or happy over my posting..

i really wonder..

the return of...

hmm.. gotta report in tml le..

dun know how to describe this feeling..

just feel that i dun wanna lose this freedom tat i m enjoying now.. need not report for duties.. need not report for anything..

but, on the other hand, i just want to finish serving this term and get back the sort of freedom i used to have as a .sg citizen.. hahaha..

oh well, everything seems so weird now..

the times i had spending with you.. just simply u.. all rushing back into my mind as if there isn't any tomorrow..

memories definately brought in the aching.. the aching which i feel is making me grow more white hair.. hahaha.. who cares abt the white hair anyway.. :D

hmmm... been going out recently.. just like my memories.. i have been spending like no tomorrow too! hahaha... not that there are alot of things to spend on.. just that, i think i need to adore myself more.. show more love to myself.. (not being zi lian ah!)

i just remember this term.. if no one cares abt u, u shld start caring for urself.. hahaha..

ps: ahh... still not prepared to report in.. i wanna return back to june 10th.. to prevent all these from happening.. although i know i need to re-bmt.. but, still, it will be all worthwhile..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


i feel the pain..

the pain is back..

the pain is killing me..

the pain is intolerant to me..

the pain is unbearable..

the pain is EVERYTHING bad u can think of!

argh!!! help!!!

i will just get my busy like an ant...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

short term memory...

hmm.. been wanting to put this up.. but, always when i logged into blogger, i forgot what i wanted to blog.. hahaha...

anyway, here it comes...

Life to me is like a puzzle.. if you loss a few pieces, you will never be able to complete it.. At times, if the pieces are from the sides of it, you might still be able to complete it.. only that it wouldn't be as nice as a complete picture.. BUT, if you happen to loss one which is suppose to be in the middle of the puzzle, you are INCOMPLETE!!!

that is what which is happening to me now.. tat explains why i am in a flustered mood recently.. added on by the fact that there are negative comments passed around by someone.. which i think i shouldn't be bothered with..

hmmm.. there is another part which i wish to add on..

If you have lost the piece of puzzle which is suppose to be in the middle, never never take a piece from another puzzle to fill it in.. it will either be too big or too small.. thus, making the puzzle piece look outta place.. or, even hurting that puzzle piece..

only the wise will understand.. *sighz*

Sunday, September 10, 2006


sometimes, i do wonder if theres anything in the world that is infinite...

but, i know that hopes is NOT one of them..

when you have given out alot of hopes on one particular thing, when it comes to another item, u might find it difficult to give out just a little bit of hope...

that is what i am facing now.. so, stop pushing me.. i might not know what i will do...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

craziness... !

still feeling tipsy and high over yesterday night's drinking session...

hahaha.. went to double O with my platoon mates.. woohoo.. total, 6 of us..

i think we really drank our heart out.. LOL!

feel so shiok.. !

why were we drinking? hmmm... of course.. to mark our POP! hahaha...

it was a hell of a day for us... in the morning, rushing around the whole BMTC School.. doing all the last minute work before we pass out from the place as Privates... hahaha...

actually, i have lots of things to blog about.. but, now, i just dun know what to say.. hmmm... maybe coz of the drinking bah.. i really dun know..

probably need more rest.. let me recover from the hangover first.. before i continue blogging.. till then, adious!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

once again...

why must all these befall on me again... ???

am i not worth it at all... ???

or, am i just a loser.. ???

seems like i m not worth it...

still remember my promises... but, it is all useless from now on...